Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vacation... the video... what I longed for!

Enjoy the sound! I certainly did!

I heard it I heard it I heard it! Since we first started talking about this family trip I longed to hear the ocean in stereo. I wanted to hear the s-s-s-s-s as the waves came to shore. I could hear the big crashing ones last year but it has been a long time since I heard the part where the waves sizzle and go back out to sea. So many times on this trip I sat with a silly grin on my face because I could hear. I could hear the wave, the seagulls the splashes on the fish feeding frenzy. I could hear people talking and boy did I eaves drop! I could hear other people talking on their balconies. There were several times that family would yell at from their balconies and I wouldn't respond but it was due to not realizing someone was hollering down at me. They were remarks that would embarrass anyway. HA!

I got to hear the sweet little voices of my favorite great nieces and nephews. Elliott has such a sweet way she says George. I would get tickled when the kids would say, "That? That?" They wanted to know about "That". I loved how Liam would babble about everything. He was so funny! He would talk and talk. The guy was using a blower and it was a long way off and Liam was dancing to it. What a zest for life! Dancing to a leaf blower!

I got to hear the screams too but some of them were so funny that I would laugh! One time my niece Melissa was sitting in a beach chair and had some snack food and the twins (Keaton and Elliott) were climbing up to get in her lap to munch. Keaton is the climber so he got there first and Elliott was hot on his heels. She wanted up a little higher so she needed something to pull herself up. Keaton's blond hair seemed to be just the thing so she grabbed a handful and pulled herself right on up. Keaton let out a scream and then that was it. Both were up there and happy. Keaton sort of had the , "Yeah, she does that all the time" air about him.

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Wes said...

That's very cool, Geo! I'm glad you had a great time on vacation, and thanks for reminding me not to take the "little stuff" for granted. You rock, my friend :-)