Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back on track

Today has been a great day! I got rough sketches for the new jersey and they are awesome, awesome, and more awesome! Serious. I'll release the drawing soon. Sorry. My VP even thought it was great.

I got to get out right at sunset and ride tonight. I headed over to the sports complex to ride laps. I enjoy it over there because it's a huge parking lot that's lit up and empty. I rode for an hour and had an average speed of 16.3. I was happy. The start of the ride was cold. When I got out of the car it wasn't bad but once I started the wind in my face was chilly. Of course after a few laps, I was warm.

There are some woods on one side of the parking lot and baseball fields on the other. While I was riding tonight I noticed some movement at the other end of the lot and a guy stepped out of the woods and was walking. Not a big deal really since several folks seem to like that lot to walk on but coming out of the woods?! He stopped where the sidewalk comes to the parking lot and drops and does push ups. After I fly by he gets up and walks more. Just gave me the spooks. He disappeared over the hill and I didn't see him anymore. Just hit me as a little unsual.

I got excited a few minutes ago because I took the trash to the curb. You know what that means! The weekend is closer! HA!

Geo out...

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Wes said...

I went riding last week in the 40+ degree weather, and my lips still haven't softened back up :-) That's pretyy cool you have a parking lot you can ride in at that speed at night. Awesome! Can't wait to see the jersey.