Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brrr wee it's chilly!

For the life of me I can't figure out why it's always chilly and cloudy on Sunday's these days. Where's that little orange spiky ball they were showing on the weather updates?

Oh man am I having a Ci moment!!!! There is a bird ACROSS the street on the wire and I can hear it like it's on the front porch! I kept telling myself it could not be that bird I am hearing but every time I would hear the singing the bird would have it's beak open and sort of bouncing. When it would be still the singing stopped.

I finally got my own copy of my favorite movie... yep, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It's just a funny movie to me and Em was heading over to Michael's for scrap book stuff and Best Buy is right beside it so I gave her money and asked her to look. She called and said now what is it? She then started reading off all the movies she was looking at with "Midnight" then she found it. Yep, dad here it is the with girl holding the 2 bowls. That happens to be a statue called "Bird Girl". Google it why don't ya.

The movie is set in Savannah, GA and there is a senior (as in old folks) group going on a road trip and that's one of the cities they will stop in and eat at Paula Deen's Lady & Son's restaurant. I wanted to mess with the 49er's today and actually sent an email requesting permission to use a Paula Deen photo. I get a personal email back from one of her staff giving approval. One of the things I'm a pest about is copyrights. I don't like stealing art.

Speaking of Paula Deen, Terri and I got tickets to see her in May at the Grand in Tunica. It's a Sunday afternoon show so I checked out the tickets and we hit 5th row center. I bought them then told Terri happy mother's day... early. She was excited. I just like to hear her say "butter" (pronounced bud-ah). Something tells me fellow blogger Wes says it the same way since that's his state.

I'm actually working on reports this afternoon. I got some wrong numbers in so I'm correcting before turning the thing in tomorrow. Thank goodness it's only once a quarter! It's a monster report.

Note to Jennifer: Sorry, I don't know why I thought you were in KY. But you did miss the TN tornado's right?

Life is good!!


Wes said...

I luv Paula Dean :-) She makes some good stuff!!

Jennifer said...

I am a HUGE Paula Deen fan!! I have all of her cookbooks! Ain't she a hoot?
Actually, a tornado touched down in town this weekend...I missed it, being out of town, but it took a roof off a house down the street. It could have been much worse...we're thankful!