Thursday, June 05, 2008

Training ride 06 05 08

Wooo weee that was some wind. Got over to the starting point and taped the CI to my head with that invisible wig tape. That puppy stayed put tonight! HA! I used the CI as my hearing instrument and the hearing aid as my tunes. Since I was training solo I really enjoy having a soundtrack to ride to.

The route was almost the same as Monday night. Bike Rental shop to Burns Park. Loop the back road then over to the Big Bridge then all the way back into the headwind. I was loving the ride on the way out because it was 24mph easy with that tail wind. On the way back I spotted myself at 14mph a couple of times. Each time I pushed myself back to 16. Train Geo Train! Focus!

My legs are really feeling better and stronger each ride. I so glad to be back out there.

Ok you folks help me out here. I need to start coming up with a name for my next ride. It's 24 hours on the river and the money goes to Audiology for kids hearing aids or whatever the gurus need. I want to have the river trail but I want to play off of sound. I keep thinking Roar on the River. I don't know... y'all help me out here. Either leave a comment our send me an email to

Weekend is coming up and what I thought would be a laid back as far as scheduling is concerned is booked now. Races on Saturday morning, get a ride in right after, run home and clean up, head over to a new theatre to see Indiana Jones with Terri and Em. Go upstairs and drag down the luggage carrier and be sure it works on the van. Then Sunday will be church, then a training ride, then small group. Hope that I can knock out a Monday and Tuesday training ride then Wednesday the races move to evenings so I'll be working out there. Thursday is pack and pack the car night. Friday is hit the road jack!!! Saturday is sand in my swim trunks and loving it! Destin! I'm so stinkin' excited.

Want to see some AWESOME photos? look over to the right at Blogs I read and go down to "Melissa". She is my niece and is going to take our family photo while we are there! I'm beyond psyched!

Life is sooooo good these days! Oh yeah!

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Melissa said...

Funny comment on my blog about those fish people! That is almost as good as when we were heading to mom & dad's one time and there was a guy turning into the Presbyterian church at Otter Creek to pick up his kid from preschool with a bumper sticker that said....."S#!T Happens!"