Saturday, January 27, 2007

Will Saturday EVER have Plan "A" work?

Ok, I knew they said rain so I got up early (6am). Looked out on the deck, it's dry! Yesss! I eat, shower, head back in the kitchen for cup 'o Joe #2. Hmmm wonder what the air fels like. Open the back door and step out on the deck. WHAAAA????? I feel the sprinkles. Flip on Weather Channel to see the pink (ice/rain) band coming across central Ark. Ice? It's 40 degrees! Heavy sigh... another Saturday of Plan "B".

Plan "B"
Call airport ask for the jet to be ready in a few. Text message a few cycling friends I figured would be up and acting all depressed and tell them to meet me at Central Flying Service and we're heading down to south FL for an afternoon of riding in the 75 degree, sunny weather. A dinner of seafood while watching the sun sink in the sea... you know the picture.

11:oo am -- great flight from Arkansas. Weather here is AWESOME! Matthew came with us this time and is all mad 'cause we didn't have time to go to Hooters. I suspect he'll take out his anger by pushing us to average 30mph. No big deal really, we can hang with him on that.

ahhh yes... in a perfect life! HA!

Geo out...

fade to black.....

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Wes said...

I dunno, but if I was boss, I would switch those plans around and let the Florida trip be the "A" plan!