Sunday, June 08, 2008

Chenal 9 is awesome!

We caught the 4:20 showing of Indiana Jones at the new Chenal 9 Imax. Although Indy wasn't the Imax movie it was still an awesome theater. I had pre-ordered tickets last Thursday and I dropped the girls off and parked the car. There was supposed to be a self service booth but I guess they didn't have it ready yet. Anyway I gave Terri the debut card because you have to use the same card you order your tickets with. I walked up and tried to find the booth thinking Terri and Em would be there but they were in line at the window. Of course they couldn't find the tickets in the system at the window but they thought and it was on the print out sheet. Guess it was just new business tweaking that needed to be done. We walked in 20 minutes before showtime and the only seats left were the front two rolls. I thought, oh crud! But I LOVED it up there! It was so loud! There was one explosion that really shook the seats.

I enjoyed the movie. Has all the usual Indy stuff.

Well, I think lunch has digested so out to ride!

Life is good... even with explosions and snakes in a dark theater!!

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