Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just a good week

Just a good week so far! I crank it out in spin class today and even felt the love enough to stay after class and tighen the resistance up really tight and envision Valley View climbs. That hill comes to me in my dreams. I will continue working that hill over and over and over.

Sorry, was day dreaming... spin class was sold out today and then several turned away. It was a great thing to see so many wanting to spin. I hope the crazy continues. Melissa is an awesome instructor and we have a deal that once I start sweating I take my hearing aid off so I don't sweat fry another one and she gives hand signals. Works out great and besides the music is so loud I can still hear the bass beat without the aid.

Winter mix is in the forcast for tomorrow night but should be gone by Friday! Nice weekend ahead. Cold but nice.

My bud Vince sent me an email and said he was riding across the state in less than 20 hours as a celebration and an awareness ride for diabetes. He has the disease but let me tell you, it doesn't slow him down. Feb 10th, I'm going to ride a little of the route in central Ark with Vince. Go Vince Go! Allez!!!!!

Geo out...
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