Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stop making excuses

Stop making excuses. That's my motto of the day. I had my gym clothes and my lunch pale of things I could eat today. Drinking my water... then there are several, "Hey Geo, I brought cake." "Hey Geo, a vendor just sent's good!" Next thing I know, I'm having just a couple of things. Then it's about 10:30 and I get an email wanting to go to lunch later. I should say no but I've not been out to lunch with my bud's in a couple of weeks. I toss it to the wind and we end up at Sonic. We go just to see the Running Man. It's a guy that runs fast with a tray of orders. It's awesome to watch. I order my usual Sonic fare of corn dog, tots and small coke. I eat the corn dog, the tots become a guilt item. I'm finding myself throwing them in the bag. I can't eat fried stuff anymore. It just doesn't taste that good.

While we are eating J-Catch asked me if I saw Biggest Loser last night. I had. He was laughing and said he watched it too while he was eating a pizza. He ate a whole pizza. Then he laughed and said "Then I ate 4 bowls of soup." I'm blown away. Dude, that's a massive amount of food. He is active and has a full gym in his home but man, that's still a lot of food! HA!

I asked Terri on the drive home this afternoon if she'd not buy any junk food stuff from the store this weekend. I know it's the holidays but I just can't trust myself with certain foods right now. Chips... I can eat my weight in chips. Chocolate... hey, I'll fight you for the stuff. I actually told her truthfully, "I can't be at home by myself and not eat." She laughed until she realized I was serious. I have no idea where this comes from but if I'm at home alone I can find some reason to stroll by the kitchen then some reason to open the fridge. Next thing I know, I've had a couple of cookies, some chocolate milk, some chips, maybe a small bit of leftovers, a couple more chips, a juice glass of Dr. Pepper. It's insane. I don't have this problem in the summer because I'm outside playing.

I have to lose this 14 more pounds by Jan 29th.... let me stop making excuses and stop whinning and get busy..... Geo logging of and working out!!

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Wes said...

There is something about knowing its there and you can't have it. It's truly mental. Course, sometimes, you get a kick in the rear end because you are truly hungry... Using your mind to overcome your stomach is truly one of the hardest things to do. It is rooted in survival, one of our most basic instincts. January 29th? 16 lbs? Let's do this, Geo...