Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The photo that's the meaning of life as I know it

Most photos of myself I really hate. But every now and then one comes along that I like. This is one of those. It symbolizes a lot of things in my life right now.

Thanks to my niece Melissa for shooting this photo.
Look over to the right and click on "Melissa" that is under the Blogs I read.
She is an awesome photographer and does some really creative shots!
Also, I just had my 6 month CI check up. All systems go! This was the first time I had gone into one of our clinics since having the CI. The clinic was packed to the gills and while I was in the exam room waiting for Dr. D. I could hear kids screaming. Maybe being hard of hearing had it's benefits there. It broke my heart to hear those kids crying.
I need to give a shout out to one of our little friends who got her 2nd CI activated today! That is awesome! Note to her mom... if you spot me in the waiting room or around the hospital, please by all means throw something at me and get my attention. I love meeting all our CI club members and their families!
On a funny note... I had a tad of ear drainage so Dr. D cleaned it out and put that purple antibiotic dye in my ear. Oh man, I will have a purple hearing aid ear mold again. I always think folks can see it (but they can't) and I feel like I'm the president of the Barney fan club! HA!
I have a training ride set for after work... oh joy... it's 94 degrees! A friend said it was as hot as fish fry oil...
Life is good... even with a purple hearing aid mold! HA!

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