Friday, January 12, 2007

Weather... what weather?

Wow! I flipped on the tube this morning to see Fresno at 21 degrees? Oh no! I flip over to the Weather Channel and they are all over this wicked weather weekend. Denver, oh those poor guys. What is this something like their 4th or 5th weekend for winter storms? Just glad Tyler has graduated and moved back to Ark. I think he misses the snow though.

Terri and I went to Cracker Barrel to have dinner tonight. I felt like an old folk but Terri had the stomach bug and wanted something a little easier. I had breakfast and coffee. We then went over to Office Depot and looked at router stuff so we could figure out how to make our laptop wireless in the house. The set up looks simple. AT&T has called us half a dozen times offering deals if we'll drop Comcast Cable for our internet and use them. We were wondering if the same set up basically goes for DSL as it does for cable on wireless set up. I didn't want to buy the cable set up if we are thinking of changing if they weren't compatable.

After that Terri said we should go over to look at upright stationary bikes! Yea-izzzz!!!! The darling wants to start riding again! We checked out a few and will probably go back tomorrow to get on. The Reebok RT 300 is looking good. It has the features for training indoors and get this, has a quirky little game feature so you can play video games on the screen. The graphics looks like 1980 Space invader graphics. We laughed. There are 16 different programmed levels. This is sort of like Chrsitmas Eve! We both like to look and on "big" purchases (purchases over 100 bucks) we look then leave. That way, tomorrow if we are still feeling strong about it then we'll go buy it. I put a note out on my club email that I was selling my Cycle-Ops Mag trainer. I like it but just never used it that much since I could ride outside or ride in the fitness center.
Terri just ran over to the store to get groceries before the big rain comes. It had rained before she left. Guess what, it's starting to rain now. I hope it's not raining much when she comes out of the store.
Looking forward to the weekend... aren't you!

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Wes said...

Yea, this weather is crazy! So, you wouldn't be able to use that stationery bike, would ya? LOL. I've been thinking about getting a trainer, but I'm not sure I need one down here in the south. I'll keep it in the back of my mind, but not this year.