Sunday, January 21, 2007


Finally the rain stopped during the night and that gave it enough time to dry the roads pretty well. I got out and rode 42 miles this afternoon and averaged 15.3. I climbed some hills and the roads were damp in places so I wasn't taking any chances coming down.

I spotted the Fast Girls Slow Guys out for their afternoon of hammering. Racing season is just around the corner and they will be one of the strongest clubs around. I can't wait to see them cut it loose this spring.

Just as I was leaving Brandon pulled up and was about to get a few miles in. Was good to see him.

The LR Marathon runners were all out in force doing their long runs today. There is a visually impaired runner that runs with a guide. It is the most awesome and inspriational thing to watch. This afternoon I came up behind them and recongized the bright orange vest. I slowed and watched. That is complete faith in someone to be able to run blind. They were moving at a good runners pace too. I really hope he is going to run the marathon in March.

Ok, got some news. I'm going to have some outpatient surgery on my hearing aid ear in a couple of weeks. No big deal, takes doc about an hour. I have some rare deal where my ear canal is trying to grow closed. Weird huh? He is just going to go in and cut the tissue out then put in a skin graft. Said no bike for a week. I can live with that but then no hearing aid for at least 2 weeks. I can't live with that! I will be in total silence for at least 2 weeks. My boss said I can work from home if I want too but I'll probably go to the office once doc releases me to. Hoping for a Wed or Thurs surgery then I can be back on Monday. My team is good to me so they'll take the calls and I'll do everything by email which is almost what I do now anyway. The good part is that once I put my hearing aid back in everything will be booming loud after no sound.


Rodney Olsen said...

I hope your surgery goes well and that you're back on your bike before you know it. :)

Wes said...

Nice ride,Geo! Running a marathon is impressive enough, but being blind too! Wow. My uncle, who is a par golfer, got beat by a blind guy once. No kiddin! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!