Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just our daily lives

It's sort of funny that I just checked a bunch of CI blogs and not much updating. Maybe because it's summer, maybe the writer went to other places to blog, maybe they just got on with their daily lives and the CI is just like brushing your teeth. Something you do and just don't realize it's importance anymore. In others words, you've gotten used to it now. I'm that way too. By habit I always plug up the charger and charge my batteries for the next day, I know if I have it on or not because even though folks who are hard of hearing enjoy some moments of quite, we need our noise. Like I said, it's just a part of our daily lives... a very very important part.

I know i's a pictureless short blog but I'm determined to write.

Life is good... even during daily lives...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

So then Fall begins

Ah Labor Day weekend is upon us.

For me it's a love / hate deal. First the hate... let's just get it out of the way right now... I hate that the days get shorter. The cold is fine but not the short days. That's it really... that's all I hate about fall/winter but it's sort of a big hate.

Now the love... come on, who doesn't love Fall? The beauty of the leaves changing and the smells that go with it. Having to put on a pair of socks and a long sleeved t-shirt every now and then. Adding a layer for early morning bike rides. The smell of cinnamon and burning wood. A leaf or two laying on the patio chairs. The mums, pumpkins and hay bails . My wife and her endless assortment of sweaters. So then Fall begins!

We hit up the last home game of the Travs (baseball) last night. Huge crowd! It was one of those great times to me where I had my wife at my side and could see and hear my kids (one is adult and the other is college) and friends laughing and talking. I was completely happy in fact 10 hours later and I'm still glowing from it. It was a secure feeling, a peaceful feeling... a happy feeling. So then Fall begins!

This morning as I write the house is quite. Family still in comatose slumber. Trust me on this one, I could slam a door and they would just sigh and roll over. Ha! Sadie is at my feet snoozing away. The sky is cloudy and mellow. So then Fall begins!

There's that feeling that I need to hurry and pack and jump in the car and get going but the drive is only an hour or so away, no rush really needed. Today is the first of many weekend getaways that we'll make. Since we will be going toward Benton we'll stop for a little while and help Mom get Dad up and situated for the day. This will be the first weekend that I will not be spending the whole Saturday there. We are even lucky enough to have the scenic route to Hot Springs straight out of my parents driveway. We'll be taking the slow down "enjoying life route" today! We'll be staying at a new hotel that overlooks the lake, kicking our shoes off and enjoying life as empty nesters. So then Fall begins!

Life is good.... as Fall begins!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hurry up already!

Nothing is crazier than the days leading up to a 3 day holiday! I bet Friday afternoon is going to drag at a snails pace and then traffic will be bad.

Planning to hit up the Travelers game Friday night then head over to Hot Springs on Saturday. Don't even think about breaking into the house because there will be a house sitter, a dog who does not unwelcomed visitors and an alarm system. We always have these three when we leave town.

I'm really looking forward to just chilling out with Terri and hitting up a good place to eat. I suspect I will be drug through a few stores with old stuff cleverly described as "Antiques". It's old dusty stuff that you can't lean on or it breaks.

Em came by tonight! School is going great and she has test. It's really funny how she has to keep her own place picked up. I told her life is much better in a clean home and now she gets it.

My sister was in a car wreck yesterday. Someone rear ended her and she got out of the car and said her neck hurt a bit. Next thing we know the hospital is saying a broke neck!!?? Found out later that it was an old injury and she was released to go home. Any of y'all ever walk around for years with a broke neck and not know it? No damage just painful.

The weather has been like October! Seriously cool in the mornings.

Oh yeah, I did go ride last Sunday. It was wonderful! Plan to do it again real soon!

All for now... life is good!