Monday, January 22, 2007

At the end of the day

At the end of the day
(Photo by Kelley Cooper -- Arkansas Children's Hospital)

It's the end of the day yet I sit and wonder about it all. I train. I think about trianing. I read about training. When I'm down I read what the guys training for Ironman are going through. Some have been injured and some are just getting back on the wagon after a recoup through the holidays. Everyone seems to be after the same thing. A strive to be better. Although I'm not trying by any means to be Ironman, their thinking is on the money. An injury or set back can flip the world.

Today it seemed as if my world were slowly flipping and pardon the expression but it sucked! I got the call from the doc and the surgery date is April 12th. I would need to be in intense training mode the month of April for the River 2 River ride set for May 24th. After I hung up I leaned back in my chair and ran my hands through my hair giving it the just woke up look. Then I stood to look out the office window and collect my thoughts. Man, my ride is disappearing before my very eyes. I have folks already to jump on this thing in all sorts of ways. There is a killer jersey (with no date on it thank goodness!) in the works. There are a couple of outside interest seeking the ride out. There are a couple of major companies ready to buy in as well as furnish some amazing technology. I'm so disappointed and bummed.

Ok, whining over. Sorry but I had to write it and get it out of my system. So what are we gonna do about it? Reschedule! The ride WILL take place just a little later. I've thought about this over and over today. I'm off the bike for 1 week. Ok, big deal, just act like it's a recovery week. In fact, make it a recovery week after April 12th. I'll go out and literally beat the snot out of myself the weekend before the surgery. I know March 31st is a century (100 mile) ride called Tour de Cure here in Little Rock so I'll get that done! Then I'll have another weekend after that so I'll get a ton more riding in. That will be April 7 & 8. Easter is on the 8th so it will be a sunset ride. Surgery on Thursday April 12th. I'm thinking out loud here... because after surgery it will be 2 weeks of total silence. I guess I could call this "Silence of the Limbs" HA!

What's going on on Thurday, June 28th? It starts the 4th of July weekend which is that following Wednesday. There enough time in there that the crazys should have to go to work on that Friday so I'm thinking if anyone is going to take off extra fdays or the 4th they'll do it that week rather than my ride week. Terri has a summer convention at the Holiday Inn in Ft Smith the week before so she might not be to thrilled to go back again so soon. July 7th we are heading for the beach. Y'all see where this is going??? I'm feeling MUCH better already!

Kids, I think I'm gonna go for it! Stay tuned for more!

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Wes said...

Hmmmm. Missed something a I know about the ear surgery, but not the April 12th surgery. In any case, I like the adaptability and great attitude. Sounds to me like you will achieve!!!