Sunday, June 15, 2008

Training 06.15.08

Oh yeah, it was nice training this morning. Riding along the beautiful beach homes of Destin! Yep, I'm training in Florida. (Note to Wes: Hey man, I thought I you while I was going 10mph through the Mobile tunnel on the way here). We got checked in Saturday afternoon and crashed out and just enjoyed the beach. But this morning I woke with a passion to go ride hard. I headed out about 7 and rode along the beach. It was very quite car wise but man, I've never seen so many folks out running. It was a massive amount. I rode down Old 98 until I got to Silver Sands outlat mall and there is a group ride that was to start at 7:30 and they announced that they would be riding 98 for 30 miles. I never saw them but as I was about to ride a bit along 98 I noticed glass everywhere. No thanks! I'm not a flat fixer sort of guy. I'm always amazed at the rate of speed some folks can change a flat. Anyway, I crossed over 98 and cruised the Silver Sands outlets checking out places I wouldn't mind hitting this week. Then I had had enough tinkering around and started heading back. I told myself I needed to really punch the number and ride hard on the way back. It was looking good then I saw the dreaded water sprinklers soaking the road. Ugh! Slowed down and didn't bust my butt. It sort of got me out of the groove for a moment there. Once back in tune I opened it up. It was so fun blowing down the road. Sweat was pouring, legs moving.... life in sync!

Did I say there were a lot of runners here? Well there are a lot of runners here!

I made it back to the condo and was really happy to see a good average speed. It really was a good ride and I plan to get out and repeat tomorrow!

The rest of the day was spent in a beach chair entertaining my great niece and nephew! These little kids are a hoot!

We took my Dad to Crab Trap for Fathers day. He had a good day.

Oh by the way... I got a tattoo! It's an "A" with a Razorback. Of course when I'm 80 it will look like a camel probably! HA! Yes, I'll post a photo before long. I almost got Sponge Bob but Emmy screamed OH MY GOD DAD NO!!!!

I spotted a new jersey tonight. After we finished eating Terri, Em and I went looking for Robin's Cycle and Fitness. I knew it was close but kept missing it. We spotted it this evening and it is one very nice bike shop! When I looked through the window what did I see? A Destin bike jersey! They carry Cannondale and a lot of Orbea's. This is the group who ride every morning at 7:30 (except for Monday's).

Hey you Kansas 1/2 Ironman folks... hope you did great!

Well, life is good... on the bike... on the beach!


Wes said...

I think cycling along 98 would be just a great ride, sans glass of course ;-)

jo said...

Excuse me? You got a tattoo? GET OUT? Let's see it Geo!