Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Movin' over for a moment...

Alright folks, life is about to get really insane for a month so I'm just going to keep one blog going rather than this one and the River 2 River one.

Just jump over to: and keep reading 'cause it's gonna be really good!

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Wednesday lunchtime quick hit

Lunch almost over and I'm riding to the house after work if no rain. Plan to get some miles in and maybe ride tomorrow too. In-laws coming in from FL (They live there) so plans may change.

Oh hey Phonak will be here tomorrow with test gear! Oh yeah!!!

Funds are coming in for the kids and we are 5 days from the 1 month count down. I have one more large batch of letters that need to go out and will work those over the long weekend.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fast 24

Not much really. I got a fast 24 miler in after the storm past. John was coming in fom his ride as I was starting. Spotted the FGSG tri folks out doing their bricks (run after a ride).

Here's the weekend ride plans:
Saturday: Ride from home to Carti training ride and back home
Sunday: Easy ride
Monday: Thinking Russellville to Little Rock. That's part of my River 2 River ride course.

I'm in pro race weekend withdrawal --- all the pros are gone until next year.

But hey, crit series starts in a couple of weeks...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mt Nebo (knee-blow)

Several of the Fast Girls (Brian, the guy in the bike journal jersey is one too but he lives in the country and boys can't wear pink!) Oh and yes we do have a Shimano truck that follows us around now to be sure we get service! HA!

One of the Toyota-United guys hanging on to his spot.

Rock and Republic ahead on the right.

More Rock and Republic

Climbing to the finish. One more turn.

View from the top of Mtn. Knee-blow

Yep, I did it... several times!

Just before the roll out.

This is what's so cool about being a cycle race fan. You can get right up to the racers.

These guys (Rock and Republic) have the wickest stuff!
I love it!
Well alright! here's how it went... 7 am met up with Jenn and Chris at Cook's. Jenn and I head on up. Chris stayed behind and sold their house, maybe.

When we pulled up it was a strange sight because there were only Toyota-United in the corner on the lot. Come to find out, all the teams were in the back of the building. We saw Jelly Belly, Healthnet, Carve, Waste Management (don't even think about laughing... they are good!) and then I spotted the Rock and Republic team car. Oh man, this is awesome! I'm standing there looking at the coolest road cycling kits I've seen and the team cars... Cadillac! Black with the red Rock and Republic logo with a cool Rock Racing logo. Hello! Rock and Roll comes to tiny town Arkansas!

We spotted Rubicon and made our way over to say hello and wish them well. It was deathly quite. The guys were zoned out and focusing on getting the pre-race jitters down. We didn't stay long. Walked over to Toyota-United and talked with the chase car guy a bit. Super fan friendly. We were joking about where he parked the team car. It was right under a school sign that said, "Congrats Lady Lizards!" If I could have gotten a good angle for a photo it would have been a hoot!

We walked around and waited the the guys to get ready for the roll out. Just seconds before the start the official gave them a last chance pee break and the next thing you know there are a dozen guys taking a whiz at the end of the schools tennis courts. Then a funny thing happened... they started and some were still whizzing! There were some choice words yelled as guys tried to get back in the pack. I laughed!

We headed over to WalMart to load up on chalk to text message the mountain. Usually I just buy a bucket of kids sidewalk chalk but I spotted this new 4 pack with chalk sticks the size of spray paint cans! Perfect!! I bought a couple boxes and Jenn bought a honking kiddie bike horn. She honked at everything. It was funny.

Met up with Jbar, Yale, Jenny, Brian, and Razz just after the rollout. Hung out for a few at the McDonalds parking lot then headed for the mountain. They rode up the monster.

We started chalked the snot out of the road and did as promised and used the orange for Rubicon, the hot pink was for Figy, our Cat 4 racer, and then I started putting messages for Rock and Republic. They just sort of took over and I was having a blast drawing huge skull and crossbones all the way up the mountain. We had a few other messages such as "Top = 5 miles ahead" when is was probably a mile.

While we were chalking Figy came riding up and we yelled as much as we could then Jenn took off and yelled right beside him like you watch on the Euro races. It was a hoot. We were proud of our own! Really proud... especially since he crossed the finish line on a flat tire.

I spotted Vince (race official and buddy) and he gave me grief about liking Rock and Republic. Hey if you can look cool/edgy/wicked and race good too... I'm all for you man!

We got up to the top and the riders were said to be about 20 minutes out. It didn't seem like 10 and the state trooper car came around the curve signaling the crowd. There was a nice crowd at the top and everyone cheered the riders.

It was just a good day at the races.

Brought the bike to work and plan to ride home and get those legs ready for the River 2 River ride.

Here's the weeks plans:
Ride a while then take it home after work today.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: maybe the same but they are calling for those afternoon pop up showers.
Saturday: Carti training ride at 8
Sunday: Easy spin
Monday (Memorial Day): Long endurance ride (100 plus miles on the R2R route).

If you want to donate to River 2 River (323 miles -- One day -- across the state of Arkansas) for kids with hearing impairments, log on to It's tax deductible!

Later folks!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday ride

Woke to a crisp 48 degree sunrise this morning. Not sure why I woke so early but was glad a did. I had time to eat and let it digest before riding. I rolled out at 7:20 and met the Carti riders for an 8am ride leaving Burns Park and heading out to the farmlands and Scott community.

It is a training ride and some of the riders are new so there is a little antsy feeling going on in the middle of the group. Everyone was having a good time and the morning was just beautiful. I took off my wind shirt when I got to Burns because it warmed up pretty fast on the ride in.

We kept it at about 17-18mph on the way out until a couple of guys took off. I was in mid-pack and couldn't seem to get a break long enough to chase. The front group got about 50 yards ahead and stayed there until the first rest stop for regrouping.

After the break we headed towards Scott and I was right behind JBar and Keith H for the lead out. Next thing I know a dude on a bike with areo bars came flying by and of course that set the stage. We go! There is a breakaway group and I'm a few behind and I thought areo-bar-man was going to keep it going but he blew. 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17 Ok, I gotta pick up a bit so I go out and around and me and a doc from the hospital cruise on out at 22. I pulled and pulled and pulled and then I couldn't figure out if they turned and they didn't but when I slowed down doc thought I was blown and whizzed around and I jumped behind to cruise on in to regroup area #2.

On the way back we caught a little head wind but not bad since we got to turn and then had great tailwind pushing us along. I rode with Dan H for a bit and we talked about his trip (cruise) he had just taken. One of the stops was Jamacia. I asked him if he liked it and he said no. I was surprised because all the commercials they run on the tube make it look great. Said the people aren't friendly. Ok, I'll mark Jamacia off the list as places I want to go.

I headed on to try and jump on the front group but was back to far and the wind was acting a fool! Paul B and I got us a little train going on and cruise at 23 on into NLR. Paul is a great guy to be around and I always enjoy my rides with him. Same with Dan H. Just good guys.

After the ride we all stood around sharing stories of wind, attacks, some car that flipped off the front group, etc. Then I headed on to Sherwood to the house. Rolled in at a little after 11.

Ended the morning with 55.43 and a 17.6 average speed. Should have been higher but had headwind and a big hill on the way home. All in all it was a most excellent day mate!

Friday, May 18, 2007


JBar in the Yellow with the black crow on it, Jo in the pink and myself in the yellow

The ride coming through Riverfront Park in North Little Rock

Cops telling us not to pop wheelies.

Zipping down Ft Roots

Mayor Hayes speakes. Yes, our mayor rides!
All the photos above were taken by Diane. Thanks for letting me use them!

Yes, this is the Fast Girls.
Poor Jenn caught so much slack about this shoulder touching photo.
Everyone had a great time and we thank Rubicon for coming out and letting us hang with them.

My new favorite pro team! These guys are awesome! They came to the hospital and spent the afternoon with the kids. They led a bike ride for everyone that evening and blended into the crowd. Aaron beat our Healthnet and Totota-United for the first stage of Tri-Peaks races an hour north of here! I'll go see them climb Mount Nebo (referred to as Knee-blow by certain cyclist!) We will text message the road in bright organe for there team color.

Wanna read about them?

Another dime??!!!!

Gas has gone from 2.97 to 3.15 and now to 3.25 in 48 hours. Got a bike? Know how to ride it? Ya better!

I know I know...

I know I know... I've gone into blog-slackerville! I'll update this afternoon... I hope.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It was an awesome training day! I left the house and rode down to the river then out to the farmlands. I rode through England then planned to ride even further out but it was getting sort of like it was trying to build those spotty rain showers again so I headed back to North Little Rock. The corn was knee high, the wheat was ready and the rice was just starting and the snakes were everywhere. I've never seen anything like it. All kinds and sizes. All dead in the road. There was a swamp that I passed and I'm not sure what the splash was but it was a big animal. I kept thinking it might have been one of the alligators the Game and Fish have been talking about. we have them so bad now that there will be a first ever alligator hunting season this fall. But the air was filled with Magnolia, honeysuckle and several other smells that just made me so glad to be alive and able to enjoy the ride. Funny story: while I was out on the farmlands I could hear something and glanced over my shoulder to what I thought was a oncoming car but it was a whole herd of Carve riders ou for their training ride. They had a huge group. Always a bunch of friendly guys. They turned on Honey Road and I went straight to head on out to England.

Just as I get back to the river the BUZZ BBQ was in full swing! Oh man did it smell good! I rode a bit longer then stopped by my office and dined on Cheese Peanut butter crackers and an oatmeal cream pie. At first I thought the Little Debbie snack was going to make me ill because my tummy kicked a few seconds afterwards buy I strectched out for a few moments and was was well. I got back on the bike and headed out. 82 miles, not bad. I was in the office 17 minutes but it seemed like a lot longer.

I headed back over the Broadway bridge and over to the soccer fields to met up with friends for the CARTI training ride. I was feeling really refreshed and ready for more riding which was a big confidence booster! There are 2 groups and my buds talked me into going with them. When we hit 20-22 mph I thought this was a bad idea. I told Shawdawg and Shawkitty (yep, they are married) than if they dropped me not to wait. Dawg gave me the smile and said they weren't planning on waiting! We laughed and I told him I'd put a garage sale sign in their yard! They just put there house up for sell about an hour before they came. I hope it sells fast for them!
Any way we had a great ride and even went through a bust rain shower that lasted about a minue and a half but it was fairly hard. I stopped under a tree to drop my hearing aid into a zip lock. Nope, not getting that thing wet!

I rolled over 104 miles by the time I was home. I felt good all day. I mean ready good! When I got home and cleaned up I was feeling the love. I had a juice glass of Java Chocolate milk which set a little off with the tummy. Guess I ought to cool off a tad before drinking that stuff. But once I showered I felt good. I wasn't expecting that at all. I didn't feel any where near this good last Saturday after the ride.

Here's a few things I did different. I kept my gears in the small ring on the front most of the day. This was a coach trick and I think it worked. I love the big ring but it seemed to tire me out a lot faster. I drank FRS as my supplement drink. Yes, I really believe in the stuff. I rode solo all morning and kept it around 17 except for a short stretch on the farmlands where the wind was beating up on me and dropped to 14 at times. Wind is wind and if your solo riding it's going to slow you down. I rode with friends in the afternoon which seemed to help build up my confidence as well as allowed for a draft and get my speed up a notch. Jenn, Chris, Yale, Keith, Marvin and Razz... thanks friends!!

We headed down to see my folks who had just come in from FL today. They had a perfect trip thanks to Cathy and Doug and perfect weather and water. Both seemed rested and happy. My sister Sherry came over and brought mom the biggest mothers day card I've EVER seen. It was poster board sized! She's a third plotter!!! (Family joke). It was just really nice to hang out with the folks and Sherry and my little bratty sister Barbie and her husband Tim. Never a dull moment.

Ya'll call your momma or think of all the good things about your momma!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Quick hit...

Ok blog-o-nites and blog-o-nettes here we go with the weekend... Starts in 20 minutes!

Eat out with the wife for dinner. Go to Home Depot and maybe to Barney Nobels.
Home and check over bike. If eat and then home then I'll mow the yard then tell the neighborhood he needs to mow his. He he he.

Goal for the night: Stay away from the sweets!

Check over the bike. Bottles in the freezer. Put gear in the office so I don't wake anyone up in the morning.

On bike around 7 to Cook's, then out around the Cartin training loop or maybe longer. Back to the river. Stop by Murray Park to say howdt to BACA folks I've not seen in a year. Now that's really sad huh?! Over to the office if needed to break a moment and eat lunch if it's time. Back to river and ride until start of CARTI training ride (it's on Saturday at 2 this week). Then just ride out the time until stopping at 10 hours.

Then I have to head to the house and go to Benton to see my mom if they are home from Florida. I saw a couple of live cameras from down there this week and the beach was perfect! The water looked like a pool! Super clear!

Let the weekend begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!
Have an awesome weekend friends!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It turned out to be one of those pishhhhh showers. You know they kind this sort of like you turn the shower at home of for a few seconds. Rained at the hospital but not at the house. Awww ya gotta love those summer showers.

So I geared up and headed out to ride. The womens running club was out and there most have been a 100 women running.The river is way up and flooding a little. I was wondering if it was going to be over one of the smaller bike path bridges but everything was clear.

I did spot a small group of riders that it looked to be the Fast Girls Slow Guys club ride. They are now going so insanely fast that most folks can't really ride with them anymore. They are a racing club through and through. There is nothing at all wrong with that but they are way to fast for me and many of the riders from last year. I did see quite a few of last years riders out tonight.

I had been telling folks about all the duckings or gooselings or whatever you call baby geese. They are everywhere. I also saw a goose that looked as if it had been tangled in fishing line for a long time. It was limping pretty bad and I tried to get closed but it hopped away. I thought about calling my niece with the Game and Fish and ask them to see if they can retain it for a moment and just cut the line off. Just sort of pains me to see an animal in pain like that when it would be so easy to correct.

I rode down and back and down at a comfortable pace. I plan to get an early start on Saturday morning and ride all day. I'm taking stuff to my office so I will have a place to stop and eat and take a short recovery. I'm looking forward to the training. Plan calls for 10 hours riding on Saturday for training. Well, saddle up kids!

Tomorrow is Friday and not a moment too soon!

Later y'all

Notta gain!!

Rain is moving in again for a lovely afternoon thunderstorm.
Looks like it might be a night of TV on the spin bike.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Afternoon riding washed out...

Another afternoon of training washed out by thunderstorms. Bummer!

Land of the hearing -- Day 2

This morning a funny thing happened. I almost walked out the door without my hearing. Hey, it is a habit ya know! I've had it on all day and people will walk by my office silly funny stuff and I'm responding and we all laugh. They seemed to all have gotten used to me being deaf. It's taking a minute for everyone get back to a "hearing" Geo.

I was fun hearing the TV last night. It was fun hearing Terri talking in he car on the way home from work. It was fun hearing the kids. I heard Sadie bark too! Now thinking back you have no idea how comical it was to watch Sadie bark but not hear it. Ok, it's funny now but not then.

Well, it's Wednesday afternoon which means it's the other side of the week and heading toward the weekend. I told Terri this morning that I have GOT to find time to ride more or I'm going to be in trouble come June 28th. She said, "Well why don't you take you're bike to work and ride home?" Why did she marry me? Smart marries dumb (She marries me). I really thought about heading out to the house and bringing the bike back and riding home. I'll just bring it with me tomorrow. As I look out of the office window the afternoon pop up storms are already building. Those guys didn't waste any time today.

Tomorrow is the big hospital ice cream party for hospital appreciation week. Semi's with ice cream come in and we get to build these giant sundaes and they give out hospital wear like polo shirts and such. There is usually music blasting and someone will always start dancing. Usually someone who can't dance. Hey, it's a large office party, what can I say. All the elements of a TV sitcom. Oh well, everyone seems to always have fun.

Weekend ride this weekend is a 10 hour training ride! That's something like 7am to 5pm will be spent on the bike training. this time I'm planning a little different. I think I'll ride from home and go to the farmlands, which by the way they are building a shopping center out that way. Ride the farmlands for a while, come back and ride along the river, Maumelle, back to river, to my office and eat and break a moment (20-30 minutes at the very most). Then start riding along the river some more then maybe the CARTI training ride route, which is heading out to the farmlands again but not as far. Then I'm not sure. Since I have my hearing back I can go out on long rides away from normal spots and not worry.

Special shout out to my blogging buddy WES -- Congrats on your first Tri! And you've signed up for how many more already?! HA! You sound like some of these guys around here! Hooks you more than Meth!

Well, lunch is over... sigh...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

...and we have a lift off!

Oh this is so good! But y’all everything is sort of loud in the world of the hearing folks!

Yep, today Dr. D checked the ear and poked around and even shot purple dye down into my ear canal and then said, “Do you want to put your hearing aid on?” I did and he was standing there with Dr. Smith and started talking and I jumped. Hold everything!! I haven’t even turned up the aid yet and it’s too loud?!! WHA??!!! Oh my gosh, is there going to be this big of a difference? There were smiles all around the room then he gave me the pep talk and the caution talk as well.

I then went across the hall to Mary Martha’s office and she made a new ear impression for a new ear mold. I’ll have a new one with the air vent so I can let the heat and moisture out when I’m training. That was the caution part. I’m still really in the infection zone right now so I have to continue the drops every night and clean with alcohol. That’s doable.

I told Mary Martha that I didn’t realize her office was so loud. She has an air vent and a return in her office and it sounds like you are sitting in a jet. She was telling me that it’s hard for people with hearing impairment to hear in there because of that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent much like the first day I got my new hearing aid learning sounds. When a coworker in the next office coughed this afternoon it sounded as though it was in my ear! No, I didn’t have it turned up.

I was really hoping to get out and test sound on the bike this afternoon but once again the afternoon pop up thunderstorms are rolling through. I can hear thunder so I’m not going out. Instead I’ll work on donor letters tonight.

Ok, so what did I learn from this experience? I learned that I’m not as strong in the fact of sickness as I thought I was. I wondered if it would have been something that was going to be permanent if I would have handled it different? I didn’t have to learn sign language even though I think I will now. I saw the world in a different way. No one meant to but it is a world of isolation sometimes. Many people have no idea how exhausting it was to sit through a simple meeting. People naturally turn their heads while they talk but when you are forced to read lips it can wreck you. Some people don’t move their mouths very much so it’s hard to follow there speech. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just hard to keep up.

So it makes me think really hard about this ride and what it means. I wondered if after the recovery period if I’ll have a different outlook on the ride and how I can help those kids that can’t hear … oh boy, you have no idea how it has changed me! No idea!

All for the kids!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend recap -- Part 2 (Sunday ride)

I always forget the beauty of sunsets while riding. I waited today to ride after 6pm. It was crowded with walkers, runners and family bikes. Everyone having fun and wrapping up the weekend.

I kept a brisk pace of 17-18 and knocked down 27 miles quickly. The sunset was awesome! I really wanted to ride up on the BDB and lean on the rail and watch.

Legs felt good.

Plan for the week is to get a good ride in Tuesday. An easy ride one other evening and another long distance on Saturday. I think I add another hour this week which would be 10 hours of riding. But hey I'll be plugged in and can hear so I'll ride to who knows where!

I get to plug in tomorrow a little after 1pm and it's like waiting on Santa. Actually it's more like having the present you always wanted under the tree and you've started to lift the corner of the wrapping paper but then didn't. that's exactly what I did today! I started to lift the wrapping paper. I am so excited that this morning I got out my hearing aid and put it in the nice case and brought it to work. About mid morning I look over and there it is sitting on the corner of my desk. I simply couldn't stand it any longer and I opened the case, put a battery in and put it up to my ear. I needed to push it on in and as I was doing it, something just didn't feel right and I stopped and closed everything back up. It will be fine I told myself. it's just the odd feeling of not having worn a hearing aid in weeks. OK, I'm under 24 hours to being a hearing person again. You have NO idea how exciting this is...

Weekend recap -- Saturday

Oh where to start???

How about opening the garage door?

Yep, that ‘s a good place… Ok, so it’s Saturday morning and I plan to meet Brandon in the bowling alley parking lot about 5 minute downhill ride from the house. I open the garage door and what do I feel? Sprinkles and the road is damp. Oh no no no! Mr. Weather guy said a nice day was on tap. I walk back in and flip the tube on and no rain around. Says it’s high fog and will burn off about midmorning.

I met up with Brandon and we head toward the river. I was feeling good. We ride the river and meet up with Keith on the bridge and head down the LR side.

1st stop was Central High. ( for an insiders look. Brandon’s folks work there so he gave us some cool facts. I felt excited and ashamed at the same time. Excited that I was seeing it close up for the first time and ashamed that this was my first time to visit this historic place. It’s huge! My goal this week is to find out what the 4 statues are on the front of the building. Who are they and what do they mean?

There is a Mobil gas station that is a museum and then across the street is a memorial time line. As I was looking at the photo on the timeline, I was looking at the Mobil station and then as I looked up I was looking straight at it in real life and it’s exactly as the photo from 1957.

Afterwards we rode over to the hospital expecting the Miracle Walk to be coming around but they were still over at the capitol doing the rah-rah stuff so we rode over there. We got to the start point and over to the side and off they go. I was a walk and not a race but the kids at the front were running to keep up with the pace car who slowed way down when he saw this.

Next was a ride through the heart of downtown and over to the Heifer Project. Keith told us about the building and I didn’t pick up all of the conversation but the put I did was really neat. I plan to get him back over there sometime when I can hear so I can get all the details.

Ok, play was over and it was really past time to get some long riding time in. We rode back to the BDB and Keith pulled out to ride home. He had already been running that morning. JMar had jumped in and rode with us a while. Then we headed over the BDB and he jumped out at Cook’s where his car was. He had already been on a farmlands ride (a fast one at that!).

Brandon and I rode out to Maumelle and at the turnaround I told Brandon I was going to get a little cash out of the ATM. So here I am doing that and not really watching what Brandon’s doing. It’s a Saturday and even though there were no cars going through the bank was open but he didn’t know that. He’s over there pushing the buttons and the canister goes flying up the tube then the voice comes on to ask if he needed help! HA!!
We take a back road back through Maumelle and it’s great because the wind has picked up and it would have been some stiff headwind coming back but it wasn’t bad since we were hidden in the trees.

The rest of the day was ride, ride, and ride. Brandon rode on home about mid afternoon and I rode the river some more. It was nice and then it was not nice. I enjoyed having folks riding with me and when Brandon left I sort of didn’t know what to do with myself. What I mean is that while he was riding I didn’t have to worry about being a deaf rider because he knew where my phone was, he knows Terri, he could talk to other riders or let me know if cars were in the area. It made for a semi-stress-less ride with him around. Brandon, if you read this, thanks for riding most of the day!

I finally rode over to my office and waited for Terri to pick me up. I was tired but felt a lot better just stopping in a cool place for a little bit.

When I got home I got cleaned up, ate and rested a bit then went out to the garage to check over the bike. I had been having computer problems on the bike and knew that I had 6 miles more than Brandon when he left off. I added and subtracted and then just sat there. Oh man, 99.7 miles! UGH!!!

I still really enjoyed the ride and getting to learn about places around my own city. Thanks guys!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Saturday long ride

Met Brandon little after 7 and rode until a little before 3. More later.
You're not going to believe this... I stopped and got off my bike without looking... milage was 99.7.... so close to 100. We picked up riders here and there and saw some sites such as the Miracle Walk, Central High (No, I've never been there until yesterday), and the Heifer Project. If you go to the Heifer Project, get Keith Moore to saw you around. He knew a lot about the architure of the building and made it really interesting! Brandon's parents work for Central as the accountant and the coach so he knew all this cool inside stuff about Central High and the upcoming 50th anniversary.

If you are a reader unfamliar with Central High. Google: Central High School, Little Rock Arkansas 1957. What happened here is..well... no words can explain.

More story and photos to come.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Walk on baby!

Great way to start off a Saturday morning and the weather is supposed to be awesome! I'll be huffing out a 9 hour training ride but am going to try and ride over to cheer on the walkers for a moment!

The Miracle Mile Walk is a one-mile walk, from the State Capitol to the campus of ACH, to raise funds and awareness for Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Representatives from Children’s Miracle Network National Sponsors are encouraged to participate. Click here if you need directions to the Capitol.

This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, May 5, 2007. Registration will open at 7:00 a.m. and the Walk will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. Registration is $25 per person (kids 12 and under are free).

Afterward, walkers are invited to stay for lunch and a brief program. On the Border and Papa John’s Pizza will be on hand, with drinks provided by Coca Cola and sweet treats by Coleman Dairy.

The Miracle Mile Walk began in 2005 and in its first year raised $70,000 for Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Since then the event has grown in size and impact and last year 700 walkers raised more than $110,000.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital is the state’s only pediatric hospital with more than 267,000 patient visits each year. In 2006, over $2.6 million was raised for ACH through CMN fundraising efforts.

We hope you will walk with us to make miracles happen for the children at ACH. To register, click the link below. If you need directions to the Capitol, click here.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inching closer to the weekend!

Well friends we are getting closer to the weekend by the minute! I’m ready too! We were supposed to go over to Memphis to the Memphis in May music festival and I was going to get to see Wolfmother before they had back across the pond but due to not getting to put my hearing aid back in it looks to be a local weekend.

Emily turns 17 tomorrow. That is so hard to grasp. At times she’s my little girl and runs across the room and lands on my lap and at times she walks through the room as she’s about to go out looking better than any model that graced magazines. She can still make me laugh harder than anyone else. She can make me laugh until my tummy hurts. I have a year and a few months left before she goes off to college…sigh….

Ok, training… here we go! It’s going to be an eat and drink on the bike training. I’ll have some supplements (Endurolytes and Perpetuum) that I’ll be trying. One of the things long distance folks are told to do is get used to eating and riding. I read one account where a female long distance rider ate her meals while she was on a trainer. Nothing like a trainer at the dining room table! HA!

The plan is to ride the river for hours. It is actually for a 9 hour ride. I had planned to go up the road about an hour north of town and ride a charity ride (Plan B), Tour of the Wine Country but with no hearing aid, guess I best not. The ride is a charity ride for the hospital and a festival.

I’ve been planning my start time and want it to be around 8 a.m. and that gets me off the bike around 5p.m. Gee whiz, I’ll be riding a whole work day. If I keep at 15 mph pace for 9 hours that will be 135 miles. That’s the distance from Ft Smith to Cook’s Landing. Half of the ride for June 28th. I’m really hoping to some how get a chance to get up toward Ft Smith or even to Ft Smith and ride back before the actual ride. May be a nice thing to do for Memorial Day Monday. I usually ride from my house to Searcy and back on that Monday or that weekend for 90 miles but I think this year I’ll change it up.

Even though Dr. D asked me not to wear the hearing aid until Tuesday, I’ll honor that but boy it’s going to be a good mental exercise if I stay down on the river riding for hours with no sound, no music, etc etc… I still find it really funny that folks know I can’t hear but they will just talk and talk. I just do the best I can picking up bits and pieces. If you only knew what I thought some people have said!

Well, lunch is about over… back to work.

Later y’all!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I did get to get out and ride yesterday and it was a nice ride. Just down and back on the river but it was great because I was feeling a lot better and I rode with my coach. When you ride with a coach it takes a bit to settle down and ride. How's the pedal stroke? Did I ride too fast or too slow? Is my positioning right? Etc etc etc...

I got an email of the ride and it was good! Whew! Mark, my coach, is as good as they come. He pushes me to do better but also knows whne it's time to be a family man as well and he'll tell me that. Yep, he was one of the ones who told me to ride conservative last weekend and look what happened when I didn't.

This week we have been talking alot about hydration. There are several products on the market that help folks when the heat is turned up and you've got to give it your all for a while. I considered some of these in the past but some are pricey and there's not a trial size so I'm going to bum some and test them this weekend.

Oh yeah, what did the doc say? Said the ear is healing really good but still needs me to keep the aid out for one more week. It was sort of expected but then I was hoping it would go the other way. I want life to return to normal.

I've had a lot of fun today since the stroke dropped me on my head in small town Arkansas years and years and more years ago. I was surprsed with a pancake breakfast prepared by Em his morning. I was taken to lnch by Jason and his wife Allison who both work at the hospital and it was a complete riot. They ae a hoot anyway but you take a couple that loves to cut up and a deaf guy and put them at an outside table at a busy Sonic (my choice) and you set yourself up to laugh til you cry. Allison told Jason to stop talking like Bruce Lee! I was trying to read his lips but he was talking in Japanese! Even his normal speech would throw me off because he wouldn't move his lips much. I told him his mouth wasn't normal and he cracked up. This is the same guy that went to Target to buy a gift card and the cashier asked him how much he wanted on it and he told them he just wanted to buy the card. Same guy that asked the cashier at Micky D's for hot mustard to go with his sundae. Now you know why we are friends huh?! HA! Terri made a "Sunday dinner" for supper tonight. Yep, roast and all that stuff. It was sooo good!

Anyway, I got a massive bag of double dipped malt balls. Oh man, I could have gotten sick big time but I stashed them on he other side of my office and drank FRS instead. My VP unloaded a stack of Java City bucks on me and our secretary (office momma) had ballons put in my office. I had VP's sending me e-cards and friends sending wishes by email. I felt the love. That sounds silly but times like this, I really did. I'm happy to have such a wonderful group of friends and family. It was just a nice day to be born.

Since I still can't wear the aid I had to change game plans for the weekend. I'm going to ride the river a lot on Saturday. It might even get boring but maybe not. I just don't feel comfortable going to a organized ride that I've not been on before without being able to hear.

I'll get around to writing more tomorrow.