Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kaki King and CI's

Finally music to my ears! It's Kaki King! I get it with my CI!!!!

I came in and Terri had August Rush DVD playing and the music was awesome through my CI. I kept turning it up more and more and it was clear! This was the first time I had seen August Rush and it's an awesome movie. So far music just hasn't been a strong point with my CI. But tonight it was right on. I was listening and thinking to myself am I really hearing it this clear? I turned down my hearing aid and just enjoyed the movie and music with CI only. I came back to the laptop and listened to several sample cuts and ended up downloading the whole Kaki King CD called Dreaming of Revenge. So far it's awesome! I have always been a fan of guitar and this really made me believe the CI can handle music.

Got in a late afternoon ride on the river yesterday and Edgefest, a music festival named after a radio station was an hour out for starting. This is a head bangers ball. A mass of black t-shirts and mascara. The kids are alright.

I spent the afternoon with my house church at River City cooking hot dogs for the low income and some homeless folks in that area. Since it was a cloudy and sprinkle sort of afternoon there was a lighter crowd. Still good though.

I bought an IPOD for the family to use yesterday but guess what, the plug is a tad different than my hearing aid jack. It goes in and I can here music but it doesn't have that connecting click that you normally feel. Working with the CI fine. Got to make a play list for my flight next week.

Saw the list of hospital folks going to Disney Institute next Sunday. Wow! I'm way out of my league here! VP's, Directors and docs. Can you say n.e.t.w.o.r.k.???? HA!

Life is good!

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Jennifer said...

I don't have the Kaki King to put that on my wishlist. I saw August Rush less than a week ago for the first time...and it just blew me away. When I was first activated I mainly stuck to stuff I knew...left new stuff alone, since I didn't know if I'd be able to hear it accurately...but I'm getting out of that now...EVERYTHING sounds SO much better!
I loved the emphasis put on the music of everyday sounds in August Rush...the way the wheat fields sounded when the wind swept through was really neat :). I'm discovering more and more that everything has a sound...some sounds that I've never heard before...isn't that cool??