Saturday, December 31, 2005

As the sun sets on 2005

The sun is slowly going down and the shadows are getting longer. How do you say goodby to a good year? I guess by saying hello to a better one!

Here's a recap of 2005:
Tyler graduated.
We got a puppy.
I rode around the state of Arkansas on a bicycle.
I rode over 5,300 miles this year.
I lost weight (but gained some back when daylight savings time changed)
I rode in Austin, Tx with Lance Armstrong (well, he was there.)
I moved into a new office.
We got a new fence for the backyard.
We went to Denver.
Terri lost weight.
The Bears won the 5a State championship in Baseball.
I quit me second job on the weekends last April. I miss the money.
Terri and I celebrated our 24th anniversary.
Barbrie and Tim moved in with Mom and Dad to take care of them.
Britney is going to have a baby.
Lindsey and Joe got married.
Jim moved to Austin, Texas (Marbel Falls)
Melissa raised more money than anyone else for the hospital during my bike ride.

I'm sure there are a million other things I can't think of off the top of my head.
Some things I'd like to do in 2006:
I used to make a list of 100-and-whatever the year was list of things to do. Some very simple and some required courage or whatever. I think I'd like to do a list for '06. There will be 106 things on the list. Man, where do I start? Oh, it will probably start with "Brush your teeth." I'm a list maker anyway and one thing I know for sure is that if you have a couple of simple things on your list at least you can mark them off quick and feel you accomplished something.

If you are reading this, I wish you and your friends and family a banner new year.
Love, laugh and live!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Now this is a winter!

I think we have hit warm weather records for the past couple of days. It's been really nice outside. Yesterday it was 78 in south Ark! I was really hoping to get a night ride in tonight but opted to take a nother couple days to be sure this cold is gone. Still fighting the sinus part of it. There are so many folks I know that are sick with colds right now. Terri doesn't seem to have it as bad but I can tell it's worn her out from working with it today.

Tyler worked on his demo DVD today and got a little skateboarding in. He was doing a double kick flip or something like that and broke the tail off the board.

Emmy and Sean are out running around.

Not really much going on today. Just your basic Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I think everyone is still on vacation this week. I've only had a few calls and have pretty much gotten caught up with my work. I'm hoping that the rest of the week will be like this and I can get a lot of stuff done that I've put off.

We are having a very warm day. I would love to be outside riding but the cold is still messing with me a little. Terri seems to be getting it. I hope not! Several folks have told me about weither themselves or someone in their family that has a cold and all use the term 2-3 weeks. I've been off my bike since Mid-December. I can't stay off much longer.

Speaking of bike. I got my Carve membership and uniform today at lunch! I'm excited! I was asked if I was going to race. I laid low and said no just so I can work behind the scenes getting ready. I am going to try to raod race this season. No crits! Just not ready for those!

Well, back to work

Monday, December 26, 2005

Back on!

YES!!! We are back on line! I'll be updating regularly again thanks to the new HP Pavilion we got for Christmas! Actually I bought the family a Christmas gift because none of us could live without a home computer much longer.

Well here's what has happened since Denver... Tyler did graduate and he and Shalyn rode back to Arkansas with us. We dropped the girls off at the airport and then picked Tyler and Shalyn up and headed towards home. The snow was very light but as the sun went down and I couldn't see out across the plains I had no idea what was out there. At one point just before we got to Limon, CO an area with strong wind we crossed. It wasn't snowing but it was heavy blowing snow. I was worried but lucky for us it didn't last long. The rest of the trip to Salina, KS was boring. So boring that I caught myself trying to fall asleep. I finally pulled off and traded with Terri and she drove the last 50 miles to Salina.

The next morning we get going and the strangest thing happened. I was feeling fine then I had to cough. When I did, it felt as though I was trying to cough with barbed wire in my throat. It hurt like a big dog. Sad to say, it was down hill from there. We arrived back in Sherwood at about 4pm on Monday and I felt bad. Went on to work and it just kept getting worse. Terri and I met Gary and Lisa at Trans Sirberian concert and it took everything for me to make it through. It was a great show but I felt like crap!

Finally, Thursday afternoon came and it was time to go home for the long weekend. I felt like I could barely crawl to the car. I figured if I went home and got some rest then Friday morning I could run out and so my Chirstmas shopping. That didn't happen. Finally on Saturday morning I got out and knocked it out as fast as I could and then we had Chistmas Eve brunch at Gene and Betty's and I was feeling rough by then. I kept thinking, how am I going to be come dinner time when all of Terri's family is at our house? I slept all afternoon and into the evening. It hurt really bad just to try and talk so I sat there and smiled. Probably looked pretty funny.

Christmas morning was rough and I didn't even go to my family's Christmas. I slept most of the day. I've never missed a Christmas! And man, I hope I don't ever miss another!

I woke this morning feeling better and as the day wore on I began to realize it might be over. There were dizzy spells at times but those had gone away now.

Being sick sort of blew the whole holiday but there will be others. When I was feeling bad and was home alone it did give me a lot of time to think. I have decided not to pursue the fundraiser ride for the hospital this summer. I thought long and hard and it took so much time and personal money to train and then complete the ride. This summer my family is going to Destin for a week around the 4th of July and I'd like to got do that since I missed so much family functions of the past year. This is not to say that I won't be riding my bike. Trust me, as the holiday's conclude next week, it will be time to get serious again.

One of the things I did for Christmas was ask that any gifts be giftcards from Chainwheel bike shop. I can cash them in for my Carve membership. I have wanted to be a part of their club for sometime now and have been invitied to do so but there is still a membership fee. I'm hoping to go over there tomorrow and get the paperwork completed.

This blog is sort of "me" tonight and I'll write better tomorrow as in not so much about me. Sort comes off looking selfish!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Still snowing in Denver

Copied from News9 Denver website:

DENVER - It will be a weekend filled with frigid temperatures and snowy weather for much of Colorado.
9News Meteorologist Marty Coniglio says a surge of cold air has moved into Colorado from the north, and with it comes some snow.
Highs along the Front Range will barely reach 20 degrees Saturday, and lows will be in the single digits. About an inch of snow will accumulate during the day, with an additional inch or two falling overnight.
The northern mountains are likely to get anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of fine powder. The snow will accumulate over a 24-hour period, so no Winter Weather Advisories are expected.
Sunday will see much of the same weather, with more light snow and continued bitter cold.
Temperatures finally move above freezing Monday, and even warmer weather moves in by midweek.

It's still snowing in Denver but this town doesn't slow down! We went out to a huge mall (Colorado Mills) and there is every store you can think of in there. And if it's not in the mall it's in on of the stores surrounding it. It was crowded but we lucked out and got a spot close to the door within minutes of pulling in the parking lot. Now that was luck! Tyler and I broke off from the girls and wet to a place called Julllians which is a game and food hangout. It's like Morgan's in the Destin Mall.

Terri and I spent the morning in Barnes and Noble next door reading and flipping through magazines. I forget how much I enjoy going to bookstores.

We got off to a late start since the girls and Tyler had not had much sleep due to test and stuff. We let them all sleep in. After we shopped we all went to Tyler's and made chili and hung out. Tyler has always had trouble with mice since he lives over the top of a garage and lo and behold one decided to run across the floor and over Melissa's (Emily's friend) foot! It was funny. I met Tyler's friend Jay who lives in the 3rd floor of the main house and talked to Tristian for a little bit out in the driveway. They seem to be good guys.

We got back to the hotel about 7 and it seemed like it was a lot later. Tyler and the girls went down the road to Target and I walked across the street to a sports store that just happened to close at 7?! So there was a Wild Oats right next to it and I walked through there looking at all the organic foods. Those places are always so neat to go in but so pricey. The squash looked out of this world at 2.29 a pound. I would pay that for some of Terri's great fried squash.

I woke up at 4:30 and with the snow on the ground it looked as if it were morning so I got up. I stroked out when I realized I was up that early so I went back to bed and woke up again a little after six. Went ahead and got up since I knew I could go downstairs and eat breakfast and let the others sleep.

OK, I just went to News9 website and what do we have out here as a story? "Little Rock man steals flowers from gravesites" For crying out loud?!

We've changed our plans a little and will leave Denver after we drop the girls off at the airport about4. We plan to drive until about 11 or so and stay at Hampton Inn in Salina and then just have a 8 hour drive home tomorrow. We should be home by the time Emmy gets out of school. I just checked the road conditions for Kansas and it looks ok for driving. Will be slower than the 80 miles per hour we drove out here in, that's for sure!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I looked and hadn't realized that I've not made a single entry into the blog in 15 days! I've been that busy at work and without a computer at home I just don't have the time to write. I'm sitting here in the Hampton Inn in Denver the day after Tyler's graduation. HE MADE IT!!! I'm really proud of him and his senior exhibit was great and shows a lot of creativity.

Terri and I drove for 14 straight hours with very little stopping to get from our house to Tyler's. We had good weather for driving, a bit windy, but pretty. At one time I was going down the interstate and the cars in our little herd kept getting faster and faster until I looked down and we were traveling at 90 mph! I pulled out and said so long. It was crazy.

One of the coolest things (cool because it was short and sweet) was as we were driving into Salina there was a cloud and it was a version of a mini downpour but it was snow. For about 2 minutes it was snowing and you could see it going across the field. I've heard the freak snowstorms come out of no where and leave folks stranded all the time. I just hope that doesn't happen on the way home.

We ate at Hard Rock cafe yesterday between the senior show and graduation. It was a neat place. Over priced but fun to see. A glass of coke got knocked over on the table then at dinner the waitress at Chili's broke a glass sending my drink all over my lap. 2 meals, 2 drinks, 2 spills.

Not sure of the plans for today but I hope it's something fun. We talked about going to the mountains but it's snowing pretty good right now. They are saying 1-2 inches so not sure if we are going up there or not.

Sean is staying at our house with Sadie. Sounds like she is doing fine. She grew legs and it's funny to remember what she looked like as a 6 week old pup verses a 12 week old pup. We are having a new fence put in so she can go out and play without one of us standing out there worried that she'll run around to the front. She's already ran away from Terri and out to the street. We just have to stay between her and the front yard.

I've been torn between riding a big tour again this summer or going to Destin with my side of the family. I really like the idea of another tour and if I do then it's 200 miles more than last year and will start at the Canadian border and end in Little Rock. I can stay on Highway 71 all the way to Fort Smith! One road almost the whole way? But then I'm beginning to have second thoughts. I really missed a lot last year training day in and day out for the ride. I've not spent much time with my side of the family in a while and that might be something I need to do. Am I trying to talk myself out of the tour? Maybe.....