Monday, April 21, 2008

Disney, Dry & Store, Specialized Pro

The rain stopped and that meant do all the things I need to do around the house.

Got to play in the yard a lot over the weekend and that's always good therapy for me. I went to several plant places and plotted and planned my new landscape project for the front yard.

Took the bike out for a run. Heebie geebie that last flood was way higher than any other I've ever seen. Remember those photos I posted? They were nothing compared to the last flood. There are river wash lines (piles of sticks and logs) mashed into fence lines. It's going down really fast so hopefully the whole trail will be reopened soon. Thank goodness they invested in a detour higher ground section last year so at least we can ride. The river left a lot of fine sand in places. I felt my back tire slip once and thought I was either going do or pulling off a cool power slide on a road bike.

Oh the big new... I'm heading down to the Disney Institute on the company ticket! I get to see how their Human Resources department runs and get to go into the tunnels to see all the behind the scenes stuff. Since I was flexible allowing them to book my flight that when they booked it the travel agent said I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and there was a sale on first class seats so it was cheaper to book me in first class rather than business. Oh yeah, me strolling into the airport and hopping a 6am on Sunday morning flight over to ATL then down to ORL. I want to go buy so Dolce and Gabbana (sp?) sunglasses to wear so I'll look like the other rock stars ...buh ha haha... right.... I'm excited that the director of Audiology & Speech (Patti) is going on this trip as well. She's a riot anyway plus it will be good to pick her brain about all things audiology.

Speaking of audiology stuff... I got a slight ear infection right after I got my new ear mold. I usually don't go nuts over a product but this Dry & Store unit is really on target! Serious. My ear infection was gone as fast as it came. I like the Dry & Store too because every morning my CI and hearing aid come out smelling new. That's the best feeling... sort of like a fresh just of the dryer towel... smells and feels good. I did have some email talk with one of the Dry & Store folks. Nice lady... gave me tips to keep my ear mold from drying out. One is to wipe it off before I put it in the dehumidifier. I think that may have been part of the reason my ear mold was getting whacked out. If you don't have one, order one. They're a good investment.

I had to drive today since Terri had an eye appointment so I took the bike and the plan was to ride right after work and meet some friends on the Little Rock side but as I pulled my bike out the front tire was flat. Bummer. Pulled the tire off (Specialized Pro) and the tube out. I've done this a bizillion times. Tug and pull and nothing. Is this thing glued on!? I worked with it for a while then decided to head over to the house instead. I was floored that I was losing patience over a flat. Never been a prob before. Got to the house and worked a few minutes and had it right back ready to roll. I had already changed back into street clothes so I used the time for some spring bike maintenance. She's all cleaned up and looking pretty. Tomorrow Terri and I will ride together so I'll probably just ride around the hood. My hood is the best for hill training anyway. Another thought I had was that I hadn't had a flat with thse tires at all last year! This was my first flat with the ride. Way to make a great product Specialized!

I spent lunch on the fitness center with my coach. We laughed and had a good time while he cracked a whip. While I was between sets on one of the leg machines I was talking to another guy and he changed the weight up a bit. I wasn't expecting it then ugh...u.g.h...oh man! When I finished he said, Geo, you broke a sweat," I just laughed and said, "Yep, us fat boys do that." He said at least 3 times a week I had to have my rear in there for training. Yes he is training me for something big for 2009. I will be in the best shape I will ever be in by this time next year. I'm having to pull back on the sugar for starters. On the weekend I can do what I want and don't worry about it since I'll be riding more that will take care of it.

By the way, I will be biking to work if this gas keeps going. How high will it get before most folks change their habits? They were doing the gloom and doom report on the way to work this morning and I just thought it was funny (sort of) because I'm stuck in a traffic jam.

Life is really good!!!!

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