Monday, December 18, 2006

Pushing away the plate

It's not often that I push away a plate of Corky's BBQ but I did just that tonight. Terri was in Hot Springs with her mom shopping so Em picked me up after work and we stopped by Corky's for dinner. I had the sandwich and fries and could only eat half. Em was eating and said, "Dad, I can't eat anymore." It was a touchdown moment because right at that moment I realized I was full. I know I know... you don't leave Corky's on your plate but I was full too.

Work was good today. Stayed busy and even though one of my vendors stopped by with a huge 3 stacked box of candies and cookies, I passed and didn't eat the stuff. Boy, you could tell it was Christmas time in my office. My VP's office is 2 doors down from mine and she cranked up the tunes on her computer this morning and I could hear several folks down there laughing and talking.
I would have been down there too but was finishing up a report for one of the directors I recruit for. She asked for a "spy" report. Those are reports where we go out on the web and watch discussion boards, blogs or anything else that might give us an inside track. It's really called competetive intel. I enjoy doing them because I get to jump all over the web.
I suspect the week will grow quiter and quiter. I have big hopes that the rain will come and go by Friday morning so I can be outside. We'll be at Trans- Sib concert on Thursday night and then to a friend's house for a party on Friday night and then family from Saturday to Monday. Busy busy!
Wanna watch something wild (bicycle...guys...I'm talking bicycle here! Gee!)
Take care!

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