Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm sorry but our crew is short and we can't get there today

I'm sorry but our crew is short and we can't get there today... Mr Cobb?
We can't get there today.
Yeah, I heard you. Are you going to be here tomorrow?
Yes sir. They will be there by 8:30. Maybe even 8.
Ok fine... if they are not here and working tomorrow I will unleash my 2 girls on you and they are hot and tired and getting a but cranky. Do you understand.
More than you realize!
Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Guess what... my backyard neighbor is having the same thing done but by a different company.

It has been a fun day off though! Lots of stuff got done outside! My list is so long!

Ok, CI Moment... on advantage of having no air is hat the windows are open and the birds having been singing all day. What a great sound! My side yard neighbor has little water fountains and about 20 bird feeders. Always birds!

Life is good...even in the heat...well sort of.


Wes said...

Hang in there Geo! Think of all the poundage you are sweating off :-) Yea, silver linings. I know ;-)

Abbie said...

I'm with Wes :)