Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday morning quick hits

Weekend is fast approaching... get up and dance! Go ahead... get up right now and dance!
If you don't send an email to 12 friends in the next five minutes telling them to get up and dance ... HA! I know this works because my cousins uncle's best friends 6th grade teachers son's girlfriend received 500 dollars.... HA!!!

Here's everything since last post...
I did train in the hood Tuesday and oh man was it hot! When I got to the house I crashed on the front porch looking out over the neighborhood for a few and tried to cool down. Finally went in the house to shower and saw my face in the mirror and WHOA! Between the beach tan and the redness of being so hot after training I looked like I could have played a part of the Indians on Dances with Wolves! Or one of the outback guys who live in the dessert.

Oh speaking of outback. Here's a GREAT link!
It's a radio station in Perth, Australia. In the US listen to it at night... it's morning there and you'll hear a guy named Rodney Olsen. He is really good. Sometimes he has the best guest on his show. Ok, I know... how do I know about this guy? He rides a bike of course! Trust me, click the link and listen to the station sometime. Yes, they all have the accent we Americans love to listen to. By the way, going to Perth is on my list of things to do.

Oh speaking of things to do... I think I'm going to be broke awhile...
You ready for this???
3 weeks ago: car repair $900.

2 weeks ago the fridge went out -- another huge chunk of change

Vacation last week

The garage door went out just as we were getting ready to leave for vacation: $297 to replace

The air conditioner went out Tuesday night -- last year it went out and they said I might get another year out of it... guess what... it's been a year! I'm hearing horror stories about friends having to replace theirs and it's between $7,500 and $10,000.

Then this morning... I thought it was a melted bag of ice in the ice chest in the garage but I think I may have a small leak in the hot water heater.

Well at least the weather was really nice this morning and I was able to cool the house down with fans. See life's not all bad!

Life is good... even when I'm beyond broke!

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