Sunday, June 29, 2008

And even more trouble

I kid you not!!! What I thought was some melted ice in the ice chest leaking out really was a hot water heater leak! Thank goodness it was out in the garage! Turns out it was the little faucet gizmo and just needed to be tightened up more. Who tightened it in the first place??

I told a coworker, "You better put me on your prayer list because I'm going down the money pit really fast these days!" OK, now you are not going to believe what happens....
1) The air was only $7,419 rather than the 10-12K horror stories folks have been telling me!
2) I fixed the hot water heater myself being the techno genius I am!
3) We caved and got a hotel room for Saturday night.... I got the cheapest in North Little Rock I got find. It turns out to be a beautiful suite that was very comfortable and quite and the free breakfast included fresh waffles made there! I didn't eat one since I'm trying to lose weight but by did that surprise! Waffles at a free hotel breakfast?!
4) The weather has been cooler than normal! Tonight it's supposed to be 65 degrees and right now I'm in the den with the windows open and the fans going and it's just 80. Not much humidity at all so it's really nice.
The things a prayer can fix!!!

I started a new home project today and it's limbing up my trees. I'm actually going to cut a couple down that have just gotten too big and sort of leans toward the house. When we moved in back in 1988 these were little trees.

Hey the TOUR DE FRANCE starts on July 5th! Oh yeah baby! The tour! There is a lot of tv spots about a "new page", "A new tour". I'm looking forward to Stage 17... the big mountain! Huez! Who's gonna wear the yellow? Oh man, I don't know this year.

Last Friday night I toyed with the idea of getting up Saturday morning and driving over to Tour De Oink. It's abut 45 minutes or so up the road and a fun ride but as I got up I looked at the radar and there was big rain moving into that area. I stayed parked on the sofa and watched my niece Shannon on the morning show talking about water safety. She always does a great job on TV.

Life is good... since a friend prayed and got me out of financial meltdown!


Jennifer said...

Wow...what hotel did you stay at? I had the absolute freakiest experience in North Little Rock last summer that I swore I would never get a hotel in that area again. Was this off I-40 somewhere?
I'm so glad your money issues are getting settled...answered prayer is a great thing! :)

Geo said...

I-40... no way! If you stay in NLR always stay around the McCain Mall area.