Saturday, September 01, 2007

Oh what a beau-tee-full morning!

Oh what a beautiful morning it was! Rumor had it we would see a low in the 60's for the first time in a long time and we did! I woke to 67 degrees and I let Sadie out and even left the door craked so she could go in and out. Been a long time since that happened. I even opened a window or two. Ahhhh, fresh morning air and a Saturday of a long weekend. Neighborhood was as quite as it gets. I had a little breakfast and headed out the door for a ride to the river and some play time. I spotted several long lost friends and said howdy as we passed. I was hoping to see the NLR Summerset 5K but they were finished when I rolled through.

I stayed on the NLR side and there was yet another no addition to to the trial. There is now and new section to stop and enjoy the sand bar view where the boats all bank and play volleyball in the middle of the river. Yep, it's cool. I also spotted a few larger house boats easing their way down the river.

I finally headed toward the house and still rolled in 45 minutes before I thought I would. Next week is the MS150. I'm going to ride the Saturday part of the ride and boy I'm looking forward to it!

Lots of folks are going to ride Robb's POP ride tomorrow. I wished I could go out and ride it. I've done it once and it's a blast. Tough but fun. Part of the course is the Saturday MS course. I would be nice to go out and ride that for prep for next Saturday.

Later folks!