Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday sunset and tornado tales

Well the tales of the tornado are in full circulation right now. Em's high school was hit hard and so the kids have to go to 3 different places. Em will be going over to 1st Assembly church and what more could a girl in distress ask for??? It's right by the mall. Just trying to make like of a bad ending to a senior year. One of her close friends (JT) house got hit and they will have to tear it down. It's a new house and a beauty. They have moved into an apartment until they rebuild.

I shot a few photos of the river trail at Burn's Park.
I shot the photo above just for fellow blogger Wes. Yep, it's the soccer fields.

The last time we flood like this there were fish that had gotten over into these parts when it was all under water. When the water dries up there will be dead, smelly fish here.
More flooding along the Arkansas River.

A bit blurred but it struck me as a solitude shot.

Sometimes I'm awarded being in the right place at the right time. I got to see a beautiful sunset. Oh you want to watch... the video is below... enjoy!

I headed out for a slow "look at the pretty flowers" ride this evening. I really didn't even realize the tornado hit the park until I got there. These couple of trees are nothing compared to what I saw on the way home. I took the back road that goes behind our house and that was where the twister crossed. Man, there is stuff everywhere. Our pastor, Greg lives right on the edge of where it came through and it picked up he boys trampoline and threw it over the fence and wrapped it around a pole a ways off!
One of the weird stories is that it hit the press box but everything under it was still perfectly stacked!
Life is still good... it really is...


Wes said...

Man, I hate tornados, especially when they hit soccer parks, schools, and new houses! Glad everyone made it through OK....

Abbie said...