Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Little milestones

There are little milestones that happen to everyone through out there day/week/ year/life and as comical as this sounds, every Tuesday night is a small milestone. It's trash night. I know, that's goofy but when I take the trash to the curb on Tuesday night that means that the week is half over almost. Actually is just a way to make it seem like the weekend will be here faster.

I had another milestone tonight. I got home, suited up and drove right down the road to the Kevin McReynolds Sports Complex and rode laps around the parking lot. I kept thinking I would do this so I wouldn't have to sit on the trainer. It was awesome! There were a few folks finishing up there walking when I got there and I could watch several sports going on. I could see the Sylvan Hills Bear soccer team practicing, as well as Bear baseball (guys) was wrapping up. The nice part was that the kids all had their cars still on the school lot so there were no cars coming or going! I rode the lot a few laps to warm up and look for broken glass and lucky there was only one place and it wasn't in my way. My own private training course. I got it going on and look down to see and nice 20 mph (Geo's thought, "Go on big boy, you're going to suck air in just a moment!"). Around a couple of laps and feeling really good. There is a little incline so it gave me a chance to climb, sort of. After several more laps I took it all the way up to big ring and big gear. Going down the incline was super fast, banking the curve was a "woowoo" moment then up on the pedals and sprinted to the end, bank and do it again. Where was this coming from? Lap after lap. Everytime I rode under a certain light I would look to check my speed. Never under 17!!! I can taste that coppery taste that happens when you are working out hard in the cold air. A sip of water settles that and Rainforest (techno mix) by Moby comes on. Oh man, that's a tune to crunch it to. I push as hard as I can up the incline. I want to sit before I get to the top but tell myself that I'd only be cheating myself. I was true to myself and kept it going.
A couple more laps slowing down to cool down. I stop at the car and see my breath in the cool night air. I see the stars and a jet cruising through the heavens. I lean up against the car and sigh thinking to myself, "Yep Geo, now you're training!"

Train time: 56 minutes
Average speed: 16.7

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Wes said...

Wow! 16.7 You are an animal!