Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday 06.07.08

Woke to an overcast morning but hey, it's a Saturday to no complaints here!

Drove over to work the registration table at the bike races. By the way it cost a little over 500 dollars to drive over to Little Rock today. These gas guys, I swear.... uh, never mind...
Like I was saying ... the races. I pulled in at 7:30 and there was already a crowd. thinking to myself, "Gee, they've got the race fever today!" Come to find out they were about to shoot a Chainwheel Bike Shop TV spot. I bet it will run on VS during the Tour de France next month. Carve/Chainwheel always has some nice spots.

So we watched them shooting the spot and started getting the racers signed up. Not many Cat 5's today but a mass of folks for the 2nd race( Cat 4/5) and the 3rd race was packed!! Those are the big dogs who are either up and coming, which is really what the 4/5's are, or they have been racing for years. There are guys that I just watch and shake my head in amazement.

One of my favorites this season has been Robert Mooney. Good all around guy and a real kick-your-butt rider. Ok we had head wind on the homestretch and it was a little snot head too. Every time I looked up there seemed to be Robert on the front pulling. Again and again and again. The Cat 1,2,3 racers were even talking about him. Last sprint to the finish and he is in the middle of the pack... those guys let him do ALL the work then ran for the gold. We all know who really won that race! After the race I spoke to Robert for a moment and he was talking about how when they came around that last corner it was like hitting a wall when you turned into the wind. Gee, from watching him, you would have never known.

Another fav is my pal, Yale. I like to watch him because he is real catty (in a good way). He watches the peleton and works it. Stalking. HA! Always comes out in the numbers. His wife Sherry and everyone's favorite super kid, Braxton, was out there cheering him on.

We had our women out there ripping up the course today as well. Sarah held her own in the first race and Rhonda and Kimberly chased each other in the second.

After I finished up and the final race was going and my partner in crime Ron had registration area broke down and put up I left and stopped on my way home and rode my training ride for the day on the river trail. Oh that wind... geesh! HA! As I looped and started heading back to the car I spotted Charlie. Charlie is one of those heart of gold guys and his wife is the same. Super nice folks! We rode together back to Burns Park and talking the whole way. I love this CI!!! I would have never been able to do this last year! Anyway, I was telling Charlie about my next big ride and he was all over it. Looks like the City of North Little Rock may jump on board as a sponsor!

Serious folks, my mind is blown with the love and support so many of you have for these crazy rides and mostly for the hospital. It just warms my heart! I know I know... that's cheesey...but true!

Got to see most of my family last night at Liam's 1st birthday party. Everyone is non-stop talk about our family vacation! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!

I'm outta here! Heading over to catch the Indiana Jones movie and the new theater that just opened yesterday.

Life is good...even with the headwind!


Wes said...

I love trading comments :-) Very cool of you to volunteer! I need to check out some pure bike races. I missed the Tour here and the races in Roswell. I forget what they call those!

Hope you enjoyed the move. I'm wanting to see something tomorrow. Either Indiana Jones or Ironman....

Have a great Sunday!!!

Sarah said...

Geo-thank you for selflessly working the crits, so we can be crazies out there. One day, when I grow up, I want to be a road racer like Yale, Rhonda and Kim.