Thursday, May 01, 2008

R&R and wired for sound

I took a couple of days off to work around our house and as well as paint my parents house but as usual I got sidetracked. Today was supposed to be a beautiful day and it's got that just before a thunderstorm look to it all day and the wind is whipping. I'm staying off the latter.

I'm going down to the folks house tomorrow just to visit since it's now 70% chance of t-storms. It will be good to see them.

I did do a few things around the house then started playing with all the ways I can sup up my hearing equipment. I guess I should have called the posting "Pimp my CI and HA". I worked with the Ipod and CI getting used to CI only Ipod. Sometimes I listen through my HA (Hearing aid) and others through my CI. Like to keep my brain guessing. I worked with my Fm system on my HA to be sure it's charged and working great so I will get every word of the meetings in FL next week.

I'm so excited about the trip to Disney next week. I have wanted to go to these classes for over 4 years and I finally have my day. There are some really good coworkers from different areas of the hospital going as well. I have been told over and over that it's mind blowing how Disney operates. I have heard about what the reaction is when you go into the Casting building (human resources).

Still have butterflies about the CI and the airport. Don't ask why. Guess because this will be the first travel experience with the CI. I do like the fact that my flight leaves at 6am so there will be no line at the airport so if I do have to take the sideline security check it wouldn't slow down the line. I heard it several ways now. Some folks simply leave theirs on and walk through and point at their ear. Others put it in the buck and it goes through the conveyor belt scanner and still others do the sideline security check. I don't expect any problems at all it that thought is still in the back of my mind.

I do plan to get out on the bike and ride Saturday morning. I would love to do the ride in Russellville of the wine country which is actually a fundraiser for the hospital but I don't have enough time.

Next weekend is the Joe Martin Stage races and Rock Racing will be there and I would get to hang with Rashann and even met Tyler Hamilton and see them race but just not sure that's going to work out either. I've waited all year long for them to return to Arkansas. Why am I not going? Well, price of gas is one reason, then I would have been back from Disney 2 days and I know I'm going to blow a wad of cash down there (at least that's my plan!) and then there is our summer vacation which is expensive enough but add the possibility of 4 dollar a gallon gas buy summer and that really is going to tighten my belt.

Terri flew out to Denver this morning on business and she called me and I said, "So is it cold?" and she just laughs and said, "Geo, it's snowing really big and hard and it's freezing!" Yuck!

The kids are taking me to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday dinner tonight. Prime rib here I come!

Life is good!


Wes said...

Is it yo birthday? Happy birthday, Geo! Hopefully the airport folks have some experience with CI. You're gonna find out :-)

Jennifer said...

Hey!! When's your birthday? My mom's was yesterday (the 2nd) and we're taking her out for sushi tonight (I don't know if she likes sushi or not, but I do, so that's where we're taking her ;)). So it's tomorrow you're leaving for Disney? We want the play-by-play when you get back! I'm flying to Reno in June and I want to hear all about your airport experiences. Should be a piece of cake from what I've been told...*crosses fingers*
Have a great week!