Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quick lunch post

Weather says 3-6 inches of rain heading this way.... Hey Noah, ya got that boat ready?!

I did have my "regroup session" yesterday. No more sugar and I have to keep a journal of everything eat & drink for the next week. Core training starts next Monday. So I'm asked, what do you want to train for? The answer was that I have some unfinished business to ride. No date and I won't be doing it as a fund raiser unless someone else decides to pick up that ball. it's just too much to work, train, fundraiser and have any home life.

Congrats go out to TriBoomer on being selected for an elite Tri team. Congrats!!

I rode the trainer Monday night. Rode with the slow part of the Fast Girls Slow Guys ride last night. Ok, the slow group was rolling along at 21-22 most of the time. So much for slow. We climbed Ft Roots. Jen, JBar and myself stopped for a moment at the top to talk. Haven't seen JBar in a while. Was great as always to see him.

More later...back to work...

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Jenn S. said...

I see Geo....I'm just chopped liver to you. And to think I pulled in the headwind yesterday. HA!

It was great sharing wheels again!