Saturday, December 09, 2006

It took 2 times...

Plan: Wake up, shower, out the door for early Christmas shopping before crowds. Mental note, JC Penny is having another weekened door buster sale. HA! Every weekend is the biggest sale of the year, they say! I think it's a hoot!

Stop #1: WalMart Supercenter to pick up gifts for family my office is sponsoring. Got what was on the list for me to get. Mission accomplished. Noticed lots of folks talking on cell phones... at 7 in the morning? Wonder how many folks were woke up by family members calling to see if Uncle John would like the blue or the black whatever? HA!

Stop#2: The mall... I don't like the mall anymore. I'm a caveman style shopper. I go, sight the goods, bag it and drag it home. Penny's is having the sale no doubt. HA! Now this is funny! Here I am walking through the only 2 stores in the whole mall open. Penny and Sears. The only people in the stores are middle aged guys. I laugh to myself. Are we that bad? None of us have bags.
Stop #3: Starbucks --- ok this stop was worth it! I feel my blood starting to move again.
Back at the house I walk in and no happy dog to greet me?! Wha?! Sadie??? The bathroom door is closed and Em is showering. Thank goodness, I was worried! I talk Em int going back out with me to really shop. I wait an hour for her to get ready. Teen girls... gotta love 'em. We head back to the mall and knock out the whole list! Em knows what everyone wants so it's a simple mission.
We hit all the stores and back home in about and hour and a half. Maybe closer to 2 hours.
Plan #2: Put up the Christmas village before I get grounded! Done!
Plan #3: Clean up leaves... again. Mostly done.
It's been a nice Saturday. Tomorrow we go to a friends house for a Christmas party. The food is all Itilian and homemade! We are making stuff I can't even pronounce.

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