Thursday, April 10, 2008

The dove with the olive branch

I could almost sense a dove with an olive branch flying up to the front porch. The rain is OVER!!! Noah's Arc is settling on a hill in Sherwood! As the sun set this evening to the east was the tail end of the storm. Everyone was on pins and needles today because there was talk of a repeat of last Thursday nights wicked weather. When I let the pup out this morning it was real warm and muggy so I was starting to wonder. At around 11 this morning the storm rolls in and tornado sirens start blaring... oh great I thought. But to every one's relief, the storms headed out at sundown.

Note to fellow blogger and CI guru Jennifer over in KY: Hope you folks are safe tonight. This storms are nasty little snots.

So the weather has this little spiky looking orange ball for the next 7 days. I think it's called a sun but not sure. I will say this much for the rain that is everything deep dark lush green!

At noon I took off and headed to Benton to hang out with Dad while mom went to the eye doc. She got great news and doesn't have to go back!! We talked about our summer vacation plans for FL! The whole family is going! Boy do I look forward to some down time and with my sisters there it will be a riot! It's very rare that me and my sisters have "just us" time except when we take vacations together. One of my favorite FL (Destin) memories is walking on the beach with a couple of my sisters. We laughed and cut up and would have all been grounded if mom and dad knew what we were up to. They were talking about everyone having a dinner together just once and when the count was down it was 35 people!!!!!

I've gotten to go over to the clinic and talk to folks consider CI's. It's really an honor to get to do this. Actually I don't really do anything but let them know I enjoy mine and then answer any questions they may have. I still have days where I'm hearing something new. Hearing the birds is still my favorite. I can crack my window in my office and the birds sit on the telephone wires and sing all day long.

I was having is problems with my hearing aid ear mold and got a new one. WOW! The sound and clarity is so much better now. I was also putting the whole thing in my Dry & Store each night and found out I wasn't supposed to put the mold in there. I think I may have dried out the other mold too much to the point that it didn't fit correct.

It's Friday eve!!!

Life is good!


Wes said...

Glad you guys are OK. I hate spring storms. My family gathers in Panama City for July 4. One year, we had over 65 peeps in the park. We are a great, if unruly, bunch :-)

Abbie said...

I think you might have solved my issue of why my HA mold is drier then dry....

*light bulb going off*

Jennifer said...

You talking to me? I'm actually in Middle Tennessee. Whatever weather you get blows through Arkansas and straight at us. Occasionally it shifts northeasterly right before it hits us...I love that! ;)
However, I have no idea what the weather's like right now...because I am in warm, toasty Florida! :D Supposed to be 85 degrees and sunny tomorrow...ah! However, when I get home, it'll be cold and wet I'm enjoying it while I can! :)