Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some will say I'm wrong for that thought

Looting stuff they don't need? Animals.

Looting for food to take care of their families when help is no where near? Basic human survival instinct and I'd do it for Terri and the kids too.

But I can't understand taking TV's and shirts from the Gap. And buddy don't think that the owners of those stores haven't seen the video and know you faces.
I know, I know, that's not politically correct thinking.

I had to stop watching the news stories. I did this during 9/11 too. It was just too much and we need to be strong and normal as the pilgrams/refugees/evavcuatees begin to arrive. Our choppers have been making trips down to take supplies and returning with kids. I'm so proud of our Transport Team. Very proud to be their recruiter.

I invited a serviceman stationed at Camp Robinson to come along and bike with the club last night. Oh man, he was a pro! Derek can smoke everyone! Nice guy, loves to ride. The club wanted to know who invited him. I laughed! I won't be able to ride with the club Thursday since it's the monthly BACA meeting and I am presenting my state border tour.

I'm taking a couple of extra days off for the Labor Day holiday so I can work around the house and get some good riding in.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And all hell breaks loose and breaks our hearts

There are times in my life when I just sit and wonder "why?". I'm having one of those moments today. Oh our weather is great today! I've got a job, house, food, water, lights, blah blah blah and yet I wonder why? I wonder almost in tears why the hurricane had to happen. Why did the wind and the waters come? Why so many deaths with so many more to come? Questions I will never understand...

This morning we had our regular Tursday morning staff meeting and before we started we had a moment of silence. Ok, we had a prayer. We've never done this before among our politically correct team. And how sad it is that it takes a Katrina or a 9-11 or a war to make it happen.

Everyone's lives are affected by this storm and it's ruthless slam. Everyone knows someone who lives in LA or MS. I mean afterall, they are our neighboring states. Andree', my VP has family in NO and other parts of LA and MS. Jason, my buddy in Employee Health, has a sister in LA, my inlaws preacher is from NO and has lots of family there...

Our transport team is making flights to LA to bring kids here to the hospital. They will be a long way from home and their families will be frightened just as much.

I could write more but today I think it's best to just end it here and ask God to have mercy.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Doin' tha frydee dance!

Oh yes! The end of the week is upon us!

I'm heading out of town after work to ride the Jonesboro section of the ride again as well as some of Crowley's Ridge. Rance and I are camping out at some girl's house that has gone to Texas to ride in the massive (10K plus riders) "Hotter than Hell 100" bicycle ride.

Seems a lot of folks for AR head over to TX to ride. I logged into the Wichita Falls TX paper and there are a couple of articles about it. One is that several hotels have changed since last year. In fact, sounds like one changed a couple of weeks ago and they are expecting mass confusion with the hotels. All I can say to them is don't tick off an Arkie after they've driven hours and hours to ride a bike. I hope the AR crew all have a great time and have a easy check in.

I read on my nephew's blog that the new town (Marble Falls, TX) that they moved to has the football opener tonight. Jim is a huge high school football fan and all the towns he's lived in the football teams have made it to the playoffs. Well, the Marble Falls Mustangs will go this year .. even though they have only won one game in 3 years. Jim went to CAC and they were the Mustangs. Maybe this is a sign.

Oh and get this ... he bet the teens at the church he preaches for that if they got to 100 teens for some function they are having they he'll shave his head! Now this is gonna be fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm not your dinner!

I started off have "senior" moments before I ever got on my bike after work. I forget this and that, had to find my keys, unlock the car, get that, blah blah blah ... finally out of the ride with Rance (my trainer). He was dragging his tail. If I got in front he'd fall way back. If I got behind him he would speed up. Amazing that this is the guy that can teach a spin class that can make you think you are raining from sweating so much. I tried to get him to dance on the pedals in a halfway point sprint. Nah, wouldn't do it.

So the sun is setting and a beautiful pink and light blue sunset. Postcard worthy! We are coming to the ball fields and Rance has and flat...then I have a flat within seconds of his. We pull over to fix right quick and everything goes out the window! Problems getting my wheel off. I missed up the valve stem so I couldn't fill the tube all the way up and then I get fixed up and back on the bike...what is happening to me???? My hands start to sting like nothing I've ever felt before. This feels like that pink installation itch but a hundred times worse! Getting more painful by the second. Now my ankles. Whatever is happening is hurting bad. It becomes so bad that I hold my hand up to my mouth and literally rip my riding glove off my hand. I tore the thing off. I look down and I'm riding 4 mph. I see Rance off and on. Then he says something about ants. Oh man, fire ants! Lucky for me the sprinklers were going at Alltel Corportate Park so I stopped and held my arms in the sprinklers. I slowly rode back to Rance's and got in the car and home. You know when you are sick and you drive and it seems like time goes into slo-mo? That was the drive home last night. Today I feel drained and there are spots that itch and are swollen. I know I'm not supposed to hate but I HATE fire ants.

Poor Tyler, out in Denver and they have the big weather flip flop change and he gets a bad cold everytime.

Emily is doing well in school. She has all A's right now ... of course she hasn't had any test yet. HA! She is taking a different approach this year. I think we'll see some great grades.

I can't believe how her and Tyler have grown up. Just weird seeing photo's of them as little kids. Someday maybe we'll be blessed with grandkids and I can spoil them.

My friends in Employee Health came off a 3 day diet so I've been good this week not to eat out but I knew they would be today so I went to pay respects to the ATM machine and ate out today! Everyone is talking about getting a block of seats for the Rolling Stones concert at Alltel. They are pricey but the show would be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's raining!

Finally, a real rain in central Arkansas!

Today is my niece Shannon's birthday! Happy birthday Shannon! We're all going to Bryant tonight to eat Mexican food at TaMolly's. it's a tradation to go there on Sha-Sha's birthday for several years now. Always a lot of fun. We even have our own room and they sing and make her wear a sombraro! A velvet one!

I went to a after work spin class yesterday then out to the river to ride after that! It was great! I spinned for 45 minutes then rode 17 miles at 21 mph! I think I'll go to the spin classes more often before my shorter rides because I was warmed up as I started my regular ride.

I saw a good Samaritan yesterday on my way home from riding. The heat was about 100 degrees and the heat index was 107 and at the end of the 630 loop was an elderly man with a broke down car and one of our doctors was out there helping him. Now that my friends is care, love and hope! I sent a email to Dr. Taylor to let her know but I have no idea who it was.

You know my nephew Jim who moved to TX. Well he's a huge TX Rangers fan and they have lost 12 of the last 13 games. Jim wants to convert to Astro's fan. I'm thinking my nephew Ryan is busting a gut laughing at Jim. We're all like, Ok Jim, enough of the Ranger stuff on your blog! Serious thought, it's always good to have someone to cheer on! But for some reason i keep picturing Jim as Charile Brown when I think of him and the Rangers... Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown!

I'm doing an over night trip to Jonesboro Friday night with Rance and we will ride early Saturday morning. I can't wait to return to an area where I rode during the tour! I'm planning to shoot a lot of photos since I didn't when I went through. We're going to ride a metyric century which is 62 miles. Or around that...

By the way there is a ride coming up on Oct 15th. Here's information. I'm going to ride it. You ought to as well!

Saturday, October 15 2005
For further information on the Bicycle Ride, please contact:
Tammy Evins (870) 935-4673 or email

Every Cyclist is welcome to come to the first Better Life Counseling Center’s Ride for a Better Life. The Better Life Counseling Center is a non-profit organization that provides Christian counseling to families, couples and individuals based on their ability to pay. The money raised in this event will go to the Samaritan Fund that helps pay for the services that our clients receive. The course is about 62 miles of rolling hills on scenic Crowley’s Ridge near Jonesboro, AR. There will also be a 10 and 25 mile course.

The ride will begin and end at the offices of the Better Life Counseling Center which is located at the Southwest Church of Christ, behind the YMCA on Nettleton Avenue in Jonesboro, AR. Registration, Pancake Breakfast, and Packet Pickup will start at 8:00 am. The ride will start promptly at 9:00 am. There will be several rest stations along the way with complimentary drinks and food. There will be ice cream at the end of the event. All riders will receive free items from our sponsors.

The fee for Riding is $30.00 in Advance or $40.00 on day of event.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Doctor Phil...good

I went out for a ride this morning before the heat arrived. Nothing big just the river and to Maumelle where my sister lives but it was way to early to go knocking on a door. I toured the new part of their neighborhood and saw the 7K square foot house going up. What do you do with that much room?

As I was heading back to the car and met Ricky, Kyle and Phil (our pastor). Phil has gotten the biking bug and is doing a great job! The first time I saw him out riding he was on some old bike and no helmet. Today his was on a sweet Trek mountain bike with a great looking black helmet! He was dressed in all black and looked like he belonged out on the bike path! Phil is our pastor and a teacher at Harding University. Super nice guy and I hopes the good doctor continues to ride! Dr're doing good!

The rest of the day has been an in the house working day. Besides I just looked at the weather channel and it's a whooping 100 degress with a heat index of 109. the Sylvan Hills Blue/White game is in a couple of hours but I think I'll pass. I love 'em but heat index of 109? No thanks.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Just get me back to the car!

The ride last night was tough! Partly my own fault and partly the heat. We met at Cook's Landing and Yale got us warmed up. The paceline formed and off we sped. Got over to the Little Rock side and the guys for the Orbea shop were getting off from work and heading home. Yep, those orange bikes that scream with speed. Through downtown we all go and as we are over on Riverdale drive they pass us moving along at about 23mph so we follow and they slow down to 20mph after about half a mile. We go over the long bridge and this is where the sprints usually happen. I'm about 3 from the front and I pull out and attack. 32 mph. Feeling great then all the sudden my thoat cries for water. I mean it was like it was closing up. I did what sprinters call blowing out. It means you blew the engery to soon. I wanted to get to the bridge but the group was catching me as I dropped the speed down to 20. I still got the "atta boy" nods and a couple of winks from the crew!

We all stopped under the 430 bridge and took a break then headed back to NLR. Iwas fine most of the time but kept getting chills and therefore kept drinking water.

When we got back to our cars it was death! Man, we were all worn out. Water bottles rolling across the parking lot. Yale only took one shoe off then stopped and just sat there. I tried to hang my helmet on my handlebars and as it was falling off I just watched it. To tired to even try to catch it. We were tired puppies! But a good time was had by all!

Today was the first day of school for PUCO (Pulaski County Schools). Emily looked great in her new outfit. Didn't seemed worried about a thing. She had been there and done that and knows so many of the kids now. Every year there is a senior parade and every year there's a wreck. Tyler got sandwiched between 2 cars the year he was a senior. Not the best way to start your senior year. Anyway, Terri saw the aftermath of the wreck and a small little black car went up under the white truck in front. Terri said the hood over the motor was peeled back. Eww! But that they were all standing with the police so no serious injuries.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

One hot momma!

Oh man, it's hot! Really, it's hot! The rain added the challenage of high humid afternoons. I'm heading out to ride with the club at 6 so maybe it will cool a degree or two. Heat index is popping us at 108! We will be riding like dawgs today. At least riding fast keeps the "air conditioner" on.

The sell of the ACH jersey's are going really well. Several have purchased the whole kit! We'll have samples in tomorrow so folks can try on. They have the top but the gloves and shorts are needed. This is going to be so cool to have about a 100 or so pieces of TEAM ACH bike gear out in the community!

I went last night to a meeting of Rails to Trails in the Rivermarket District. Met lots of officials with city and state government offices. Nice folks. Jeff and Heather were the guest from the Washington DC office of Rails to Trails. Here's their website:
Lots to do in Little Rock and central Arkansas for the bike community but we are looking good!

Got a funny email from my neice Shannon. She is only 9 years younger than me so we can relate on a few things. She got a kidney stone and gave the details. Bless her heart! I hope I never get one of those.

Have you seen "Gone Tribal" in Discovery channel yet? Really cool adventure show. Not a reality show but real. This guy from England goes through the jungles and tries to become friends and fit in with different tribes. The show is BBC (from England) so they show native "parts" like National Geographic magazines (the favorite magazine of all 7th guy boys! HA!).
The last show they had a male ceremony and poked a stick through the guys nose and it didn't even bleed. He said that the tribe was only a 2 day hike from cities but was 100 years different.
The tribe lives in huge tree houses way up there. Neat show but not for the little kids to watch.

Tomorrow is back to school for Emily and gang! I told Terri that Emily shouldn't be running around late tonight and she laughed and said she was going to have Emily stay in her room and keep trying on clothes until she knows what she's going to wear tomorrow. I laughed. She might know tonight but she'll change her mind in the morning! And she won't be able to go to sleep tonight.

We talked to Tyler and he was working on some 3D modling and said it was some of his best work yet. He is already in midterms! Not much longer for school. Graduates in December!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dancing in the rain

It's raining! Finally! Big ole fat drops and the plants are dancing in the rain. Of course that means no Tuesday night club ride but that's ok.

We had a press conference yesterday announcing the reward for the arrest of the person that did the hit and run killing Jason Pratt. Had a good turn out and media was all there. BACA needed this.

Sounds like my nephew Jim has made it to Texas. More later.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Riding with the brethern

Yesterday morning I met up with 75 other cyclist to be a part of the ride of silence in honor of Jason Pratt. It was very strange to ride for 3 miles without saying a word to anyone. Ron rode beside me for a while then the line changed up. Ron was the one who suggested it and I'm proud he did! I hope they catch whoever hit Jason!

After the ride I met up with several friends and we rode out to Keo and back. On the way back I got ahead of the crowd and got my speed up to 20-23mph and i missed the turn off road so i rode some extra miles. I was fun though! By the end of my day I had riden 60 miles.

This morning I met Mike, Kyle and Rick at the submarine for a quick NLR river ride. It was fun even though I didn't stay with the group that much. Since I've done the tour, my legs scream to go fast and free, so I do. Sometimes at the inapproprate times. Sorry friends, I don't mean to get that far ahead.

I finally washed those nasty cars yesterday. Man, it was bad! They look pretty good. Actually they look like different cars! There have been things I'm been working on since the tour so slowly but surely, I'm getting everything back in livable condition. Got the outside of the house all scrubbed down and pressure washed, the deck has been pressure washed and ready for stain and sealer, cars are washed and oil changed, blah blah blah...

My nephew Jim and his family should be in Texas now doing the unpacking and setting up home. He will be in Marble Falls, TX just outside of Austin. Hear George Strait was building a house out there too. I'm ready for Jim to return to his blog so I can read all about the move.

I'm hoping to take some clothes to the office and start commuting to work again. It's fun to do and I feel good after I get there plus now we have the new fitness center so I can get in and out faster. I've been taking my lunch too so I would need to take a few days worth of food to eat. Gas is now 2.48 in our neighborhood. If I ride, my gas would be ZERO! Takes about 43.00 to fill the Explorer per week... times 4 weeks = $172.00 per month I would save! I think this gas thing is a government rip off anyway.

Friday, August 12, 2005

TGIF and other things

I'm glad it's Friday! Wohooo!!! Weekend time!

Been a good week! Emily and I went down to see my folks yesterday. Always so much fun to get to have a date with my daughter (without the entourage of friends). HA! Mom and Dad were doing good. Sherry came over and we all had lunch together. Barbie was off and had taken her little grandson, Bo, to buy school clothes.

The Grumpy Old Men club was there when we got there. It's a few of dad's buddies from church. It warms my heart that they are so good to come over to visit him EVERY Thursday morning. They all used to go to the dounut shop and terrorize the place as only retirees can but they have slowly been taken aside by illnesses and struggles that have to our seniors.

Tomorrow at 6:25 a.m. I'm meeting a lot of cyclist to ride what is called a ride of silence in honor of Jason Pratt who was killed by a hit and run driver while he was riding at that time last Saturday. The ride is only 3 miles but it's a statement that tells the world we will not stand for this type of behavior.

The temperature got to 101 today and everything is getting so dried out. If you don't water your grass, it turns brown and crunchy. Funny thought... In the summer with no rain your grass is brown and crunchy. During the winter with frozen rain your grass is brown and crunchy.

I'll write some more tomorrow. We've got to get another computer so I can keep up with this stuff. I can't really do this doing work.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Friends and wasps

Ouch! I guess I should say I’m blessed because it could have been a lot worse! Mike and I were riding along the river bike path and a big ole country boy red wasp popped me right in the upper leg. The way upper leg. Yep, an inch or so from you know where. I hurt something bad but it didn’t start swelling until after I got home and out of my bike shorts. I guess the compression kept it at bay. Man, when I got up off the sofa it felt like I had a stack of books on my leg. Jason and I were laughing about it at lunch today and he said in a couple of days it will start itching really bad. Well, that’s just dandy since I can’t walk around looking like I’m scratching “there” all day! I knew I should have kept playing baseball and no one would have thought twice about me scratching.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Loose pigs on the road

Sooooie! Downtown Morrilton, 8:30 am, lots of bikes! Lots of fun! Tour de Oink had some of the local hammerheads in the crowd. I saw them for about a third of the ride then they were gone. Keith picked me up about 7 and we got there, geared up, spoke with some pals and then headed out with the group. Groups and pacelines formed. Got settled into a nice groove and then I goobered up. It was my turn to pull and I had a couple of hills. I didn't look down to watch my speed and I flew up the hill at 23 mph. On the second hill I looked over my shoulder and no one was there?! I really felt bad. I slowed and the group caught up and I pulled at 20mph for awhile then dropped back to the half way point in the paceline. The rotation never got back to me. It seemed like the same 6-8 folks at the front kept rotating the pull. Anyway, we got back to the finish line at about 10:20. Not bad kiddies! 40 miles in just under 2 hours!

Friday, August 05, 2005

... and then she goes home!

Remember how I said that the patients of ACH gives a person strength? I met one of the true hero's today. Her name is Palmer ( What a smile! After all she's been through this was her check out day! Chemo -- she's been there done that -- and won! She's a swimmer so I loaded up a few ACH things and ran over to give her something to send her off with. Yep, she got one of the highly sought after ACH beach towels! I told her I'd watch for lime green and pink stuff to come through. Palmer, if you are reading this, you're a hero in my book!

I've been riding quite a bit this week and will be riding in a 40 miler tomorrow (Saturday) in Morrilton. It has a great name! Tour de Oink! My pal Gary told me it's a great festival so if you need something to do this Saturday, The Great Arkansas Pig Out ( sounds like a plan! I'll have on my ACH jersey during the bike ride. Several folks from around here are riding. It's a "tour" not a "race" which means it will be an all out sprint to the finish! HA!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Starting all over

For those of you who are new to my blog stuff, I just finished riding my bicycle around the borders of the state of Arkansas to rasie awareness and funds for Arkansas Children's Hospital. What an adventure it was!

If you want to read more about it here are 2 websites that you can visit. (This is mostly the before the ride journal and the web site went down just as the tour started so I had to find another journal site. There's some good stuff and lots of photos) (This is the actual ride journal of my tour around the state and the adventures)

So why a new blog? Well, the other was named 2005 Bike ride and that chapter is complete but the adventures of life are far from over! I'll do my best to update every day. I think you'll like the new adventures which will include upcoming bike rides like "Tour de Oink", Ride for the Roses" with Lance Armstrong, and other stuff like living with a teenage daughter and how to get a son out of college and living to tell about it!

While your reading, you can also read a great blog that my nephew Jim has on this same site. Go visit He's a preacher and has some great thoughts plus he is about to move to Texas. TEXAS?!!! Trading the red of Razorbacks for the orange of the Horns. Some folks would have to go forward and fill out a little card for their sins for doing that! HA! No serious, Jim is a highly sought after speaker and a super nephew! Oh and his adventures with his wife Mandy and daughters Trae and Torey are a hoot! But Texas? Jim, your momma rasied you better than that!