Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday... or as I call it "Friday Eve"!

Several friends and blog lurkers have asked if we are ok. Everyone seems to be hearing Arkansas and the word flood in the same sentence a lot these days. Here are a few photos along the bike trail this evening and this is *after* the water has gone down quite a bit. Of course tonight a new storm is coming through and I heard 3-6 inches of rain with large hail and gusty winds. I let the girls park their cars in the garage so just mine with get hailed on. Maybe it won't be so bad.
All of this used to be under water. That's actually the river trail that's right beside the water.Here's where the trail goes in the water
Can you imagine flying down this to look up and see you are heading for the water? Lucky though it turns and the trail is completely out of the water but it looks very "OMG!"

As promised I added photos back to the blog.
I got home this afternoon and Terri pulled in right behind me. Both of us changed into active in my bike get up and her in her walk/running gear. She walk/runs with a group of ladies every Monday and Thursday. I ride with a group of ladies every Tuesday and Thursday. (HA! The guys will kill me for that remark).

Tonight I actually rode solo because I took the camera for flood photos. I really had a good ride just enjoying being outdoors. I had some good thoughts too. I thought about Jen Shaw (ShawKitty) and how all these years she has maintained that good spirited attitude towards riding. She can go fast but if she falls off the back, no be deal at all, just enjoy the ride. Me, I freak out when I fall off the back. I think several guys I know are like that. Sort of that oh man up and catch back up. No...just enjoy being healthy and riding!

Note to Jen (aka: chopped liver). Thanks for the pull into the headwind the other night but it wasn't me behind you. Dan and I where coughing up our lungs trying to keep up with you! Don't you have some Dr. homework to do or something?! HA!

Oh, and on the ride tonight... the Travs baseball had it's season opener and I could smell ball park food. Ugh! Gimme a dog and some BBQ nachos! (Don't knock BBQ nachos until you've had them at the ball park!)

So I get home and again, Terri pulls up behind me. When I get out of the shower I can smell olive oil something... ohhhh that smell!!! We had some sort of fish on the George Foreman thingy and doctored up green beans. Dang, she can cook and it was healthy.
Funny story: I just got my riding shorts out of the washer and I told Terri I was getting some new ones this weekend. The ones I had on tonight were the first ones I ever bought years ago! The ones I had on the other night were from when I rode around the state 3 years ago. Think it's time for some new padding! HA!

Oh here is a photo from Easter at church. Each week we added something all month. The first were the big palm trees, then the columns (temple), then the Jar and bow, then the last supper table then the cross for good Friday, then the tomb which the rock was rolled away during the service. It was a lot of fun... a lot of work... but a lot of fun! I forgot to turn on the Stained glass light at the top so it was sort of dark. This is my view from the crows nest where we do media and sound.

Just a fun day! Life is good!!

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