Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday night mind dump

Fun day today. Lots of work and coordinating but was nothing but good. I did the art and songs merge today and so far it was 100% positive. My mind is completely blown over it. When folks told me today and tonight how much they liked it and that I did such a good job I was quick to say it wasn't me. It was a gift given to me. We have an amazing team that work together.

Now the evening service was a riot right up until the start. We were using some different lighting effects tonight during a prayer service. Certain lights were to be left off on purpose to give the auditorium a den or coffeehouse type lighting effect. But different guys would come into the auditorium and do their good deed and flip the other lights on. I would have to run down and turn them back off. It was really funny. We finally stationed a guy by the lights and told him to not let anyone touch the lights.

We put together a Prayers of Confession presentation that was actually only seen by a very few. There was a 2 and a half minute silent prayer time and the lights were shut completely down except for the screen and it was a fade in and fade out of different confession type statements. You only saw it if you weren't with your head bowed and praying and... that was the whole purpose. Folks who didn't feel like they could pray and just sat it the pew in the dark could read different prayers and maybe one had an affect on them. We'll never really know.

I've had several people ask me if we had all of the controls together if I would put together a team to work it. The keep saying stuff like lighting control, visual and audio. AUDIO?! Who would have ever thought they would ask a guy with a CI to handle audio?!

I know I haven't written much about my CI lately but that's because it's just a part of me now like my hearing aid. Both products are amazingly awesome and sure I still pick up a new sound here and there but like I said, it's just part of my everyday life. Hey, I do get to meet the Untiron hearing aid rep in a couple of weeks. That will be exciting for me. Just for, if nothing else, to say thanks for a great product.

Em and I ran down to the folks house today and on the way back we noticed several cars for Louisiana. All the hotels here are sold out and we've spotted more LA cars around town later. New Orleans for those who don't know is 6 hours south of here. I just hope they are spared what happened during hurricane Katrina.

Well, happy Labor day friends!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Always lovin' it!

I set out this morning to jump in a training ride group for our upcoming Big Dam Bridge 100 ( ). So I got up, ate and had the car all loaded and ready to leave and kes... where are my keys??? I look and I look and I think ugly words and I look... oh there they are... in my jersey pocket ... I have my jersey on. Whadda dork!

Oh crud, it's 7:19 and the ride starts at 7:30. I can do this. No cops hiding on North Hills Blvd on Saturday mornings. But oh no baby, e.v.e.r.y stinking light has to change to red. UGH! Burning tires and pushing the nitrous button I'm screaming at 120 down through the neighborhood. Ok that's a lie, but you get the picture. I want to be there.

Finally, last red light changes to green but wha???? A cop is standing in the road just up ahead. Oh man, a 5K is about to start and they have closed the roads. Nice guy cop allows me to jump the road and into the Alltel Arena parking lot so I can get my bike ready and jump in after the runners pass. Oh crud again! I see them leaving on the other side and down the street. No problems, I'll ride hard and catch up in a moment. runners, runners, more runners. OK I see a break coming up. Wha? Mister slow that pace down you are messing up the break I need to get across. Runner, runners, and more runners. Blocker cop says to me I can jump over as soon as I want. Bikers are gone. That's OK, I will ride a even harder. Runner, runners, and s.t.i.l.l. more runners. When is that break coming?

Break comes and off I go. up to 23mph right off the bat. Not a smart riding thing to do, for me anyway.

I hang a right onto Washington and I don't see them. They can't be that far ahead. I drop to the bars and head down and get it going. Pace is good. Still don't see them. Ugh!

Turn to the farmland road and over the train track that I still have issues with. Ok it's flat and straight and there is no sight of these friends. Oh man this is going to taking some work to get caught up.

I never see them the whole ride. I finally stopped on the way back in at Scott. Out to Keo, looping back to Scott nonstop made this ole boy a bit tired. I shot a lemon flavored gel. Eric from The Ride bike shop in Conway gave me these and they are the bomb!! After about 10 minutes maybe I hop back on the bike and head on back to town. Road a little on the river trail and called it a morning.

I'm keep wondering if that was not the group I was going to ride with that I saw leaving.

Funny story... I accidentally drug some old Go-Go's tunes into my training IPod tunes. I was riding along and their song came on.... I'm out on a country road, no one for miles and I'm laughing myself silly. Just keep your "lips sealed" about this ok?!

Life is good... even when you've got a Go-Go's song stuck in your head.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This was so funny but oh boy is someone gonna get in trouble! If you are in central Arkansas and get the Democrat newspaper then go look again at the Wal-Mart insert. Look really close. Did they r.e.a.l.l.y mean to send Arkies an insert that was all LSU team gear? Someone is gonna be in the principals office tomorrow morning. You just don't insert the rivals team game gear into an Razorbacks Sunday paper.

Meanwhile at church today...

E #1: Geo, what do you need?
Geo: Huh?
E: What do you need? Is your computer (at church) what you need?
G: I'm making it work but for what I want to raise the bar to before the next Echo conference. Well, I could use some new equipment.
E: Ok, and this time we're not buying the cheap stuff. You get what you pay for, you know? Start looking and give me your list. OK?
(I'm sleeping right... I'll wake up in a moment and it will be a Commador 64)

E#2: Hey Geo, are you all set up and comfortable?
Geo: Huh? (note to readers... no this isn't a Huh? like my hearing aid and CI are turned down)
E#2: Do you have what you need?
G: You mean the system? One of the other E's already asked me but thanks, I appreciate you!
E#2: No, I mean do you have the set up such as desk and stuff up there?
G: Well, there are some exposed wires and a couple of switch boxes on the floor that guys step on. I need to build a small cover for them.
E#2: Let's get a new control center for you.
(I've gotta really be sleeping huh??? Really!)

I'm looking around for the joke cam. Ok I go to Echo and then I'm asked if I want new equipment. The honest truth, I need new equipment in the control (crows nest) booth bad. The set up goes way back... leave to Beaver back.... but I've made it work for a whole year next month. The system is really about 5 years old.

It's hard to believe I've been doing the media in services for a year next month. It's been a good year. Some services I'd be so wrapped up in the song or message that I'd almost forget to advance. I sat through the transition back in the spring that caused a lot of heartache but turned out to be a blessing after all. Some folks left and others grew stronger.

Our team has built sets that we've never had before. I still love the rock that rolled away from the tomb on Easter. That was the MOST nerve racking service I've ever sat through. It (rock) was bottom heavy to hold it in place and once it started to roll we could only pray (and boy did we ever) that the rock was not going to roll off the stage and take out the whole deaf ministry section of the audience.

I've been asked over and over if I'm recouped from Echo yet. My answer is close to the same each time... I'll never come down off of that trip! It pushed me and pushed hard to make me step out of my comfort zone box and be bold but it couldn't be a "me" media or it doesn't count.

I injected a little into the services today. The Welcome was more of a modern look rather than the usual flower of the week type photo. Those are nice, don't get me wrong, but I've been using that type format since last year. The communion service was actually a motion loop. A cross with moving clouds behind it. Folks loved that one.

Next week is going to be a great service. It will be about prayer and I'm going to do some lighting effects and motion graphics in one part. It will be broken up into different areas of prayer where different folks will get up and pray about a certain thing then in the middle of the service the lights will go down and I will play a mini movie of people praying. It really cool because it's all shot at real modern angles and in black and white. It's different people praying or maybe a shot of their hands and it very subtly fades in and out. This will be a 2.5 minute confession, individual (silent) prayer. Afterwards they were talking about the lights coming back on. I said, no, let's leave them off and have only the light from the song on the screen and have the song be some very personal "is your heart right" type song. Then we'll bring the lights up slowly. The E's loved the idea!!! I was so excited that they are letting my team do this!

It's been a good year in media ministry! It real good year.

This afternoon our small group went to River City to cookout for the homeless. I'm telling you what, American Idol has nothing on some of these ladies and men who are homeless and can sing. They usually have one or two of them sing and it's that soulful bluesy sort of singing that only a black person can do. That's not a racial statement by any means. It's a true statement that means they have a gift from all their pain and suffering. There was a huge crowd that came out today so I was glad we had extra help on hand. I think we get to do it through October. If you've never gone to a homeless shelter and worked a little, try it. It makes you look at things in a whole different light.

Awwright, I'm done yapping....

Life is good!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday quick hit


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twitter me and Thanks Mark Batterson!

So I went to Dallas last weekend and everyone is Twittering.... except me. I set up an account while I was there and changed it a couple of times. It's really a lot of fun. So set up a Twitter account and feel free to add me as a "follow on Twitter". It's cobbgeo

I been fighting with myself a lot this week. I really had an awaking in several ways while I was in Dallas. Friday night I spent a lot of time thinking and praying. It was a good thing. A needed thing. I had just spent two days talking God and how to reach people through our gift, which was art. I try so hard to slowly inject a little pop culture if you will into the art I do. I struggle with how do I use my art gift for God and reach the younger set? Everything is entertainment and I know most Church of Christ folks will say, "Well we're not here to entertain." Well, OK... but how are you planning on holding the attention of the upcoming generations? It won't be with the 2 songs, prayer, song, communion, song, sermon, announcement, song, by-by. Well at least not when there's nothing but a song leader not open enough to try new songs because the brethren want the stuff from the 60's. The preacher is telling you that you are going to hell every week or at least threatening. Is there anything to hold your attention? Several weeks ago there was dialog about whether the "c" in Church of Christ was capitalized or not. Honestly, does it matter? Think the big picture..... the person driving down the road who sees your sign could really care less. Serious. They want whats inside the building. They want what's inside the building to be outside the building. They want to be a part of something they are moved by. The "c" doesn't mean a thing to people...really.

I told one of the song leaders I was thinking about putting the songs on art backgrounds such as photos and graphic art to help illustrate the song and to help focus your mind on the meaning of the song rather than looking at the white 4-part-harmony pages. He said, I'm not really into that. Hmmm, might take a little coaching. I might just do it and say sorry later. We know these songs and don't need sheet music... most folks can't read music anyway. They know what the song sounds like and they sing it.

Tonight, I've decided to go in a pit with a lion on a snowy day. (thanks Mark -- this is your fault! HA!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Protecting Dad

Em: "Dad, I was in an accident but it wasn't my fault!"

Me: You ok?

E; Yea, it was in a parking lot.

M: Ok then we'll talk about it when i get home.

This was the phone call I got when I stopped at my parents house on the way home from Dallas.

Now... here's the what I perceived as a parking lot dent....

Ohhhh the Black Pearl!!! Yes, the passenger window was blown out and the back seat is even bent up. Em had glass all over her and is sore but will be ok. She is just heartbroken. We called the insurance and no rental car until they decide to except the liability. Will probably be a couple days. She will be driving my Explorer and I'll be driving the Yugo or whatever rental car we luck into.

The truck that hit her? Hardly a scratch. Em did say she was nice to the girl because she had been in the same situation, but thank goodness not anywhere nearly as bad, just a few weeks ago.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tim Stevens, Mattew Turner, and Blue Mesa

Full day here at Echo!

Heard a guy named Jack O'Neil this morning. He was good enough that I bought his CD. Ever heard of Jackopierce? Here's the link

Got to see a side by side demo of the big 3 worship software then got to spend some time with the head of Easy Worship and he showed me a couple of great tricks. Get ready guys, I'm gonna unleash them in a couple of weeks!

This afternoon I got to hear Tim Stevens present how they get their services together. He had lots of great video examples. Man, this guy had my head filling up with great ideas!

Just before dinner we heard from Matthew Paul Turner. Oh man oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in months! He caught the crowd off guard so many times with the wild and funny stories he told.

Dinner was a Blue Mesa buffet. It was great! I ate too much.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mark Batterson was awesome

I got over to the auditorium and got a great seat right in the center about 10 rows from the front. The graphics they used for the opening were really good. The crowd was a bit subdued but warmed up quick.

The Johnny and Chachie (sp?) came out. They, I think, are regulars from around here but they were great. Really funny. Did a spoof of 80 tunes.

Mark Batterson capped off the evening with a great motivation talk. He was as down to earth as it gets. Afterwards he hung around in the back and signed books and talked. Now I know why he is so successful. He took time with each person. I mean really took time. His new book Wild Goose Chase comes out Tuesday. I picked up In a pit with a lion on a snowy day. I've already read it but didn't have a signed copy. Now I do! It's been a while since I read it and so I'll probably reread it.

After the 4:15 wake up time this morning... I'm pooped!

@ echo

Yep! I'm at ECHO!

Left the house around 4:45 this morning and arrived right about 10. This included a stop for gas (just topping off 1/2 tank before Dallas) and a stop in Texarkana for Starbucks. I remembered right were it was from when I did the state bike tour. Isn't that a trip??? Remembering where a Starbucks is after 4 years. I have to tell you though it was just what I needed! That driving before sunrise was tough but the sunrise itself was really nice.

I had lunch with some guys from West Virginia. Their church is 3,000 members. Nice guys. One stayed in the lunch room (which looks like an upscale Starbucks) and we listened to the CEO of MediaShout. That's some nice software. The WV guys are still using PowerPoint stright up but hey it works for them. They did have some funny stories though. We all did.

Before lunch we got a behind the scenes tour of Watermark Church. The auditorium seats 2200 (which they pack for 2 services and have added a 3rd) and they are building the new one next door that seats 3500. It's a beautiful building! Top of the line visual and sound system. The "other" building is 6 floors tall! It's the class rooms and offices.

Heading out for dinner then to hear Mark Batterson tonight.

Life is good... in the Big D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Less than 12

Less than 2 hours and I'll be heading to BIG D for some brain (creative) food! Man oh man do I need the break too! I'm so excited about meeting a lot of this folks I've read about and lurked around on their blogs.

I'm looking forward to the brain draining drive to Dallas.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Cameron Ware does!

I'm looking forward to hearing what Mark Batterson says!

Same for Phil Cooke!

Same for Time Stevens!

Thanks to "The E's" for footing the bill for the trip! Love you guys! Thanks for believing in me!

Life is good... really good!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Monday morning...

Spent Friday evening, like most, watching the jaw dropping opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Like I heard them say, the trophy needs to be retired now. I doubt anyone will touch that. Sure there is controversy surrounding the cost vs. the need to help their people.

Saturday was spent at my folks house painting.

Sunday it rained and I'm not going to complain even if that was the day I scheduled to ride all afternoon. It's looking like rain will start up again about 9 this morning. We needed it. If all goes well I will do my best to ride after work.

3 days til ECHO! I suspect the opening will be a knock off of the opening of the Olympics since this is a media conference. And I suspect it will be a hoot!

off to work we go....

Life is good... even in the rain.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Is that not catchy or what? I'm gong to start a company called i.rode
I'm not sure what it will be or what it will sale but it will be cool.... i.rode

Awwright, I really did ride tonight! I got down to the river and prepared to ride along just to say howdy to the Jabba legs but just as I was about to start my ride here came the gang. What's a middle aged fat guy to do? Yep, ya get up and dance on the pedals right out of the cage and catch up and ride!! I catch the tail end on the hill and Dr. Shawkitty-I-love-to-leave-you-in-blog-suspense-about-my-Iowa-ride is smoking back up to the group and I'm lucky just to hang there. We catch up with a new rider and lo and behold we set up for a nice little 23mph cruise along the river. Gotta turn and climb Ft Roots to get to the regroup point at the top. Several of us split off after the regroup and take a different route over to Burns Park. The other (much younger, much crazier) riders run over to Valley View (Puke View) for some serious fast climbing. We spot them swinging around the back side of Burns. Several of us ride on around and spot several of the fast gang. One has a bit of a deal with his back wheel. We get everyone back to Cook's either by bike or my sag-a-mobile. Hung out in the parking lot a moment then heading to the house. It was a good ride!

Funny sidebar: I took my old MP3 player that I used before I bought the Ipod. I told Terri to take the Ipod with her to the fitness center tonight. So I get to the ride and I get all wired up and turn on the Mp3 player. Nah, don't want to hear this song... next... no, don't want to hear that one either.. next... no that was the first song I didn't want to hear.... next... well pooey, that's 2 the second I didn't want to hear either... next... oh no... there are only 2 songs loaded on this old thing and I don't like either one! I think I'm renaming my Ipod "Crackpod" I can't do without it anymore! HA!

I had so much tape on my CI tonight it took forever to get it all off. I think I'm just going to wrap my head with a couple rounds of duct tape! You know that manly silver tape that fixes everything.

CI moment: Good lord! I was sitting in the den watching CSI eating my stinkin low carb dinner and the cadedids (sp?) were soooo loud outside (windows and doors closed too) that I had to turn up the TV. Is this Advanced Bionic CI not the coolest gizmo on the face of the earth! I'm telling ya!

I can't wait to get to ECHO next week when all the guys are all messing with their G3's.... I'm going to tell them they are sooo two thousand eight! Then I'll show off my CI and tell them this is the future... get with it.

Remember how I was talking about being a target earlier this week. Person who had me in their scope really apologized today. My response. Don't worry about it, water under the bridge.

I won't bore you but tomorrow's Friday. Get up right now and do your best moon walk dance. Go on... get up! Go on I really double dig dog dare you! It will be really funny... do it... get up where ever you are a dance for a second then sit back down. Live life to the fullest! Have fun!!

Life is good...even when you act like a looney tune!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

If you don't get up...

Self: If you don't get up...

Me: If I don't get up what?

Self: Lemme just draw a picture for you...

It's sad how I can sit down to "just check my email for a sec" and it's 2 hours later.

I can hear my stupid inner voice saying... come...come to the great Jabba....

As guest writer DeeDee (Wes's wife) says as a guest writer on Wes' blog: I just want to go to a 24 hour McDonald's and buy some french fries and poke Jabba's eye out. Well, she was talking about something else but you get the picture... no, not THAT picture up there.... **sigh**

I will ride after work tomorrow and I will ride hard and long. I will not think about cheesecake while I am riding. I will picture Paris Hilton saying, "You know for an old dude you are hot!" Then I will picture Sandra Bullock (oh so fine!) telling me if I would drop some more of that tire around my waist I would be hotter. Then I will feel Terri (my wife) pop me in the back of the head and tell me to snap out of it!

By the way I meant to tell y'all... I almost dropped my CI in a bucket of paint Saturday. Towards the end of the day I was really tired and sweaty and I reached down to drip the paintbrush and the ci started sliding off my ear. I would have hated to use my 1 time replacement because of something dumb like that!

Meant to tell y'all too I was asked to be on the board of Hands and Voices! It's a very good group that does a lot for kids and family dealing with deaf or hard of hearing. The questions were pretty thought provoking such as something like, "If a deaf person who could have a CI decided against it and chose to remain deaf, would I oppose?" Why would I oppose? In my book everyone has a right to live with whatever and however. I'm not the hearing police nor do I plan on being one. I know several deaf people and they are wonderful folks living their lives to the fullest just like anyone else. Everyone does things differently. For me, the CI was the best choice, and for others it may not be.... and that's OK. Being deaf or hard of hearing is not a good excuse for not doing and being what you want to be. By the way there will be a Hands and Voices Summit in Little Rock in Sept. I think it's the 14 and 15th. More on this later.

Life is good...even when being called a Jabba HA!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Then a few minutes later...

Ok, I didn't go to bed and read. I decided to check several local friends blogs and see what the gang has been up to. Well much to my surprise I think they have been all out riding every stinking hot day because they ALL (except Sarah) seems to have the "Syndrome".

Note to my blog-slacking-friends.... y'all stop lurking on my blog and reading every detail of my boring life and update yours. I won't call names but y'all know who you are! Yeah, I love y'all too, blah blah blah....

Note to Sarah: DO GOOD in Leakville. You've trained hard... this ride is yours my friend!

Life is good...especially when you update your stinkin' blog HA!!!

All things midweek

Ok, so tomorrow is trash-to-the-curb day which is the officeal start to the other side of the week but I've had a hard week so far and I really need it to harry up and get all weekend-ish.

Monday right off the bat I got hit with an issue whee I thought I did the right thing but someone else thought otherwise and came at me with both guns up and loaded. All I could do is state my case to the boss and see if there would be a hard impact. I count my blessings that I have superiors who believe me. The problem and the way it got flipped around still train wrecked me.

Tuesday's drama... an employee wanted to transfer and two different departments loved her and she accepted a job then decided she wanted the other and by mid day I wasn't sure what was going on. I had her current boss, the boss she took the job and turned down and the other boss all calling me and all of us wondering what on earth was going on.

Wacky stuff I tell you!

Remember me telling you I went down to my parents to paint their house? Well, somehow I got into what I think were those chiggers and now I have these very itchy bites. It has been a mental contest to keep from scratching. I still have to do a lot more painting but this time I'll have my legs coated in insect repellent.

I have to admit I haven't rode my bike in about a week. Now that sad but it's been about 100 degrees everyday and there is a cut off for me. Weather models show the heat wave breaking and the temps only getting to 91 this weekend.

I have a mentor guy at work I sometimes call on when things get totally out of tune. Today he told me something that really stuck. He said , "Geo, the more influence your carry, the bigger the target you wear." I just thought about that for a moment and smiled. Back to the first part of my post. Yes someone was acting as I was their target. The way my mentor, who will always remain a shadow in the background at his wishes, told me that I have a lot of influence in this life and that some people will target me. He told me to look at how I have helped the hospital, to look at how I am loved by the departments I recruit for and to look at how I can say what I think in a meeting of upper management and it's actually considered. He continued on to say look at how you are being asked to serve on boards now. He pointed out how one day when we walked down the hall together I called coworkers by name, even housekeeping, and asked something specific about their day. I told him I was just being myself. It's not something I trying to do to get ahead in life or be somebody. He said, And that's exactly what I mean. By you being yourself and people enjoying being around you makes you a huge target. But the more influence you carry, the bigger the target you will wear." I was honestly floored by him saying that to me. You mean because I'm just being plain ole me, someone doesn't like that? Come on, how retarded is that? Serious!

Ok let's change gears here... I had a CI mapping on Monday and a hearing test. The hearing aid ear had dropped 10dbs over the year and that bummed me but the CI was rocking it's happy little electrodes off. Jordan talked me into trying "S" which makes a different type sound than what I have programmed which is "P", I think. Something tells me I have it all wrong but stay with me here. Ok, when I got the CI activated there are two different types of ways that you can get sound. One is all the electrodes fire at once which is what I use and at times it came seem harsh when the volume is up. Now the other is more like a wave where the electrodes fire more like a wave. We had turned that on in the clinic but I had never listened with it for an extended amount of time. We kept my program 1 and 2 the same but changed my music program to this "S" program. I used it all afternoon and really changed my mind and liked it. It's a more gentle sort of sound coming in. It's really hard to describe. Jordan said a lot more CI users like that than what I normally have programmed. Well, I'll be... I'm becoming like the rest of them! HA! I know what you're thinking... well if I turned off the music program how do I hear music now. Well, it's like I do most of the time and that's through my hearing aid. I just can't run the IPOD and the hearing aid with direct connect at the same time now.

Well I think I'm going to go dive on the bed and read a book for a bit and fall asleep!

Life is good.... even if you are a target! Be a target!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I turned 600 tonight

I was about to log off and noticed that I had just posted my 600th blog post. Now I'm old as Moses!

Doing for others -- BIKE MS

I kept putting it off but I signed the dotted line tonight! I'm riding with the most awesome team in Arkansas for the MS150!!!! Fast Girls Slow Guys!!!

Sept 5th I'll ride the first day of Pedal the Peaks and if I can arrange it, which I think I can then I'll return for the Sunday ride as well.

Pedal the Peaks/MS 150 is an awesome ride and for a very good cause. I have a couple of friends at the hospital who have sisters that have this mean disease. I've heard some stories about MS and it hurts me just thinking of these ladies and what they go through. So that's all the more reason to get out there and take a couple days of pain to help them a little. Most of the time you are in a group riding but there are times when you look up and find yourself alone. That strange unsettling feeling of being somewhere that is unfamiliar. You are not real sure where you are going, how long you have or how much it's going to really hurt. That my friends is a very very small taste of what these girls go through when dx'd. I remember a coworker talking about when her sis first was dx'd with MS and how everything just spun. She said it was like waking up in a cave without a light. They didn't know anything about it but the MS Society helped them through.

The end of the first day has a climb up the backside of Petit Jean Mountain. It's not a hard mountain to climb as far as the grade but when it's at the end of your day and it can sometimes be really warm well, simply put, it hurts. But as you climb you get into this mental fix that you can do it. One foot, the other foot, one foot, the other foot. Slowly cranking the pedals until you get to the peak. Your mind sometimes goes into the "Why?" mode. Why am I blessed to be riding? Why can't there be a cure? Why does it have to hurt these ladies? In the 2 years I've ridden this, sadly those answers never come. So come on out and ride with us and make a difference! Help us to help them in a very small way... FIGHT MS!

One of my favorite things to do is leaving messages when there is a ride or a run. I enjoy going really early out to the mountain before daylight and leave a few text messages on the road. Since I'm riding rather than standing on the side of the road cheering riders, it's a way to cheer them in spirit. I found a way to make the chalk "stick" to the road. Hey, if you do it enough you learn tricks from graffiti artist. Time to go to Toys-r-us and buy some mega sidewalk chalk.

If there is a MS150 ride anywhere near you, please start a team or join a team!

Life is good... when you help others!

Ready and go....

I always love it when big things start to happen. So far this summer I have trained a little here and there, tried to drop a little weight (that's been hills and valleys) and just generally work behind the scenes to start to put together the new ride for next May.

The name is now public:
Arkansas Children's Hospital
I'm really charged up now... more later... you'll love it ... trust me!