Monday, June 02, 2008

06 02 08 Training ride

Got to the sub right about 5 and had everything ready to go. Not 200 yards into the ride my CI goes out. I really just thought it was the battery because it usually goes out around 5pm. I had taped on the magnet so I knew the thing was secure. Then I heard something fall to the pavement (sound through my hearing aid). It was the CI battery. Oh crud! I looped back and rode along where I thought I heard it fall but it must have hit the pavement and flipped over into the tall grass. I looked and looked but no luck and it's just not wise to walk through tall grass beside a river bank. Things in the grass goes s-s-s-s-s.

I took the CI off and put in in my pocket and down at the bottom to keep it secure and continued on with the ride. As I started riding again I got really angry that I've had two rides now with CI issues. It's a learning experience I know but boy it's annoying. I decided to take the anger and channel it into the legs... it worked. I took the trail for a good while passing folks and keeping it at 21-22mph. Sweat was coming on!

The plan was to take it to the Big Bridge but at the last moment I opted out for the hills. We have a nice road that is quite on the back side of the park and you can get some nice hill work in. I spotted to guys ahead and told myself I would keep them in my sight. They were riding a good speed up the hill and I forced myself to suck it up and go. I did keep them in my sight and just as I was getting close they topped the hill and let it rip. As I topped the hill I spotted them and gave it what I had. There is a nice decline so I was able to get so speed then it's incline all the way to the main road. But something was different today. The incline wasn't anything. I was feeling good. I passed the tennis courts where there were lessons going on and then the baseball field where the kids who play in high school leagues keep it going through the summer. I believe it might be American Legion but not sure.

I loop the park and head back down the long hill I just climbed. I drop into the soccer area and I spot the 2 guys again. I'm not sure who the 2 were but they keep a nice pace going and I needed an object to chase. It makes for a good workout.

When I finished up I sat on the back of the SUV and enjoyed a moment. Water bottle in hand and sweat like the river.... it just doesn't get better!

Life is good... on the bike sweating like a pig!

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Sarah said...

It was hot yesterday, too!! I went through 4 bottles on an 1.5 hour ride. Good job on forcing yourself to ride hills-it's hard to make yourself do the tough work. You'll always be my hero.