Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I kid you not!

I kid you not... the day is a little over half over and I'm so ill and plan to get even ill-er.

Meeting this morning -- "Geo, I brought dounuts!"
(I ate 2 chocolate ones --- but but but I got a flu shot then too. I needed comfort food!)

After meeting -- "Geo, I'm going to Java City... come on!"
(I go to Java City and gets a medium latte)

A bit later -- "Geo there were dounuts left over so I brought them up. They're over there on the counter."
(Thank goodness... no chocolate ones left -- I passed)

10:30a.m. --- Time to go over and judge a chili cookoff for one of my departments.
(I sampled 5 different ones -- 4 little samples and a big one -- ever had BBQ chili --- good stuff!)

!0:32 a.m. -- Ok, maybe a little later -- I find out I also am a judge for the desserts.
(Cheesecake won hands down! It was my daughters boyfriend (or whatever he is this week)stepmoms cake. She works at ACH).

11:00 a.m. Given a Thank You gift for judging. Bag of Orange lifesavers and box of Whoppers. Both are downfalls for me.

Noon: Open the box of Whoppers

Noon -o- two: Shaking the box wondering where they all are... tummy reminds me.

1:33pm -- I need a coke... be right back!

**************Later that day****************************

I know, y'all want me to say I barfed! I didn't...

Ok, so at 1:33 I got up to go get the coke but never made it.

2PM -- "Geo, come on it's October birthday's in the conference room!"
(I'm thinking, they're joking right? So I have my piece of birthday cake)

2:30pm -- I opened my bottom drawer for a form and there looking at me with evil brown eyes are a box of Whoopers that I was given earlier for judging the chili cookoff. I released a primal scream and eat them! Ok, maybe not the primal scream part.

Dinner: Terri made Weight Watcher taco soup. I eat it to ward off the evil hunger spirits but she also made cornbread that was like cake... ohhh cake! I had 3 slices. No shame at all!

8PM a juice size glass of chocolate milk.... ok I have to have chocolate milk at night. I've done this for 500 years now.

Well tomorrow will be a better day... (I'm thinking all the left over Halloween candy!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Missing my homeys!

Man, I'm really missing the love of my biker buds these days! Rushed to get home and still didn't make it out there for the ride. I did notice that at 6:15 is was starting to get dark. That's only 15 minutes into the ride. Oh the fun thoughts of me trying to get back to my car and riding along the river trail in the dark with only a three quarter moon as light. I would sing at the top of my lungs to spook the deer out of the way. Surprised they never got ticked about it and mug me and beat the snot out of me to make me shut up! Trust me, hearing impaired folks don't sing the best... sort of like that kid on Little Rascals. Yep, that bad. But then come to think of it, I don't think we (the hearing impaired nation) are as bad as some of the folks on American Idol.

Emily got back from DC last night. We picked her up at the airport and got home around 11. No one wanted to get up this morning. She had a great time and had loaded her photos by the time we got home today. I think I might have to got to DC some day. Cool stuff. I was strange saying her shooting a gun at the FBI training center.

You know how I live for the weekends and certain things signal the weekend is approaching? Yes, I took the trash to the curb tonight. That means tomorrow is Wednesday and that's the halfway point and when the tornado tester sirens go off at noon tomorrow it's all downhill from there baby! At least that's what I like to think!

By the way, a couple of friends of mine have announced they are expecting! I'm happy as a loon for them. They have one little girl. Both of the parents are a hoot to be around and I'll tell you more later. Not sure how public it is just yet.

Happy Halloween folks! Y'all go buy good candy if you haven't already. Don't bu that cheap crap... Oh, I got to see some of Charlie Brown tonight. Haven't seen it in a few years. I as really laughing! Poor Charlie Brown... do you realize he has been getting those same rocks in his trick or treat bag since 1966??!!!!

Geo out....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ok, so anyway...

Ok so anyway....

Rain for couple of days then a teaser of sunshine then a cold drizzly day. But in reality it was a beautiful day! Trust me on this one!

Last night I was checking over the heating system in our house and I sneezed from the dust. Silence. Everything became very quite and the only sound was way off in that barrel effect sound. I gasped and then told myself to pull it together. I was as nervous as I could ever be. I became sick at my stomach at the thought that my hearing had just bottomed out. Think positive my man, think positive. It's not what you think, it's not what you think, it's not what you think... Hearing aid out, drops in, throw yourself into your work. I closed my eyes to sleep a few hours later wondering what the world world be like tomorrow.

I got up and went about my routine and kept putting off the hearing aid longer and longer. I had to go to work but first had to hear Emmy's voice before she left for DC today. Flipped the switch and bottom of the barrel sounding.... but it was a little better. I could hear enough to wish her a fun time and to tell the Bush's hello for us.

On the way t work I popped my ears over and over. It really is what you are supposed to do with ear problems (unless it's post surgery). With each pop it allows a tad bit of fluid out. I logged in at the office and tried to play cool. Who am i fooling? I stopped, headed out the back door and straight to my safe zone... Audiology. On of my favorite heros looked at it and smiled.

Geo, what's it been doing outside for the past few days?


And what happens to our hearing aid when it gets wet?

It croaks.

That's what happened.

But I didn't get it wet.

Didn't have to. There is so much mositure in the air it's getting in through the door where the battery is.

Are you serious?

(Warm smile) Yes. Come on, let's fix it up.

Flipped the switch and ta-da!!!

I told them the sound of the aid was different than when I workout/ride and it gets wet.


Let's see what else... today is the official end of the 40 Days. Of course it's raining so I can't ride (which I gave up for 40 days) but my tail will be on the river trail for a "Hello legs, remember me?" ride. I have gained way too much weight during this but it was a good thing. If you haven't tried one of those bibical 40 days without something ... try it but be forewarned, it can make you insane but it gives you a clear picture of a lot of things.

Man this house it quite without Emmy the cell phone queen. She did make it to DC and has a beautiful hotel with a great view. They were about to go hang out and see the nation's capitol city. It was funny listening to Terri talk about them at the airport. "Oh yeah, it was fine but Pam had to check in her gun..." At least my daughter's Washington baodyguard "carries" HA!

Well, y'all stay dry out there and I'll right some more soon...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Close to 2 months then the wheels began to turn again

It's been close to 2 months since I've written in bloggness. Folks have really asked me to write again. People really think this stuff is interesting?

Well awww righty then, let's kick off this show!

Let's see, I gave up my bike riding for 40 days for a church issue. Ok ok, giving up the blog was a part of it too. Have you ever done this 40 Day deal. Man, I'm telling ya, it's playing a real game and it will stap you ragged. I will admit, I rode my bike 1 day for a ride I signed up for a long time ago but I only rode half and felt guilty for doing that. It's sitting in the same place I put it that day after the ride. It's right by the door in our garage so it begs me every day. I hope what they say about "it's just like rding a bike, you don't forget." If that's not true then keep checking back and I'll post bloddy crash pics.

I have hair now! Serious! I have hair on my legs which I've not had in a couple of years. I have a lot of hair on my head now. It is inching over my collar back there now. I'm doing it for 2 reasons. One and the real reason is for the cochlear implant I'll be getting the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. I was given the opition to move it back 2 weeks and have it done right here. It's going to be a hoot because I recruit the surgery staff and now they're going to see me in a pediatric backless OR gown. I was told I had to wear Batman underwear like all of our other patients. My favorite nurse said she preferred Superman. I think they are going to mess with me something bad! Oh well, y'all know me... make 'em smile and the world is a happier place. The other reason my hair is growing out is some weird midlife crisis I'm going through.

Oh, I meant to ask... y'alll ever look at photo blogs? They are the bomb! I love looking at weekend warrior photographers work. There are some awesome folks out there. Go over to flick'r and type in anything you want in the search. I've only run across one that had nude photos but it warned me before it opened that it would be partly nude, so you have time to exit out of that... yes, I exited out... geesh! I have used a couple of photos I've found for slides during church services. I just send an email for permission to use one time. Most are very excited you use their work. It's a free compared to stock photos. There is also a guy that walks along the river with a camera a lot and I found his work. Type in North Little Rock and you'll find it. Awesome stuff! You can also type in any event and someone has photos posted.

OK... that's a taste of what's to come... thanks for reading friends and family!