Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is that screwed in your head? Cochlear Implant story

"Is that screwed in your head?"

No, look (I take the CI off and stick it to a metal food rack)

OMG!!! That's sick!

I'm now laughing...

Geo, everyone thinks that is screwed in your head.

Let them think that man! If they're gonna mess with my head, let's mess with theirs!

Does it bother you?

No, not at all. I suspect it hurts as much as putting on a pair of glasses.


There's nothing to it.

Can you feel the magnet under your skin?

Not really. Not any more. I can feel when the magnet connects with it but it's the same feeling as sticking a magnet on the frig. You feel it pull together then you hear it coming in. I wish I could tune in a radio with it. That would be great for meetings. Actually I bet in a couple years I can program it to open the garage door as I drive up!


Sure, why not?

Man, you are so lucky. You always get the coolest equipment.

(Note to CI friends... do you have that new program that opens the garage door yet?!)


Well I got home yesterday and the streets were dry and the air was so southern (that translates to humid). I stopped by the bike shop and picked up some new gear. Ok bike bud's brace yourselves.. I didn't realize I was this bad... I bought some new riding shorts. Specialized! I realized the other day that my favorite shorts were... OLD! I bought them before I did the ride-around-the-state-tour! I kid you not! No wonder I'd been having "issues" (Ironman & Ironmaiden, stop laughing, it's not funny! HA!). I haven't changed my shorts since 2005?!!


I also am looking at a new seat but y'all already know that. So I'm talking to Dan (I think is his name). He's the new manager at the Bike shop just down the road from the house. I love this shop but now that Dan is running it and plans to make some great changes it will pump life back into it. This guy was some knowledgeable and helpful. Anyway I was talking about the new seat. Nope, he was not going to sell me just any ole seat... they now have a cushion thing you sit on and the seat you need comes in a certain size. (Ok OK... fat butt... I know!). So the seats come in in a couple of weeks and I'll get fitted and get a new one. I plan to leave the bike at the shop while I'm in Orlando on business for the spring tune up.

Got home and rode around the neighborhood. Hills and hills. Either up or down. Going training though. It was a good ride... lots of sweat.

Oh, when with a bud to lunch yesterday to a place downtown called Luvah. Oh man! It's awesome. They have these mini burgers that you can get 3 of any kind you want. I ordered 3 funky but oh so good ones. A hamburger with crab meat... who would have thought?

Life is so good!



IronmanCyclist said...

Geo, Please tell me you wash these shorts every now and then. LOL


Wes said...

Too funny, Geo! Just make sure your head doesn't get too close to the frig :-)

Jennifer said...

I've lost my magnet before leaning too close to a pole. I totally cracked up the folks I was with...and myself! Most people can't see my magnet (hair, of course) but I like to show it off by dangling paper clips and the like from it occasionally :)
I don't have the garage door opener yet, but I do have the TV Remote Control version. You need's WAY cool!
And now you've made me want a hamburger. Bad man! (maybe I'll grill some for dinner tonight!)

Abbie said...

LOL! Screwed in, oh man that was funny! The funny thing of it all is that the BAHA implant is SCREWED IN!