Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another milk and bread scare?!

Ok, so this is the icon for the weekend for us. Well ain't that just dandy?! I think we saw the sun for a few moments yesterday and maybe well see it again before the weekend. As long as it's not wet out then I'll go get my miles in. Coach has me down for 3 hours this weekend. I'll be a bit crisp and fresh outside but I can handle that. Everything they predict this sort of weather everyone goes and gets milk and bread like we'll be shut in for a week.

I'm eating lunch in the office and blogging because today is a busy day otherwise. Still working on cutting back on certain foods. Those girls that I live with have a thing about sugar. No not kissing sugar but cookie sugar. I know I know... just don't eat it. Well, that's easier said than done. I keep looking at those brownies or cookies telling them that I'm bigger, badder and better than them. They just look up with their little chocolate chip eyes and draw me in.

I didn't realize that daylight savings started it's new schedule this year! Yep, March 11th rather than April 1st. Certainly will help me with my afterwork riding schedule! I love daylight savings!

Well back to work... Geo out...

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