Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting loaded!

Getting Loaded!!!!

Oh that got your attention didn't it? HA! I'm loading the Ipod with a batch of new tunes for training.

Skillet's tune Comatose is good!
So is Open Wounds by the same band.

Throw some of your favorites out to me... I've worn down my summer and fall tunes. Sorry no Coldplay allowed... gotta take a break from those guys.

Life is good...with a charged up IPod and some new music.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

And now I remember...

And now I remember why I don't eat crappy foods!

And now I remember why I never ride over the Big Dam Bridge on Sunday afternoons!

The afternoon ride was OK. I got 42 miles in but jeeze louise it was crowded out there. It wasn't just couples walking their dogs either. It was herds, packs, swarms....whatever you call them, they were there.

I've been eating that crappy (but oh so good) holiday food and I could tell a difference in my riding today. Sluggish is a good word. I popped up to the 20-23mph category a few times but seems to have locked in on 17mph. Every time I would just be riding along and look down it would be 17. Sigh.

And hey kids, if you ride with an IPod (now don't go hatin' on me because I do) then by all means download the Green Day & U2 live version of Saints are Coming. Yes, that song about the New Orleans floods. Oh my goodness! That song hit just as I was starting up Ft Roots drive and by the time I hit the top I was head-banging and had that wonderful coppery taste of blood in my mouth from sucking in air so hard. I pushed it harder that I have in a long time on that climb. Sweating, running nose, tasting blood and rocking it out hard! Ya gotta love cycle training! I do!

Sounds like a beautiful week for you folks to do running and riding while the rest of us slave dawgs are stuck in the office. 61 for a high tomorrow with sunshine. (Cough cough -- I'm calling in sick! HA!)

Ya want to hear spooky? I was riding and my CI went quite. I reached up and it was still there and no, I've not gotten the double sided tape yet. I kept it in place with a cycle cap under my helmet which I like to do anyway. So I thought maybe the mag just slid over and disconnected. Nah, the battery was really dead. I rolled on being happy as a loon. Ride ends and I reach up and lo and behold the thing is still all there but was just hanging on my helmet strap. I'm worse than a kid with this thing....but I sure do love it! Advanced Bionics rulz! HA!

Awwright, I gotta put up my gear before the queen of the estate gets on to me.

Life is good... so is Green Day and U2! HA!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

After strom beauty

The storm just came through and the sky was one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. The dark clouds of the passing rain then straight over us were these beautiful white wave looking clouds and in between the two was the most brilliant rainbow I have seen in years and years! This photo does not even touch the beauty of this few moments. Even our neighbors were out with cameras shooting photos. I'm serious... it was an "I'm in Awe of His wonders" sort of moment. I certainly say it was a defining moment of 2009!

Before the storm the winds hit HARD and a huge bag of trash (I have Christmas overflow right now) flew across the backyard! Spooky! The temp dropped from 72 to 54 in just a very short time.

Life is good... and beautiful!

Friday, December 26, 2008

70% chance

thinking thinking thinking....
70% chance of rain tomorrow. Doesn't sound very promising for a ride. Thy trainer may calleth.

I'm feeling the need to go spend money in bike shops. I've never used a heart rate monitor and am considering it. Leave me a comment if you have a recommendation.

I'm becoming a fan of a different bike team. Yeah yeah yeah... I'll tell you real soon. Rock is going to be around next year but it seems their money is tight and they dropped their best riders. I still have my fingers crossed that someone will pick up these guys. Bahati is a nice guy, has a family and kicks it on the bike!

Just got in from dinner out with wife. Things are crowded tonight. Lots of big families eating out.

I'm going to have my "set your goals" meeting with myself tomorrow early in the morning. (Note to Jo... I think it may involve a veni! I have big goals for next year! HA!)

I know I don't talk much about my CI or hearing aid lately. They have just weaved themselves into my everyday life and I couldn't live without them. I did run out of that double-sided wig tape that I keep the CI plastered to my head with. I rode without the CI for the first time in a LONG time on Christmas eve and boy did it stink! I hated... and I mean really hated not having it. I can hear cars and other cyclist coming from behind me with the CI. I can talk to other riders beside me with the CI. Yes, it is my lifeline!

Life is good...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Strong! Christmas Eve ride

Not sure where it came from but the ride today was strong! We had another warm winter day today and after Em and I knocked out a little last minute shopping we had some time before the wife's family came over for Christmas eve dinner and gift opening. I headed out for a 2 hour ride and while I was riding I kept thinking I was riding stronger. When it was all over, I had been riding stronger. Man was I happy to see those numbers!

Em and I had lunch at a local place and while we were in there eating I noticed a couple of Army service folks eating at another table. We got a hold of their ticket and it was funny because the female officer kept saying, "Who did that?" I wouldn't turn around to look at them but the lady seated on the other side of the room was smiling really big. It was so much fun to do that! Now it's your turn to do the same! Pay it forward! Surprise someone you don't even know!

Life is good and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night....

Monday, December 22, 2008

i been good!

I been good this year Santa! Oh awwright, I've been sorta good. Happy fat boyee?!

I parked it on the trainer tonight for an hour. Legs were jelly donuts by the time I finished. Note to self... if you are home alone next time don't train by the fireplace and turn the heat down. But then on the other hand I sweated my rear off. It was a dandy hour of torture!

In case you are wondering what Lance Armstrong did today, I can tell you he froze his hands off and had pot roast for dinner and he is not the only one making a comeback in oh-nine! Got to love Twitter!

Ok, I'm heading to the bed...zzzzz

Life is good...even on a trainer.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

30 & 30

I know you can't really see it but the bank says 30. As I was leaving the parking for the 2nd half of the ride I looked up and it said 29 but I was already bungled up and riding and didn't want to stop again.

It was really a beautiful day of riding I rode a good 2 hours and made 30 miles. I know, that's not much. It was considering the headwind. A couple of times I had those good gust that make you go 10mph.

Had a house full tonight... it has been a busy weekend and I'm seriously pooped! We had our Christmas service at church today and I had completed the homeless video and Greg used it at the end of his lesson. He told the crowd (about 500) that it was one of the most powerful video that had ever been shown at our church. That was my Christmas present right there! Heard a lot of folks cried. I took it straight to the heart... from the heart.

Ok... I really am pooped...

Life is good... even in pooped status.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have blog-aizzy-ness these days. I've been working on a video from the homeless weekend and I was loving it then someone hooked me up to a different song that they thought would be good. I did a great imitation of Charles Ingeles (sp?) during the post production. The new tune behind it is God of this City by Chris Tomlin. Hearing the song and seeing the photos roll through of homeless people is just really hard. There is one photo that I let run a several extra seconds of a guys with dries blood on the side of his head. I want to drive a hard point home. The video will air during the Christmas service tomorrow morning. Terri is the only one who has seen it and she gave me a thumbs up. She made a couple of great suggestions and I edited a little more. Lots of video during tomorrows service! I will be glad when Sunday night gets here! I'll be a tired puppy!

So we didn't see the sun or the warm temps today. Yesterday was like May. Tomorrow is going to be like... well.. December! HA! 34 for the high and 19 for the low. Cayman Islands starting to sound good already. Had some friends who flew into Denver this morning and they had a record low of -19. Oh yeah, they will still hit the slopes.

Life is good... I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas morning.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold hands that felt warm

So the dreaded ice storm cometh. About 3 this afternoon folks were getting a bit antsy as reports started coming in about sleet here and there. Wife's office closed down and I had drove to work with her. I needed to stay and the roads were not bad at all when they closed so I caught a ride in with a coworker who lives just down the road.

We walked out to the car and oh man, it was solid covered in ice. Bummer. She had a ice scraper so I volunteered to scrap while she warmed her car up. Then I scraped the coworker's car next to us, then another car, then yet another one for a secretary who is a favorite of mine. Just wanted coworkers to come out to find their cars had been scraped.

While I was scraping, one of my coworkers noticed I had no gloves on. I realized she was right and then it hit me! I just smiled and said, Yeah, I know, but I'm fine really and continued scrapping.

After I jumped into the car it was warm and I began to thaw! HA! Ride sharing coworker is a female and asked if I would drive. She was nervous driving on ice. I was a gentleman and drove (but a nervous wreck on the inside driving someone else's car). I looked down and she was passed the white line on "E". I conned her into letting me stop at a service station and offered to fill the tank since I was getting a short ride home. She paid and bought me a coke. Full of gas we headed home but not without skidding on the bridge. Traffic was the pits.

As we got to the house coworker said, you really ought to remember your gloves on days like this. I just smiled and said I remembered them! She looked at me so funny like well you droffus why did you not put them on.

As I walked up to the hill to the house I realized my hands were indeed warm the whole time I was scrapping ice without gloves. Very warm... I even smiled and hummed while I scrapped.

My gloves... well, I gave mine to a homeless man 2 weeks ago. Not only were my hands warm...but so was my heart.

Life is good...with a warm heart and hands!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Hit Thursday

Sorry...been swamped!
Heading to Branson tomorrow to take the folks. Mom turns 80 next week.
The trainer I sold, I bought back. I'm so happy to have a trainer for my bike rather than a studio cycle.
Had Buffalo steaks the other night. I love them. They are very lean.
Diet has had it's highs and lows.
Next week is the Ft Roots VA Christmas caroling. All the bike climb the hill to take goodies to the vets and sing Christmas carols as a token of thanks for letting us train on their "driveway".
Out of here until Sunday night.... y'all have a good weekend.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Up at 5:30 and out the door to help deliver hot coco, donuts, new coats and a duffel bag full of new thermals and food stuffs to the intercity. An emotionally amazing morning.

More later but I've got a bizillion things to do!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yes , yes and yes...

Yes I worked out, yes I sweated... a lot. Yes, I was good on my diet today.

If you are free on Dec 20... go to Juanita's. Altus Pocket has their first concert. I got to hear these guys on MySpace... yep, search Altus Pocket and you'll find them. I'm loving this band! Here's the kicker. One of the guys is the husband of one of our audiologist. The headliner for the night is going to be Machnia (I think I spelled it right). Who are they? Ever heard of the band Evanescence? Well this is some of the orginal members. So make the date... oh and they have a realy cool t-shirt.

Life is good... it just really is.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Chocolate is the devils food.... hmmm, devils food cake does sound good right now!

Oh boy, I've done it now! I was doing really good on the ole diet then we went to Branson and I kicked back a little. Then I chugged and bumped along Thanksgiving week until the big day and off the wagon I roll! It's Elliot's fault... she wanted fudge and cold coke so I partook. Well, then partook and partook and partook. Then I hear this, "Oh George, this cheesecake is sugar free!" Well scoot your rear down the bench sis because I'll just bring my fork and eat right out of the pan! HA! Not really but it was good enough to.

Today I'm working along being my happy fat self and up pops an email. Oh gawd no!!! Oh no no no no no no! And another 4 no's. It's my coach... COMING TO TOWN!!!! Breathe man breathe! In and out...slowly... Pop a couple of FRS chewables. Ok I can handle this. I told the truth... it's the best way when you've dug a hole.

So the plan is to get back on the wagon and eat like I'm supposed to not like I want to. I had lost 6 pounds towards the 20 so he was happy with that. Said that just shows him that the 20 will not be that great of a deal to do. Now the training. Well, he was disappointed. I'm getting to ride but not like I should be as far as training. I'm going to scout a couple of giant parking lots to loop at night. I'm just not a big fan of riding roads at night. The gym for core strength training is on the list as a "you must do this now". So what will happen when he comes to town... can you say "training camp"? Yep, the end of the year is going to involve something called pain. But he promises once we get past that the training is going to rock. Then he told me something that I thought as a bit random. "I want you to find some time and do nothing but think about why you are doing this. In silence and no distractions. Mediate your cause." So why do I want to train and do this ride. Because there is a $28,000 piece of equipment that is very important to get for the hospital. We need another machine that screens newborns for their hearing. If we catch it early enough we can do something about it way before it's noticed in kindergarten. Yes, that's why I want to train and do this ride.... that's exactly it.

I'm going to see the logo for the ride next week. I'm super excited! Yes, I will post it. Right after the holidays the jersey has to head out the door to LG for production. All of the teams are getting their 09 kits made and since this ride is earlier than the past ones (Gee, I finally learned not to ride in 100 degree heat... imagine that! HA!) then I have to get it in earlier.

Ok well... got to get on the trainer here in a few....

Life is good... and boy does it shape up when the coach comes to call! HA!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


This photo probably doesn't have much of an affect on you unless you are actually one of my family and know the house in this photo. Inside this home is full of love and laughter. It's the home where I grew up and the home where my parents still live.

Oh the memories I have of this home and the family who has and is still living there.

I took this photo on Thanksgiving night just before we surprised my parents we special Christmas ornaments from each of us. I hung the lights outside the house before we did the surprise so we could get the full feel of a special Christmas tree lighting. My niece Lindsey came up with the idea and it made the afternoon that much more special.

(Geo releasing a long happy sigh)

Life is good...when you can always go home.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday night quick hit

Christmas decorations... good grief! Up to the attic, down from the attic...repeat this many times.
I have to admit though, Terri has the house looking all cherry and festive!

Headed out on a training ride this afternoon and got bored on the river so I was going to ride on out to Scott or England since there was no wind! As I was heading out that way I spotted a group of cyclists and just as I was catching them they pulled over. I figured it was a flat or something but it turned out to be the mayor of North Little Rock (yes, he rides) as well as Rob, Charlie, Kenny, Tom and one other guy whose name is slipping my memory at the moment. I'll think of it about 2am. They were looking at new bike routes and boy did they come upon a GREAT one! There was a rode I've never seen before and have gone past it a million times. It was a great social ride for the reminder of the afternoon. By when that sun started setting the temp really dropped.

I stopped over at church and did a quick run through with Greg for tomorrow. WOW!!! You should see the auditorium!!! It's beautiful. We start a new series tomorrow called Joy to the World and each week is a different Joy. Nice to have a whole month of happy stuff. We have some great video coming through...starting tomorrow.

Hope to get out and ride tomorrow afternoon then it's back to the real diet come Monday. These holidays may be a bit tough on the diet plan.

Life is good... when you ride new places with new friends!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Put 'em under the lights!

I have an idea... I was noticing this morning that folks coming through the checkout lines on TV were frowning until the camera wa on them. Well by golly, I say someone paid a bunch of temps to pose as news folks and point cameras on random people shopping this holiday. Everyone of them smiled when the camera was pointed at them. Just think how great the holiday season would be if people smiled?! Just a random thought... back over to Itunes for new music... yes, I'm smiling!

I'll write a real blog later...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Season of Thanks

Heading to the folks house in a bit. Just wanted to throw out a thanks to all of you guys out there! Everyone have things to be thankful for... simple things.

I am mentally in great shape. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I did just typing that. But really, I am so in tune these past few days. Spent time with Terri in Branson, short work week, took yesterday off just to spend with my dad only. Just the boys. We headed down to Hot Springs and ate at Fisherman's Wharf and laughed and cut up the whole day. I left him falling fast to sleep in his chair at the end of the day. There is not enough money to tag that day. It's one I am making sure is burnt in my memory.

The morning training ride was good. Started off cool but warmed quickly as I took to the climbs. On the way down once I stopped several times to shoot the last of the fall leaves so I would have them to use in media as next fall rolls around. The river was dead... no one out. At the end of the ride John E pulled up beside me in his family van. I'm used to seeing him in his truck. He had started just before I got there but we never saw each other out on the trail. bummer. He's a good guy. and fun to ride with.

The other mental goodness is Terri and I are celebrating our 27th anniversary today. It's so cool that everyone got to take the day off and eating massive amounts of food in honor of our anniversary. Bless y'alls hearts! Buh ha ha ha! (Note to Terri: I LOVE YOU!!)

The final mental goodness is.... I'm not getting up and having to go fight the crowds at 4am shopping.... whooo-ray!

Life is good.... Life is thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

AWESOME weeknd!

Just got home from an awesome weekend with my wife in Branson. Get this... no computer at all... we both took off our watches. Would have turned off the cell if we knew family wouldn't need us. We stayed at the Hilton on Branson Landing .. ate at Catina Laredo (oh my gosh that was good!). We shopped and shopped and shopped so more. Knocked out a lot of Christmas and who wouldn't when EVERYTHING in Branson was 50-70 percent off. Serious. Guess what else they are doing?! All stores in Branons open at midnight on Thanksgiving. Even the Starbucks was opening at midnight! Unreal!

Going to be a great short week at work... just think when we go to work tomorrow it will always sort of be Wednesday! Well since we are off Thursday and Friday!

Life is good... and yes I'm still completely crazy about my wife after all these years!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick hit

Oh yeah... life is good!! Gas in my hood is $1.55 a gallon. If you use your Kroger card after buying grocery's it's $1.45

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Training

I got two good rides in this weekend and still had lots of family time and yard time. I don't know, it all just clicked.

I started a real diet last week and stuck with it all the way until Friday lunch! I got to take the weekend off from it but only once did I train wreck. Tomorrow is not going to be so hard to get back on it because I know I can do it now. Besides, junk food now makes my tummy flip! Oh trust me I know.

Saturday morning I got up and ate these packaged chocolate chip mini muffins and a juice glass of milk. My tummy slapped the snot out of me and told me not to abuse him ever again. When did he tell me this... a few minutes into my ride. Tummy settled down but he was not a happy camper there for a few. Speaking of upset tummy's... what was Saturday in the runners world? I saw 2 different folks tossing their cookies on the side of the trail. One guy I had seen earlier doing an all out run... I mean the sort of run if bees are chasing you. We had our friend the wind on Saturday morning too. By the time I finished my arms hurt but it was from being so tense from staying upright during those cross wind blast.

Saturday night Terri made an awesome dinner then I worked a little more on Sunday media. I was really done but had those, "Let's tidy this art up a little". Well guess what? I changed the WHOLE format of the announcements into multiple mini commercials. Tyler had helped me download a piece of software for video's and I got hooked and I turned a PowerPoint announcement set into a video with all sorts of motions and graphics. It was something that I had been wanting to to for a long time... raise the bar! We had Christmas lights blinking, fall leaves blowing across the screen. I really wanted a dancing turkey but couldn't find what I had in mind.

Sunday I just loaded the "commercial" in and let it play (after I checked it on screen first). Woot Woot! It worked!

After church we had lunch and I headed over to Sport Clips for a head buzzing. I really thought it was be empty but oh no... Sunday after lunch is prime time to get a haircut. I had to wait 30 minutes and there were 2 families who came in after me. One had 3 boys and the other had 4 boys. Guys were coming in and seeing all the kids who were about to get cuts and left. They knew it would be an hour. Man, I love short hair!

I got home and headed out for the afternoon ride. Lots of families on the river trail today so I jumped off every chance I could get. It was a great ride and I did lots of climbing. Going up Ft Roots was just dandy! My legs seemed to have said, "Hello there climbing legs". As I was heading back to the car I was behind (not drafting) a mountain biker. I realized it was Peter Beland, a local really fast rider and he was cranking it out on the mnt bike too. I just locked in and stayed with him to the car. It was one of those beautiful fall afternoons that when you get back to the car and you look at the sun shining through the last of the leaves , breath in big and sigh in total happiness!

It's just been a great weekend all the way around!

Life is good... when you just let it happen!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Update coming on Saturday

I know I know.. unlike me not to update... check back on Saturday.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


In the blog world you become "friends" with people from all over the world. Wes is one of those. I've busted my brain trying to remember how we ended up reading each others blogs. Other than the elite folks I admire around here locally, Wes is one of the most admired long distance. I remember when he first started riding his bike, when he first started running, when he and Deedee, his wife, started swimming. When they did their first Tri. When he humbly remarked that Ironman was in his distance dreams. Well friends, Wes became an IRONMAN in Florida last week. Even Terri got excited when I told her Saturday night that someone had finally blogged that he made it. Way to go Wes... Congrats on becoming "one of them"!

Wes' blog is listed a Code Geeks Tail over on the right side of this listed under the blogs I read. But here is the link: http://www.codegeekstail.com/
Trust me if you like reading long detailed Ironman reports then you are in luck here and they are awesome reads too!

Life is good... when you have another friend who has made it to the big time!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Game on! The clock has started!

Well kids today was start day! Six months from today we'll be finished with the Gears for Ears 24 hour bike ride for Arkansas Children's Hospital. 6 fast months!

Today's schedule had ride 50-70 miles. I got 53 miles in. Got up this morning and let the pup out and the deck was wet.... rain wet. Oh no, not the first day. But come t find out it was just a pop up shower. I waited for the roads to become semi dry in front of the house then headed out. The closer I got to the river the driver is was. In fact, it didn't even rain on North Hills. I could have been out an hour ago. Oh well, too nice of a day to pout. I headed out to the farmlands since the plan is to "work on your base miles for now". Just as I was about to turn toward the farmlands a large group of Carve riders were coming in. They were riding strong, as usual! I hope that in a few months I can get out there and hang with them again.

On the way back I stopped at Scott and finally turned on the tunes. I was enjoying the morning so much I wasn't bored and needing tunes. I love the smell of the farmlands. Oh funny story, I was riding along and just watching the road in front of me and I could hear a tractor. I looked up and lo and behold it was a giant combine coming at me. I had plenty of road on my side so no worries. Me and the farmer gave a howdy wave.

While I was at Scott I looked behind the building because there was a drive that I thought went back there. For the first time in the years I've been riding out there I noticed the river was right behind the building! I couldn't believe I had missed this beautiful place all this time.

I switched on the tunes and headed on in to North Little Rock. Made it home and got my prize.... a juice glass of chocolate milk. That was one of the things I had to fess up to was my love of chocolate so every time I put in a good effort for 30 or over miles I get a juice glass of chocolate milk as a recovery drink! I was icey cold and tail wagging good!

Well rest time is over and I have a lot of things to get done this weekend!

Life is good... when you chase it with a glass of chocolate milk!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok we forgot to not turn on the outside lights this evening. We live at the end of the neighborhood and no kids ever venture down the hill to our house for trick or treating. Just to far off the trail. Well tonight I was coming home and telling Terri no one has their porch lights on. Ate dinner and tinkering around on the low key evening and the dog goes nuts. We forgot and had he porch light on so it was fair game for the kids. We didn't have any candy here so Terri gave them a squeeze thing of mustard. Should have seen their faces!

Life is good ... with mustard on it!

Ok, it's a joke... we gave them treats but I told Terri to give them mustard... so much for leadership in the home! HA!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Layered Dip

Oh man it was a chilly ride after work. I hit the neighborhood streets for some lovely hill training. Just love those hills some days... just love them I tell you! HA! Ok, if you have not gotten out to ride in the cold yet then don't forget that chap stick! I needed it tonight. Also this is a gel called Stinger and it's a honey based gel and it's awesome for that dried out winter throat. Of course I had neither of those and my blinky light was dead. Oh yeah, I was prepared for this ride!

I had to dress in layers for the first time since last spring. It felt like that little kid on the Christmas Story so bungled up if I fell over I wouldn't be able to get back up. You know the little brother who will only eat when his mom says where's my little piggy and the kid gobbles his food up. Great Movie! I was a layered "dip".

I can tell the LR Marathon training has begun. My neighbors are all running. Seems when fall comes the runners all start there training for the LR Marathon in March. Before long you will see them late in the evening are very very early in the morning. Pals Chris and Rebecca ran a sub-2 hour half marathon last weekend in Conway!! They are so elite now they will probably have their on line of triathlon clothes and bikes before long. Some way with blogger pal Wes. Man these folks have shot straight to the top and it has been a blast trying to keep up with their stories of training. Then there is Dwonn, Mariann, and Jo... gee whizzz.

I did get my schedule for training for next May's 24 hour ride. It's a 6 day a week plan that actually kicks off THIS Saturday with a 50-70 mile ride and Sunday has a 30-50 miler. Not bad really. I'll do the low end this week but have to add 5% more each week. Tuesday and Thursday have me on the bike for 2 hours. It's a moderate pace on the trainer but if I get to ride outside in the cold I ride for 1 hour. I'm hoping to find a big parking lot where I can ride nights. 2 hours on the trainer 2x a week would make me insane by the end of the winter. Yoga is even in the mix at the first of the year. March will find me doing some intense stuff that I've never pushed to. April is INSANE crazy then it tapers. I had an awesome discussion able all of this with my coach. He made sure... and I mean positive sure that I was really to rock. He asked questions about my family, my emotional and mental health. Made sure my family was behind me... they are... I asked already.

Life is good... even when it's cold outside.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big & little

I got all computer-ish this afternoon. Headed over to C. City to get a ram upgrade to 2gig in order to handle more graphics (video). All I can say is the tech guy didn't know what he was doing. When he gave up he said, "Maybe Best Buy can help you". Wha?? Do you not realize Best Buy is your biggest competitor and their parking lot on the other side of the interstate is packed and you have what, 5 cars over here? Well, guess what, I was waited on the minute I walked in I had to ask one of the 5 people standing around talking for help at C. City) and the Geek Squad was awesome! I had 2 gigs of ram installed on my laptop AND a 320 gig external hard drive (which I was going to get anyway) in 30 minutes. I'm just blown away how much you can store in a very small space. I have moved a massive amount of media to it and it barely even made a dent.

I was so excited I hit Starbucks for a veni Cinnamon dolce latte skinny on rocks! Sucked it down in celebration so fast I got a headache.... then a massive coffee buzz.

OK, big news... I got a title at church today. I was asked to be a deacon. I know, that's a trip ain't it? Serious, it's a huge honor and I was inducted with an awesome group of guys. At first I really didn't want the title. I enjoy doing all he visual media and setting up the look of the service ad would keep doing it with or without the title. But after seeing the names of the other guys I knew we could really help make a difference. Most of the time when folks think of Church of Christ they seem to think sort of stand off-ish. We are breaking that mold! I'm happy as a loon to say I have friends from every end of the spectrum... I do mean every end too. I'll go visit them at their churchs and they can come visit me at mine if they want too. We're all a big family. Oh gee, let's just break out and hold hands and sing kum-by-ya why don't we! HA!

I have to go get a ride in after work tomorrow the weather is going to be... well... weather! 56 degrees for a high with wind of 10-20mph. That's almost winter sort of riding. I'll pack a lot of clothes then have to decide in the office what I'll end up layering up to. And if you ride in the cold weather you know what that means.... yep, that wonderful running nose. I'll leave it at that. Nah, no I won't...snotrockets! Bu ha ha ha!!! I know, ewwww, gross!

We had small group over here tonight and it was the last one held here. We rotate each month and it's gotten funny because the girls have gotten crazy with the snacks! Tonight we had fresh cut apples with hot caramel dribbled all over them. You would have thought it was fresh meat in front of a group of hyenas! HA! Love my small group and would step out in front of a car for any of them.

Life is good.... when carmel is dribbled all over it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend hit list

Crappy photo I know... I'm in a hurry but wanted to put something out there.
I've gotta finish church media, plant some fall flowers, take the media platform to the building and set up and of course ride my bike really fast!

I don't have to really do anything in the morning! Actually I have a massive amount to do tomorrow but first thing in the morning is all mine! Fancy coffee and all.

Here is the new Welcome motion loop as you walk in to the auditorium. It's sort of a long video so it might take a minute to load and start. I've gotten several emails asking me to post some more of my art work and video so here you go. I keep waiting for one of those Mekrats (sp?) from Mekrat Manor to pop up on the video. HA!

Life is good!! It's the weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Building stuff

Sorry not much blogging... I've been busy working on a building project with my pal Mike, plus I got a last minute request to help a guy do a presentation. Anthony's presentation turned out really well. He was nervous about it but pulled it off like a charm.

Let's see... gas is going back down! $2.11 a gallon and with a Kroger card you get it for $2.01. We are going to see $1.99 a gallon gas again before long. Yep, just in time for the elections.

No, I refuse to talk elections. Heard a discussion between office friends today and it could turn ugly fast. I will say this much... I don't vote party, ethnic, or sex. I vote for the person(s) who I feel will honestly take care of my family.

Rain is coming then a big drop in temps. We will be using the fireplace by the end of the weekend maybe. A chilly 38 degrees is on tap for the low on Monday night. Brr-weee.

I turned the Phonak hearing aid demo back in to the clinic. I loved it. Serious. It had a good sound range and I really liked the bass it could pull in. I was secretly hoping for the high notes like my CI but didn't get there.

My boss is in Kansas City for the rest of the week and I saw on the weather channel that ice and snow is about it hit there. Oh gee, he's going to come back crappy... he HATES cold. He lived in FL and Hawaii. Great boss, just hates cold.

Hoping the rain will be gone by the time work is over tomorrow. Fat boy here needs to ride.

New tunes on the Ipod... Fireproof I-Mix (go see the movie!).

Life is good... it's mid week already! yaaba-daaba-do!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Training ride ten-twenty-oh-eight

Funny how sometimes things just happen to be in the right place! After my ride this evening I was sitting on the back of the Explorer and pulled off my shoes and dropped them onto the pavement. When I looked down it was a great little setting for a photo to start tonight's blog. Yes, the leaf was really right there too. None of that is staged.

Stayed focused at work today in hopes that the day would pass quick and I could be out riding. All in all it was a good day. I passed up the donuts and the cake that someone brought in. That's a first! It really felt good knowing I could really pass that stuff up.

By the way, my weekend was so crazy busy I didn't get a ride in all weekend! Gasp! Shock! Banned in 36 countries! Yep, you heard right... no ride. I honestly can't remember a time when I went without riding at all for a whole weekend. Life happens.

I did get to spend a little time with my family at the 4H Center where my niece Shannon works. It's a beautiful place and we have Dad's birthday lunch out there most years. He was 84 the other day. It was good to be out there with them.

We had 5 couples over to the house for Mexican food last night so by the time to go to bed Terri and I was worn out from the busy weekend. But it was a fun weekend.

I headed out on my bike after work this afternoon and I can certainly tell fall is here. The days are getting shorter. The backside of Burn's Park where the hill is was already getting almost too dark to safely ride. It's woods so the shade made it dark there quicker that the open roads. I didn't even get to climb Ft Roots because I forgot to replace the batteries in my rear blinky light and it just gets too dangerous to ride without one. The temperature was perfect for riding though. 73 degrees!

After the ride I got to see the guys out in their boat. I know it's not called a canoe when you have 6 or so guys rowing. But that group was out on the river this evening and it was just a cool shot.

Funny hearing story: I use double sided tape to hold my cochlear implant in place. We this afternoon I was in such a hurry to get out there and burn some energy off that I put way to much tape on it. It was like super glued on! OWWWW.... momma it hurts...you're pulling my hair! HA!

Life is good... it's beautiful sunset after a good ride kind of good!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The end of a perfect day

I know, it looks like a murder mystery book cover. I actually took the photo tonight as I was leaving after my ride. I park under the interstate bridge and I looked up and thought, hey cool, this would be a nifty little shot. I decided I would now start all my blogs with a photo and title.

Got a lot done in the office today but the pace was so stinking fast! It was Hire-o-rama at the hospital starting about mid morning. Some of the spots were new positions for the new fiscal year which started in July. I also closed a couple of positions that we had been recruiting hard and heavy on. Let's just say email and the Internet are beautiful things. HA!

Ok, the real stuff... the after work stuff... I had the curse of the blinking lights this evening. I did my usual loop of Arena, Bridge, Burn's Park backside, Ft roots repeats. On my 2nd trip down I spotted a guy who was just attacking the hill. I mean smoke off the back tire sort of attack. So I get down to the bottom and turn to do my third climb up. I'm enjoying the tunes and just pedaling my happy over sized butt right on up the hill and I look over my shoulder to be sure no cars were coming and what do I see??? Oh no, that guy has a blinking headlight and is climbing up fast again. Up and at 'em cowboy.... pedal pedal... there's a swarm of bees chasing you.... no pedal faster, your hair's on fire... no, there's a herd of zombies chasing you! Just pedal goofus pedal!!! Don't you DARE let him chase you down. 10mph, 12mph...15mph!!!!!! Hurry hurry hurry to the top... not much more... go you fat fool go!!!! MADE IT!!!!! Yes yes yes, I beat you you young skinny punk! OK, just barely but then Michael Phelps just barely won too but look where it got him. OK, truth... no...let me finish... I did beat the guy to the top but he would have whipped me over and over on that hill. I did spot a Colorado flag on his jersey. Oh yeah, now you're with me huh? Colorado guys live in the mountains and train with NO AIR. When they come here they don't even breathe hard unless it's a hot summer day.

I flew down to the bottom and was cranking along and got almost to the crack house and here he comes. We look at each other and bust out laughing! I told him thanks for make me train hard and he told me the same. Seems when he saw me spot him and I stood and gave it my all it gave him a reason to push harder too. It was just one of those great times on a bike!

I got back to the car and opened the hatch and sat there watching the sky with it's beautiful sunset changing the clouds to shade of blue and pink watercolors. A couple of mountain bikers getting ready for a night ride. A couple having their photos made... bet it was for their engagement. I listened for all the sounds I could pick out. Cars overhead on the bridge, birds, people laughing down the parking lot, the thump of an urban hip-hop tune from a homeys ride. It was one of those times you just sit on the back of the car, smile real big, and be thankful for the end of a perfect day!

Life is good ... when a stranger pushes you to do better!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Oh man, the hospital has blocked blogs again. Bummer... that includes this one. I have to ask them again to unblock this one and the Gear for Ears blog that I'm just now putting together.

Rain coming in and behind it is real fall weather! Saturday is only supposed to be around 67 for the high. Now that's prime biking weather.

Got to talk to Matt for a few moments this morning after his daughters surgery which went well. He is going to look at the jersey project and maybe come up with something cool. Fingers crossed.

After he left our receptionist told me I always have the coolest looking friends who come by. Yep, I do and to be lumped in the same group is even cooler. Some look like artist, some are elite athletes, some are top dog business folks. I'm just lucky as far as that goes.

Life is good... when you surround yourself in coolness...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ringing wet was a good thing

No chocolate today! I ain't lying either. There is halloween candy around the office already but I passed it up. I took my sandwich and yogurt and stopped at that for lunch. I think keeping that bottle of water on the desk and drinking when I want to get up and go get "a little something to take the edge off".

After work I headed over to the river for a down and back but I went down then added a loop on the backside of Burns Park (a hill) then challenged myself to keep a high pace and get on the road with traffic from the baseball field to the golf course. I was sucking air by the end. A soccer game was coming up so cars were coming in and they were in a hurry so I had o ride fast. I took a slower pace for a few moments then spotted a rider up ahead that was going a good speed so I told myself I had to stay at this distance from him and keep it there. If he sped up I had to. I was about 30 yards back so he didn't even notice. I turned at Ft Roots and climbed. I felt good at the top and my climb wasn't too bad so down the hill I go. I seem to be regaining my love of fast thrill of downhill riding once again. So I got to the bottom of the hill and the bike had a mind of it's on and turned around... a repeat? So up we go again... down we go again. Bike, stop, this isn't funny! U turn and up we go again (hey, this is feeling better)... and down we go again. U turn and 4th repeat and the speed was up and my legs we saying, "Well, Ok, I remember riding like this". I was actually smiling and singing along and the pace was faster than the first time I went up today.

Hey for you praying types... Matt and Mandy's tot is going to get tubes in her ears tomorrow. Yes, it's a simple outpt surgery but still when it's your baby it's still stressful.

Life is good... even the up hill climbs!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just thinking about it makes me ill.

Nah, this isn't going to be a depressing post, just one to make us think.

The other day I was on the way to my parents house and at the stop light a girl in a beat up old car with plastic duct taped over one of the windows car died. She got out of the car and started to push it when someone in a truck got out across the intersection and ran over to help. I was across the intersection too but I drove on thinking, someone else is helping her.

I saw a car on the side of the road with a flat tire and a lady talking on the cell phone with her hand on her head like folks do when they stress out. Someone was going to be there in a moment to help her right?

I saw a family driving around our hospital parking lot trying t find a parking place which they could have parked right against my building even though it says Applicant parking only, all other will be ticketed. It was late in the day and there were n more interviews going on. Besides, they would not have gotten a ticket anyway. Why didn't I flag them down to let them know this and ease their troubles.

A woman dropped help belongings in a cross walk downtown the other day... someone else was going to help her.

It's starting to bug me that I am more worried about, "Oh they may get spooked if you walk up to help them" rather than reaching out to help someone in need.

Next time you see someone in need... reach out and help them. I'm going to.

Life is good... especially when you help others.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The day I became a Baptist (sort of)

Terri and I wen over to visit Matt and Mady in Conway where Matt is the Creative Minister for the 2nd Baptist Church ( www.sbcconway.org ) I know Mandy from the Hands and Voices Board we both serve on. I had heard Matt was a church creative guy and Mandy invited us up. How could I say no. This was stop one of the "Geo is getting church ideas tour". HA!

We got up there just in time for service to start and folks were very friendly and welcoming. We were about to sit and Mandy came up and invited us to sit with them. Cool... the VIP section! Services started and Matt was actually leading the service today. The band and choir were really good and let me tell you the motion graphic behind the songs was perfect. Very smooth motion graphic that didn't interfere with the words at all. Yes I was comparing everything of theirs verse ours. Matt won hands down!

The crowd was mostly UCA students and they all had their UCA purple on and had won their game last night. Big cook out for anyone in the community was going on after services. That was one thing that really stood out to me about them... they were VERY community friendly. Their Trunk or Treat was going to be at the Best Buy parking lot rather than at their church. Their goal HALF A MILLION pieces of candy to give away!

The lesson series was based around the movie Fireproof ( www.fireproofthemovie.com ). Again these guys sent it out of the park! They gave tickets to all first responders in Conway! All fire fighters, Police, EMT's and their spouses could see the movie for free. Now that my friends is outreach! The lesson was very good. Mark Dance was the speaker and he held the attention across the board. With a room full of college students with a mix of middle and senior aged it just worked. The stage set was great too. It was all fire fighter equipment and a lot of it too. Made me start thinking of stage sets again. My last good one was the baseball series with the dug out bench and all the bats and gloves and water cooler, etc etc. And their program, bulletin, News & Notes or what ever you may call it was very nice. Yes, I'm showing it to our folks. I told Terri after lunch, "I wonder if they (our church) would hand over the bulletin to me to work on?" Terri sort of had that deer in headlights look of "Oh no, he's taking on another project".

Church and hearing: I kept thinking I wasn't hearing the music like I should during church so during the prayer I turned up the equipment. Did it again during the next prayer. Come to find out the music was not that loud. Of course I didn't know this until Terri told me at lunch.

After we got home I headed out for a ride. Had a good ride but I think I'm going to have to ride some place else on Sunday afternoons under it gets cold. A lot of families were out today, which is good, but they were in herds today and taking up the whole trail wide. Several times I had to slow way down and ease around. I just pray one of those cute little tots don't pull away from parent someday and get hit by a bike. Some times I see cyclist just buzz families. Not a good thing.

I had an idea while I was riding... I wonder if Matt would consider designing the Gears for Ears jersey. Since he has a hearing impaired child and is creative he might enjoy designing something completely different from his normal sort of projects. Think I'll email him and see.

Speak of riding and the event. I think I'm going to have to check in to the fat farm. I need to drop about 20 by May. I think I'm going to have to find someone who will wrap my head in silver duct tape so I can't eat. I think chips are of the devil.

Note to Jim... Hogs won!! Say something nice on your blog. Come on man, give us a little love. By the way, Mark Batterson has the same addiction as you to Chik-fil-a. He is in Washington and got all excited when he spotted on in Atlanta. You preacher types and your Chikfila addictions! HA!

Life is good... no reason... it's just good!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Phonak Naída -- rocks!

I'm playing guinea pig! I got to test drive a Phonak Nadia this weekend! Oh man does it sound good! Small slick looking little guy is putting out some serious power! It's been one of those afternoons and evenings where I'm getting to hear a lot of things out of my hearing aid ear that I've not heard in a while. Plan to wear it while riding tomorrow morning and test Ipod-ness on it.

I went down to Hot Springs with a couple of Audiology buds (Lisa and Patti) to the Arkansas Speech and Hearing convention reception and was lucky enough to be in a very nice crowd of winners! I was awarded the Adult Ambassador for Arkansas! Dr Lisa Christenman (sp?) fom the hospital was also awarded a very nice Audiologist award and so was Dr. Nan Nicholson. It was a huge honor to be awarded in the same program as them!

Afters we walked down to Bella Ati for an awesome dinner. Lobster raviolli with baby shrimp. Some sort of strawberry salad with roasted chestnuts and cheese I couldn't pronounce on top of baby greens. And yes it was an Itilian place so I got something to go that I shouldn't have. Oh come on folks, if you've read this blog long enough you know I don't leave without ultra-super fattening Tarimusu (sp?).

Been a long week and ready to chill my jets.

I'll write more later.

Life is good... so was desert!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday thoughts

Drove to work in my car so I could ride after work. Eric came by about 4:45 and pointed to the window. It was dark! They've already started issuing t-storm warnings so I voted against the ride. Bummer. But I will be on the training bike here in a few. I think I may drag it through the house and in the den and ride and watch Monday night tube.

Yesterday was really weird! It was the first time in months that I actually sat in the crowd at church. This is Scott's month to push buttons. I still put it all together but then sit with everyone else. Scott did a flawless service!

We ate a quick meal afterward and I headed out on the bike for the afternoon. Good steady paced ride except for here and there on the river. Lots of folks out and lots of families with little people. I climbed Ft Roots and the backside of Burns Park. There was a soccer tourney going on so way too many cars on that back side.

I've got to change my tunes. There are songs I like and I've worn them out. I don't want to hear any Coldplay for several weeks. I flipped the Ipod into shuffle mode but hated it because it had other songs that I don't like in the mix. You can't exactly reach back there in your back jersey pocket and change tunes.

Think we are going to have to take puppy to the vet. She is scratching and scratching. I'm feeling really sorry for her. She went to the groomer last week so I know she doesn't have fleas or ticks. She didn't have them before she went either.

I'm starting to have bicycle friend withdrawals these days. I can't seem to match up schedules with riding buds. I keep hearing of new groups forming here and there and thought about jumping in with some of those as well. My old group, God love 'em, all became real fast and stepped over into the dark side (triathlons). HA! No serious, they are very good at the tri's.

I'm thinking of visiting a few other churches while I'm off this month. I have a couple in mind. Mercy's Cross which is over here close to the house and the New Life Church over by Maumelle. Emmy's best friend and her family go there and it's a new building. It's right over by the bike trail and I rode up to it the other day and it's really nice. There are a couple of water fountains in front and one was dedicated to Paul Ells. I stopped for a few moments to pay respects. It's just strange that he is passed on. For those no in my area, Paul Ells was the best sports caster. Everyone loved him. Just had one of those voices you enjoyed listening to. He was killed in a auto accident a year or so ago. Anyway back to visiting churches. It's not that I'm wanting to leave my own, I just wanted to visit for a refresh or different view if you will. I know New Life has a Saturday evening service and thought I may drop in on that.

I got lots of razzing today about eating at Panera this weekend. Several asked if I was one of the first ones through the door. No but I thought about it! I suspect I will hit it up one day this week. I think Wednesday's looking good! HA! No I have NOT had a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. I've been strong! (Note to Melissa... stop rolling your eyes!)

Meant to tell you too that the other day (have I said this already??) that when I was riding the Specialized demo truck was down on the river and Dan was there and I told him about still dropping my chain and he tweaked it and it rides like a dream now! Woot! Dan rocks!

Well time to do other things...

Life is good ... now that Panera is open!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Satuday 10.04.08

I'll be back a write more later. About to go ride.
Seeing Eagle Eye late this afternoon.
NEW PANARA OPENED!!!!!! I'm eating there before or after the movie -- got a hot date with wife. Woot!
Meeting Ty to begin shooting teaser video stuff for Gears for Ears ride. Needed some footage while the leaves were still green. Of course I will be 20 lbs lighter by the time the ride rolls around next May. Oh well, I guess we can laugh at the fat boy version of the video when it comes out.

Had a great day off yesterday taking my parents and sister (Cathy) to Hot Springs to eat lunch. We ate down on the water at a waterside eat joint! Then came back to town and got to see my other sisters house add on! Holy smokes it's awesome! Very relaxing!

I'm outta here!

Life is good.... well, d'uh... it's Saturday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's thoughts

The goodness of others in my town... that was the first thought that entered my mind as I watched 4 guys push a car out of the lane and into a parking lot today after work. Rather than honking and flipping them off the kind folks go out and got them off the street. They had to push the car up a little bit of an incline to do it to. See there are nice folks out there!

I got my bike back today. The cost of the repair. 540!! That's 5 dollars 40 cents! That's the least amount I've ever gotten out of my "country club" (bike shop) with. I'm telling you since Dan has taken over that shop the bar is certainly pushed up high! Always have customers and it's like an ant farm in there but personal service to everyone! I can't wait to ride after work tomorrow and ride in the big ring. The simple things that thrill me! HA!

I spoke to Jordan and Steve (audi gurus -- my heros) and got a couple of magnet caps for my CI. I've lost 2 of them and AB doesn't sell just one color. Hey I would buy several but the only way you can get them is to buy a set which includes a tan, gray and a couple other colors. So Jordan glues rhinestones on the caps for the little girl patients so she traded me a dark silver and black caps for what I had left over. Since she covers them in rhinestones you can't really see what color the cap is anyway. To me that's just the coolest thing to so something special for the patients.

I scheduled Thursday and Friday off!!! For no reason other than the weather looked nice! Lower to middle 70's for the highs! Called my folks and told them to pick a day and we would take a day trip somewhere. Mom got so excited.

Since I didn't write yesterday, church was great! Greg is out so there was a video he made and did the lesson via video! It was pretty cool since I dimmed the lights and had Kevin Clay on sound! Kevin is the BEST when it comes to the sound in our building. Even the senior members enjoyed it for a change. I've seen gotten several emails and requests for a copy of the DVD. I told one member just to go over to the website and download it. Come to find out there hasn't been any services uploaded since August! Yikes! Something tells me I feel a new "project" coming on. HA! I want to get into having the service streaming live as well as video option where you can watch later.

By the way if you are in central Arkansas and missing Kevin Clay from the POINT 94.1 you can find him for a little longer over on the American Family Station 91.7 FM in the mornings. Same ole funny Kevin but with Christian music. He just stopped by there one day and they got flat out got lucky! Too bad he couldn't just buy it.

Well, got to get busy on some other things tonight.

Life is good... especially when you're scheduled off in a couple of days!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Dam Bridge 100

Well what a day... Got up in plenty of time and got over to the parking lot and oh man... the back tire is flat. I changed it and ready to go and I notice there are a lot of folks still around about a block from the start. Maybe it does start at 8 rather than 7:30... nope, the Black Hawk helicopter if coming and that's the start signal. Ugh! I pedal and fly up to the start and there are people just standing around. Come to find out it did start and I'm in the crew that is riding the less distances. There are all sorts of bikes and some little folks too. I knew I needed to get on around so I worked my way slowly through the crowd. Now I know why everyone wants to be upfront. It took until the first rest stop before the crowd thinned. Boy it was a mess until then too from where I was in the crowd. Folks were having a good time and that was the important part but they were sometimes 5 across just talking away.

I finally got out to Maumelle and I push it up to the big ring and off goes the chain. Wha?! I pull over and fix it. Not biggie. Embarrassed but oh well. I cruise on through Maumelle and spot Matthew in the crowd. We all group up a little and as we start to go down the hill out by the Plantation I push it up to the big ring for speed down the hill. Chain drops AGAIN! Crud! Lost my group. I get almost to Mayflower and the stupid thing does it yet AGAIN! What on earth? I'm not doing anything different.... other than getting really fed up with it. I'm feeling really great on the ride. You know sometimes when you are just really in the zone and feel like you could ride all day? I was feeling that today.

In Mayflower I make a decision to just do the 50 since the chain has now come off 3 times in 25 miles. I tell myself, Look you've had a great ride out here so why not just head back but give it your all. Push like you've not pushed in a long time. You are feeling strong so go for it. So I head back.

I had a really great ride back. 2 chain drops but hey I was getting used to it and becoming a pro at! Ha...in a way. I dropped it at Riverland so I wheeled off into the neighborhood and just as I start to head back out my sister Donna who lives in Riverland comes driving by. I also plug in my Ipod for the rest of the ride in. I needed some mental diversion. Me and a couple other guys were knocking it out at 22-23 mph and I was loving every second of it. We get to the Mexician place and it drops. Once again I loose my group. At this point I get in that "just ready to get the ride over with" mood. I rode solo the rest of the way in, grabbed some refreshments and headed to the house.

Sounds a bit whining and I guess I was a little but serious it was a great ride today! Even with the technicials it was a blast!

I took the bike over to the shop so they could look it over. I dropped my chain more today than I have all the years I've been biking so I knew it was something. Here's what I think. They tuned it up and maybe it was off just a tad...maybe. I dropped my chain last week 1 time. I think when I changed the back tube this morning I made it worse. But the bike has been riding so outstanding since the tune up.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the garage and mowing the yard.

By the way... I have no hair...

Life is good... when the chain is on! HA!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still loving that sound!

I still love the high pitches of the birds and cymbals! When Terri and I don't carpool I have the tunes blaring just to hear the high pitched sounds.

Youtube marketing stunt at it's finest

Oh man this is a GREAT marketing stunt!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Midweek madness

Ok I'm getting some big stuff done so now the rest of the week should be a bit more laid back.

3 days until Big Dam bridge 100. Weather is looking really nice. I heard on the Weather Channel 80 for a high on Saturday then I heard on local weather that is was going to be 86. I like the 80 better.

Yesterday Terri and I carpooled together to work and in the middle of the afternoon I realized I had not 1 but 2 functions after work to be at. I missed both. Talking about bummed out. Both sounded like they would have been a lot of fun.

Kevin the youth guy is going to do services Sunday. I got the song list earlier today. Nice! We are doing the run through tomorrow night around 9. What a difference between the regular preacher and the youth guy. Kids are always wanting to stay out late on week nights. HA!

Have I said anything about new song of the week? It's awesome!
Brandon Heath -- Give me your eyes
Jump over to Youtube and watch it!

Life is good... ready to ride!

Monday, September 22, 2008

One of the best

Note to Mike: here is Mark Batterson's website: http://evotional.com/
You're gonna love it! Like Mark told me in Dallas... go chase the lion!

After work I was really wanting to ride a while. I headed down to the river with Ipod in hand. Pulled in to the parking lot and there's my pal Mike getting ready to ride. We end up riding over to Little Rock and both of us talking and catching up the whole time. I was having a little bit of wind issues with my ear technology but I could still hear most of what he was saying. What I couldn't hear over the wind, I simply asked him what he just said. Not a big deal. Man was it good to see him. We talked about family, friends, training, rides, church. Yeah, a lot about church. If you don't know Mike or don't remember him he was one of the guys who rode with John Van Pay on the across the state ride. Mike jumped in at Cook's Landing and rode to West Memphis. I rode from Ft Smith to Cook's. It was a fundraiser ride for a van for a missionary guy in China. The guys were awesome. Paul Britt, John Van Pay, Rob Carr on bikes on a cold windy day. I was lucky enough to get to ride with Mike on some of the training rides and then several rides afterwards.Mike, thanks for the ride tonight. It was one of the best rides all year!

I'm all wrapped up in Heros. Great season premiere! I'm not going to talk about it in case someone has recorded it to watch later.

Life is good...when you have great friends like Mike.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday night thoughts

Terri is gone to the movie with my sisters.
Em is gone to the hospital to visit her friend's grandmom then to the airport to pick up her friend.
Saydee is laying on the floor ...on her back very unlady like ...even for a dog.
The girls were real smart this weekend and didn't buy any chocolate which means I'm safe! I passed up the chocolate doughnuts this morning at pre-church coffee and doughnuts. Yeah, I know... big deal huh?! Well, to me it really was. I gotta tell you somethings guys, I'm not doing so hot on the dropping the pounds and eating right these days. Oh I'm eating right ... eating right down to the bottom of the box or package. What's up with that? Serious? I mean life is good, it really is but this eating has got to change!
Ok, on to better things, I didn't mean to get all whining there.

Services this morning went great! Just one bump in the road but it was very minor and most didn't even notice. A font changed on me even after the run though and the software I use does that about once every blue moon. All I do is click and then click backwards and it's fixed. Weird huh? But it happens so rare so I don't really worry about it.

Next Sunday is going to be completely different for us. Greg is off on a speaking tour so he had his talk video taped. We watched it last night after the run through to so a special sound check and it was really nice. It starts with him at the state capitol and then he ends up at Emerald Park (a mountain bike trail) then down on the river. It has some nice footage. Kevin our youth guy will be doing the songs so that means it will more than likely be a contemporary service. I plan to inject a little more video and motion into the mix as well. Fingers crossed it serves it's purpose. Like they told us at Echo... if you're not doing it for God, it doesn't count.

I'm really looking forward to next Saturday. The Big Dam Bridge 100. (www.bigdambridge.com) They were saying about 2,000 riders. I hope so! I'm more than likely going to do the 50 or 75 route. I don't know, I could get crazy and do the 100. I did drop a few bucks and get the jersey this year. Hey, it matches my bike... cycling is really all about fashion ya know! HA! Speaking of fashion, you know I still am a (closet) Rock racing fan and still want one of the Rock and Republic jeresys but they are in the rock star price range. Anyway, I read a blog and notes about the young guns who were out riding and spotted a "older guy with a Rock Racing jersey on". It wasn't me thank goodness! HA!

Speaking of fashion, I did buy a couple of new shirts last week. i do not shop but ventured out on a little week night solo shopping trip to the mall. I think me and 5 other peole were in the whole mall at 8:15 that night. Anyway, went in the Buckle and got awesome service. These 2 kids helped me and the first thing I told them was that I wanted a really good looking polo with the graphics that doesn't make me look like I'm in mid-life crisis. I ended up with a gray polo with draker gray graphics. I also stopped by Steinmart and spotted a black shirt that I really liked. It was 34 bucks but guess what the real price had been? $165. Some guy name Ike something. Wore it this morning and got several nice comments. Ok I went to church dressed like Johnny-George-Cobb-Cash. I know I know...

Mean to tell you too I downloaded a great new tune! Celtic Thunder, who comes to Alltel November 12th, has a song called Ride On! Love this tune! Yes, they have the accent but it's a great song! Go download it for 99 cents.

Terri and I went to the new Casa Mexicana today. The old one was right across the parking lot. We decided we'd give it a month or so to let them get all the kinks ironed out before we go back. They added fish tacos to the menu...finally!!! But they aren't too good. But like I said, this is their first weekend open in the new spot so we'll go back again in a few. It was insane crazy busy!

Shout out to Mariann... I'm going to do my best to get over to the photo shoot as long as I can stand in the back. HA!

Shout out to Abbie... hey I spotted your photo in the Hearing Loss magazine.

Shout out to Jennifer... I hear you are heading up next year's convention in Nashville! Very Cool!

Awww right... enough for tonight!

Life is good...without chocolate doughnuts.
My inner Homer Simpson is fighting that statement! D'oh!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday adventures

Started off foggy so I didn't go ride with the group at 7:30. I was actually in the car and on the way but the closer I got to the river the foggier and wetter the streets were. I got out about 10 and had a great ride. Rode out to the country and the nice thing was the tailwind was coming back to town rather than going out!

Got a lot done around the house this afternoon which motivated me to get busy and knock out a lot more.

While out running errands I stopped and got a Fourbucks (Starbucks) iced latte. Yes the cinnamon one. I just said a large. I was the only one getting an order made at that moment and I didn't know a large (veni) had 3 THREE shots of expresso in it. I never get the large. Oh my goodness! I was wired and I do mean hot wired all afternoon! It was so good!

Met Greg for service run through this evening and everything went really well. He thinks I need a new computer system. I'm not going to stop them but it really does need to have something that can handle all the video and mega files we are running through service now. There is one downloaded video that plays fine on my laptop but the sound is 2 seconds off on the church system. We trashed that one for tomorrow.

I'm excited about tomorrow! We have some good songs, Greg has some good points he'll make, I'm happy with the media & art. Doing several motion backgrounds! Hoping for another packed house! We don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow evening service so I get to play tomorrow afternoon! I'm going to get a ride in! Oh boy oh boy!

I put together a new play list that I'm really liking! It's sort of the same songs as Tom 106.7 FM. It was funny because today it was chance of isolated thundershowers and several of the songs are about rain!
Rain in the summertime (The Alarm)
Summer Rain (Belinda Carlise -- go ahead and laugh but I had never heard this song until Rodney played it one day on his station)
Rain Down (Compliments of Gus -- another song I discovered from Rodney's station)
Monsoon - Tokio Hotel

Yes, the Razorbacks were crushed at the football game. Jim, 5 bucks for you (and a Chik-fil-a coupon) if you'll just not say ANYTHING about the hogs all season on your blog. If for no one else...do it for your granddaddy... he would be proud of you. (I know, that was really low...but when you're desparate! HA!!) Several folks I know twittered that they were up and heading to the game (3 hurs from here). I wondered if anyone spoke on the way home?

Life is good ... well of course it is...it's the weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great day in Arkansas for Audiology -- Hands and Voices

Well the board anyway.
(Not just one fruitcake! HA! You had to be there)

Kelly Phonaks's booth

If you are an Advanced Bionic person then you know these famous monkeys!

Fun 2 days! Yesterday after work I went over to the UALR Audiology & Speech department and we had a pizza supper and board meeting for Arkansas Hands and Voices. (www.arhandsandvoices.org ) Met lots of new folks who are on there own journeys into the world of Audiology stuff. Some have kids who are deaf or hard of hearing. Some are educators and some are hearing /speech professionals.

One of the national Hands and Voices folks spoke and helped us to form our guide. I'll admit when it comes to all this bylaws and legislation sort of stuff, I'm not to sharp. I shy away form politics. But that was just a small part of it.

Today the conference started and it was a packed room at the Hilton! Lots of folks from all sorts of area, both sign and vocal groups were there. I've not met a person I didn't like yet!

The exhibits include two of my favorites! Advanced Bionics and Phonak. I spoke with Kelly for a while today. She is the Phonak rep. Super nice lady! We were talking about a new Phonak product coming out and I'm going to test drive one! Maybe the zebra striped one! I'll catch up with Joann (Advanced Bionics) tomorrow.

There has been so much discussion today about different areas and issues of hearing. It's sort of like when I went to Dallas to Echo. This is going into overload mode! It's been great to hear the parents stories and the educators. Some of them I just really can't imagine. And some of them I just want to call a few schools and say, "Hey, you know that money you got because there is a kid with hearing troubles in your school? Show me what you've done with it!" I think some of the schools have some explaining to do but no one seems to regulate it much.

Tonight we had a parents meeting/dinner and while I wished we had had more there it was a nice mix and got to meet even more folks. I met a guy who trains service dogs and that was fun! I asked him what was the most interesting thing he had to train a dog to do and he told me about one dog that when owner sneezed the dog give them a kleenex.

One of the reps showed me a very very VERY cool thing that is FREE where you make a call and it goes through your computer and it captions everything you and the other person says! I'll give out more info after I try it this weekend.

Speaking of weekend... man I've got to get some riding in! Whew!

I gotta tell you... I'm ready for the weekend!

Life is good!

At Hands and Voices meeting

I'm at the Hands and Voices meeting.... big crowd! I spotted Kelly from Phonak and Joann from Advanced Bionics in the crowd.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Justa bike blowin' in tha wind...

Justa bike blowin' in tha wind.... that's what it was this afternoon. Terri and I headed over to the river and she walked and I rode. We said one hour and we'd meet back at the car. We started at the dog park and she walked toward the bridge and I rode toward the arena.

Going toward the arena was pure joy! That translates into tailwind. Big ring cranking and it was as simple and easy as it could be. Looped the boat club and then headed back to the dog park. Yes that would be into the headwind. I told myself that this needs to be a true training ride son stop ya whining and head down, focus and crank it out. Keep that average up. I looked down once and thought, this has GOT to be because they tuned the bike. This is some strong headwind and I am not drafting a wheel and I can not be goin 19mph. No way no how.... it's got to be the tune up. Whatever it is, oh baby I'm loving this!

By the way, yes the tropical Storm Ike did come to town last night. No one seems to know when but there was plenty of evidence this morning. Our yard is covered in leaves... green leaves. We've seen several trees down. Last I heard there was 108,000 folks without power around today. The spooky thing was last night there was a tornado warning and the spinning circle on TV was right were my folks live. I was not breathing for a few minutes. Soon after it was in a nearby town where one of my best friends from the hospital lives. I'll be interested to hear how her and husband did.

Well... as I always say... life is good... even with the wind.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yabba Dabba do!

Well yabba dabba do! I woke this morning to find NO RAIN! Standing in the kitchen the sun was starting to come over the hill! I was tail wagging excited. Eat a very light breakfast and was out the door. I could not wait to ride this morning since I had gotten a tune up. I was ready to see if I could tell the diffence. Oh man oh man oh man oh man could I ever. Have I been riding with my brakes on all summer or something? Yes, it was that much of a difference. Even in the head wind, and we have it today, the bike was doing magical things.

Well full day ahead. Got to finish up the media for tomorrow and then it's jail time in the garage. Someone call one of those "your garage is a mess and we'll clean it all up and stock it with new Sears products" shows! I'll even act all excited when they uncover my eyes... well unless they glue fake flowers all over the wall.

Life is good.... it's yabba dabba do good!