Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have air!

The good folks were here and working all day. I have a new air system that blows so hard it moves my gelled up hair!

Now you ready for my "I got a new toy and got carried away photo?"

My neighbor actually did most of this for me. He is a crackerjack with a chainsaw! He could say right where it would land. Unbelievable skill. I thought one time it would hit the house but he knew it was going to swing and not touch it. After it was all over, he laughed and said , "Hey that was fun. Thanks for letting me do it!" Would not take any money or anything. Now that's a neighbor!

Here are a couple other photos I meant to post after our Destin trip. My bike was on top of the van and these are bugs from the Arkansas Delta. You should have seen our car!

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Wes said...

Ewwwww. That's just nasty. Yay for air :-)