Sunday, April 29, 2007

They told you to ride conservative

I rode yesterday and it felt great so I ventured out for a real group ride and met up with the CARTI training ride at 2. John, Bandon, Jenny, Lauren, David and Blake (proud owner of the Allez!) were all there. Everyone for the most part knew I couldn't hear but I was still surprised I could communicate a little while riding. Brandon hung back with me a bit then I told him to go on I was fine. For some strange reason my throat was getting raw by the second. I would drink and not a few minutes later it was hurting again. I felt fine otherwise. We got to the regroup point and being temp-deaf really bites because I couldn't really cut up with the others.

We take off again and I am determined to stay with the front group on the way back. Another rider pulled up beside me and was telling me something about my bike. Oh great I thought, here I am completly deaf and I have a guy I've not met before talking away about my bike. I couldn't tell if he was talking about he liked it or what then I realized there was something wrong. I flat I say? No riding fine. Then something else so I stop... dang, there goes the front group. Come to find out it was purple gum that I rode through and it stuck to my tire then flew and stuck to the rear brake and then stretched and was all over the place back there and that included my shorts. I had a big purple Specialized "S" symbol on my shorts. Looked like someone sprayed silly string. Man, I was embarassed but climbed back on and rode. I laughed and told the guy I'll just have to keep my shirt pulled down back there.

I drafted behind a couple guys for a bit then when on around and hoped to get the second group where David and Blake were. I caught up and did fine until we split at the red light going back to the river. UGH! Now I can't be dropped by the second group too! There were 4 of us at the light and I went on ahead as we got close to the river, looked back and there was no one. I did not break off that fast at all.

Well I got to the river and then everything went downhill! I wasn't a normal bonk, it was a sick feeling. I spotted the second group and tried everything to catch but never happened. Finally got to the car and it seemed like a hundred degrees and there they were... the chills. Oh crud! I grabbed the water and drank... ugh... it's warm. I slow down and sip, then have a little FRS and switch back and forth slowly. I'm having real chills and it's tripping me. I'm wanting to pull over on the side of the road and sleep a moment. I've never done that! I run through the mental checklist. All I can hear are 3 people I trust telling me I should have an easy ride schedule this weekend. I also see myself firing back that it was only 30 miles...geesh. How much easier do I have to go? Then I start really thinking... ok you had a pain pill last night and you have 3 different antibodics going through your system. Maybe a fast 30 is a bit much. Sigh...

I get home and clean up, drink and eat a bit and flop down on the sofa and watch... bicycle racing. And what do I hear? How such and such is riding really well today even with such and such injury. Gawd, I hate young pros and their super human strength! No not really, I deeply admire them!

I begin to feel much better but stay put on the sofa with my trusty dog. It's really been a great weekend! I'll take a very very easy spin tomorrow, try and ride with the group on Tuesday, easy on Wednesday, maybe a easy spin on Thursday, nothing on Friday then go up to Altus and ride the tour of Wine Country on Saturday if I can wear my hearing aid. Terri is excited because it's a festival. She can shop... oh boy-ee! Goody! HA! I can actually do the century (100 miles) if I feel up to it. If not, maybe the metric century which is 63 miles.

The training for the River 2 River ride is kicking in major league big time this month so I'll be on the bike a lot. I'm ready to return to serious training.

I read a quote from Helen Keller that goes... "Being blind seperates you from things. Being deaf seperates you from people." That is so true. I still am shocked by how isolated a deaf person must feel sometimes. It is a very very isolated feeling and it's making my training have a really special meaning. I don't want kids to go through what I'm experiencing right now. I am very blessed that my deafness is temperary... very blessed!

To donate to the River 2 River ride to help children with hearing impairments go to and click on the donate now button and note it's for the bike ride.

It's all for the kids!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sonic BOOM, Mr . President, and I rode!

That title got ya didn't it? Here, I'll break it out for you...

Sonic Boom: Mary Martha who is my hearing aid and audiology guru wanted me to try what is called a "Boomer" hearing aid in my deaf ear while my other ear was healing. Said it might not work at all but then I may pick up some sound like a car or something. I stopped by and Mary was out and Patti and Nan worked on the set up. First aid was nothing so Nan went to get a kicker boomer. With the first I could feel the vibes bouncing off my ear drum and that is a sign that is loud. It really makes you dizzy. So we plug in the second on and BOOM!!!!! It was knee jerk effect. Serious. It hurt so bad that I jumped and my knee banged under the table. No sound but oh man could I feel it. I told them that was wilder than Space Mountian. Thanks but no thanks friends!

Mr. President: Ok, we have a lot of celebs that come to the hospital and most come and go and the staff, for the most part, don't even know it. Well that happened to me yesterday. Angel One (Yep, my Transport heros) went to Mexico to get a little boy that needed a heart transplant. It was all over the news the day I had surgery. So I go across the street to the main lobby to Java City and there were all these people coming towards me. I didn't really think a lot about it because sometimes we have kids with very large family support groups so it's not unusal. I walked through the doors as they were walking out, said the customary ACH Hello, how are you... and proceeded to get my order from Java. I noticed that Sonya and the others from Java kept looking over at the doors at all the people on the sidewalk and whispering. No big deal. I walk back over to my office and get my afternoon work done. Ok, so here I am sitting on a Saturday morning drinking coffee and watching a little of a local morning news show and what do I see??? A film clip from the front of the hospital and those people... Oh gosh!! Geo, note to yourself... be aware of the people in your surroundings. I walked right by President Vincent Fox and the First Lady of Mexico. I was sitting there with my mouth open in awe that I would do that. You know it's just one of those things when a "star" is in a different setting you just don't recongize them. They had come to the hospital while he was in town for a speaking engagment to visit the little Mexican boy.

I rode: Yes, I did! I rode a solo ride along the river trail on the north side a time and a half. It felt so good! Weather was back to normal and the state soccer tourney was going on so people everywhere. A lot of folks having picnics along the river banks. The ride felt good and it was nice to wake the legs up after a week and a half off. I'll be back out there tomorrow and ride a little longer and try to ride a little all week and get back in the groove.

Fun weekend so far!

Friday, April 27, 2007

WOOHOOO Weekend!

Oh yeah baby... It's almost 5 oh clock somewhere... HERE!!!!

Picking up new cleats for the shoes and a few gels. Terri has an appointment for a new do so I'm going to knock out some homey do's so I can play tomorrow!

Y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

He looked at me with evil red eyes and took it!

He looked at me with evil red eyes and took it. He did I tell ya! I just stood there wondering what on earth just happened? Am I having a nightmare? Pitch yourself. It all happened in an instant but then again it was in slow motion. I just stood then in awe. Really I did. I just stood there.

I broke the cleat on my shoe!!!! UGH!!!!!!!

I looked forward to the ride since about 10:30 this morning. I thought about the ride. I planned the ride then that nasty foul breath Grinch broke my cleat and I couldn't clip into the pedal to ride.

Just as I was about to push off I saw the club ride by. Smooth as a pro team could ever be. I was behind the car off to the side parking lot about a mile or so from the start point. Just after they went by I started to clip in and noticed I couldn't clip. I tired everything and finally click and I'm in but something is really off center here. I try to unclip. Nope, not gonna happen. Try and try and try and finally pop and it's off. I mean completely off. The cleat is broken and part of it is still on the pedal. Awww man!

Back in the car I go and drive back to the house.

Ok, now the nice part of the story... as I got out of the car I could smell someone cooking out. Yes-izzz, it's us! Well, my wife. Grilled chicken is on the menu tonight and that made this ole boy feel a lot better!

Well kids, there's always tomorrow! I hear voices telling me "Ahh young grasshopper, one must learn to be flexible." I just lean back and look at the wise one and say, "Yeah, man, ain't that the truth?!"
******BONUS CLIP******* DELETED SCENE********
Here's a blurry on purpose shot of the back of my ear. Look close, the incision really goes all the way down the back of my ear. Ewwww! HA!


Released to ride again!! Yep, that’s what they told me!

I went to the ENT clinic over at UAMS where Brenda removed the packing from my post-op ear. I saw the first of it coming out and closed my eyes because it was nasty! I talked myself into releasing the tension in my shoulders and relax my hands and breathe. A few seconds later I was cheering her on saying stuff like, “Ohh, that was a big piece.” The cool thing about Dr. Dornhoffer’s clinic is you get to watch a TV monitor of what they are doing. I could see down into my ear. It’s the coolest thing! I wish I could have had a tape of it. By the way, if you want to know more about the Otolaryngology clinic over at UAMS click here…

The visit went super easy and fast and I was about to leave and was asked not to put my hearing aid back in for a couple of weeks. Bummer, we’re going with the 3 week plan huh? But then I was given the best news… “Geo, go can train again!” Stop, turn and look, smile really big!!! I got the thumbs up to return to training?! Yea-izzzz!!!! I felt the spring in my step return at the moment and I felt like I grew a couple of inches!

First thing I did was emailed Mark (coach) to let him know I got the “Get out of Jail free” card. He said the timing of everything is just right. Man, I was glad to hear that!

I am counting down the seconds until 5 o’clock comes around so I can bound out the back door and down the steps, jump in the car and get home. I have been mentally getting my gear together all afternoon. Don’t forget water. Don’t forget sunglasses. Grab ya a gel or two. WooHoo! Oh, air those bad boy tires up. Oh man, you still haven’t put the computer on your new bike. Yeah, I know. It does me good sometimes to just ride. That’s the plan today anyway, just get out and enjoy a ride.

Oh yeah baby… life to goooood!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chipping away

Chipping away is what I’m doing today. That last blog entry must have been more out of character than I thought because I’ve gotten a ton of emails from friends, family and training buds. I didn’t mean to come across as negative Joe but the world of no noise is one that you have to get used to. I seemed to hit the bottom yesterday and when I went home I was completely exhausted. Serious, it took everything I had to get through the day. But I did it didn’t I?!

This morning I attended my first staff meeting and even though I didn’t get all of the discussion it was good to be in there and follow what I could. By the end of the meeting I knew what the new policies and procedures where going to be. I did it all without sound. I’m counting down the moments until I get to get this packing stuff taken out of my ear! I keep thinking I am hearing certain sounds and getting excited! One of the things that is unusual is the consistent hum. It sounds like an air conditioner running all the time. It’s not loud at all.

Also I hope to get my bike release on Thursday! I almost feel like a little kid…. Please please, I’ll never ask for anything else again as long as I live. HA! I know I’ll have to take it easy and do recovery type rides but still just to be able to get out there and ride will do me wonders!

You know that new bike I bought? Well I’ve had plenty of well meaning friends offer to ride it while I’m off. HA! You have to understand my buds. If I were to crash they would ask if the bike was ok?! Ya gotta love ‘em.

Did I tell you about the banana pudding? Oh man! Talk about timing! Sunday night I was surprised with a bowl of banana pudding from Janice and Terry Williams. My teeth were hurting from the swallowing and it just plain was a pest to eat but this was soft and sugary goodness! If you go to the Symphony Designer House this year and see the name Terry Williams… yep, he is guy I’m talking about. He is also the guy that got me into this home remodeling project. Awesome designer and he and Janice are the nicest folks in the world. I ALWAYS laugh when I’m around them. Thanks guys!

All for the kids!

To donate to the River 2 River ride go to and click on donate!

Monday, April 23, 2007

In the land of silence.

In the land of silence.

In the land of silence where I live today is a very different place then I knew last week. I see things but there is no soundtrack to go along with the visual. This is very strange.

I know so many times we take our hearing for granted. Never again will I do this. This is just a short list of things I didn’t hear this morning:
1) I didn’t hear our dog wanting back in after I let her out.
2) I didn’t hear if I shut the door too loud.
3) I didn’t hear if I was banging the dishes in the kitchen.
4) I didn’t hear if the TV was turned up when I flipped it on.
5) I didn’t hear Emily tell me by this morning
6) Nor did I hear my wife tell me by either. (Both were in the form of a hug).
7) I didn’t hear the cars around us as we drove to work (Terri drove).
8) I didn’t hear the car door close
9) I didn’t hear my keys as I unlocked my office
10) I didn’t hear anyone say good morning
11) I didn’t hear people walking by my office door
12) I didn’t hear my phone
13) I didn’t hear my printer
14) I don’t hear the tapping of the keys on my keyboard
15) I don’t hear the people talking in the hall even though I see them
16) I didn’t hear any cars as I walked to the lobby of the hospital
17) I didn’t hear the greeters telling me good morning
18) I didn’t hear the waterfall in the lobby
19) I didn’t hear the “phish” of steam that the espresso machine makes at Java City
20) I didn’t hear Sonya joke about my order
21) I didn’t hear coworkers ask me how the surgery went while waiting for my coffee.
22) I didn’t hear the fire truck coming
23) I didn’t hear the music playing

… and it’s only 8:30 in the morning…. What will the next 3 weeks be like?

Yes, being deaf will make me a better man… much better!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not a good recovery patient

Ok, I'll admit, I'm a lousy recovery patient. I'm supposed to just sit around and watch the paint dry or the grass grow but that's not my style. I've tried to do things off and on but if I look up I get dizzy. I keep thinking little things will be ok to do but then much movement starts making me feel the love.

I sort of freaked out a tad this morning because I am now able to leave the "cup" off except when sleeping. I heard my ear may be numb but wasn't expecting it. It's the numbness like when you go to the dentist. You know your lip is there but you don't really feel it. I also now know the incision goes all the way up the back of my ear. They did fold it over. EWWW!

Ok, on to nicer subjects. Tyler closed on his house yesterday and go to sleep there last night. I felt bad that I was unable to help him move. He is coming by in a little while to get some of his stuff from upstairs and then Terri and I will follow him over to his house and I'll try and him him with putting up a blind or two. I'll more than likely just sit and watch. His house is really nice inside. Someone bought it and flipped it. Yard has huge oak trees and the street has a nice homey Heights sort of feel to it.

Y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

All systems go!

Yep, that's the latest fashion statement...
sport supporter cup for the ear!

Got to the hospital at 6 and was in preop by 6:10. That was fast! Got to wear the paper gown and everything.

High points of the day.
Preop nurse was Sheila, super nice lady.
Versed (pronounced vers-said). It's the shot in the IV that makes you not care.
Judy, the OR nurse.
John, my doc
Brenda, doc's nurse (the boss)
The recovery staff that thought I lost my mind! Keep reading!

When I came out of the land of ZZZ's the recovery nurse was standing there rubbing my arm and talking nice to me. I had a bet with some friends that I'd act a fool if I could remember so I did! I looked up at her, put my hands on my chest and asked her if my breast implants took alright?! She looked at me then busted out laughing and the nurse helping the person in the recovery bed next to mine busted out laughing too then she told a whole desk of staff and they were all laughing! Jason owes me lunch! They knew I was joking but I was hoping to brighten their day a little. I heard it was a very busy surgery schedule.
I came home and slept a while then got up and watched Ray on FX. Ok, here's a funny story for you. Here I am watching a movie about a blind guy and I'm deaf. Ain't that a real Helen Keller combo for ya?! By the way, the movie is awesome!
My parents came by for a few minutes with my sister. Man, dad looked great! He has lost a lot of weight since he is eating right again.
It's killing me that the weather has returned to beautiful Arkansas spring time and the club is out riding right now and I can't. All in good time!
Ok, on being deaf: friends, this is not fun already. I figured out that I can read some peoples lips real easy and others hardly at all. My dad is one of those I could read very well. He doesn't move his mouth much when he talks so he would say something and then I'd look at Terri and she'd repeat it and most of the time I knew what she was saying. I think by the end of this 3 weeks I will really have a feeling towards deaf people. In all honest, I thnk this is going to make me a better person.
I watched Wheel of Fortune tonight and there was an Energizer commercial and it was for hearing aid batteries! Thanks Energizer you're a great sponsor!

Heading in...

Yep, it's 5 in the morning and I'm heading to the hospital for the surgery. I'll happen at 7 and should be recovery around 9-9:30. Feeling great this morning and ready to get it over with.

Now... 3 weeks in the world of silence.... no niose, no sound... but I can still write and work!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can't stop laughing!

Keaton and Elliott (my great nephew and neice)

I got this photo from my neice and it's her twins. I laughed and laughed... and I'm still laughing.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday ride with CARTI

Fun ride today! Took the new bike out from the house, rode down to the river and around the trail. Tons of folks out! After the freezing Easter weekend then rain and cold yesterday I think everyone was ready to get out for some fun.

After riding a loop and a half I wanted to try a new group ride that was meeting at 2 over at the soccer fields. It was actually a training ride for CARTI Tour de Rock this June. I rode up and I knew one person out of about 35 riders. It was GREAT! I had a lot of fun meeting a lot of the new riders.

We had 2 groups, one that would average 16-18mph and another that would average 12-14mph. Yes, I went with the first. Super tailwind on the way out to the farmlands made for a super easy ride.

We got out to the regroup area and didn't really have to wait to long for the others. Took a break then the whole group headed back together. The organizers were smart and got us over into the forest roads so we had some wind blockage. Man, once we came out of the forest it was hard (22mph) wind straight on. The girl in front of me hit a pot hole and her water bottle went flying. I dropped out of the line to return to get it but another rider in the next group got it so then I had to sprint to get back to the lead group. Giddy up pony!

Myself and the rider that had picked up the bottle took turns pulling into the wind until we made the first group and then hid inside the peleton to recover. We were laughing and having a great time.

We finally got to our turn off road and the group was able to recover a tad then over the first set of railroad tracks and back to the road that would get us back to North Little Rock. The front took off and I chased a bit then another guy went to the front to pull and I planned to move up but the line closed so I headed straight to the front to pull into the head winds. I haven't moved my computer to the new bike so I had no idea how fast I was going. I kept my head down and pulled as hard as I could pointing out potholes, glass and sticks along the way. I could feel myself tiring a bit and was ready to pull out of the line and I looked back expecting to see a wheel on my tail but n-o-t-h-i-n-g. There was no one behind me. I felt really bad to have jumped like that but I really didn't know how fast I was going. I heard later that the group was going 20-21 mph. I slowed to go over "the" railroad tracks.

Sidebar: "The" railroad tracks as you enter into North Little Rock from the southeast side are still a fear of mine, even after 2 years. On Sunday a group of friends and I were returning for a great ride and we rolled over those tracks at a screaming 23mph and my wheel dropped down and flipped me and a rider behind me. Cracked helmet, beat up bike and blood. Sara’s bike was gone, as in nowhere to be found. It flipped off down into a deep ditch while she went over me. To this day, I have no idea how we kept from breaking bones. I still fear the tracks.

The front group got back together at the light and we headed back to the trail (it’s really a paved bike path about the width of a street).

The soccer fields were a welcomed sight and as we rolled into the parking everyone was once again smiling and laughing.

After talking a bit and meeting more of the group I started my ride to the house into the wind. I locked out about mid way and got to have tailwind just in time. This ole boy was getting tired! I had one big hill to climb and it was on a road with a lot of traffic. There was a guy in a motorized wheelchair going up the hill (no sidewalks) and had traffic really backed up about ½ mile. Man, I felt sorry for him but no one honked and were very courteous.

I finally rolled into the driveway and unclipped from the pedals and smiled! What a great day to be out! New friends, a fun ride… just doesn’t get much better!

Going out for surgery is going to be a bummer because next weekend is calling for sunny skies and temps in the upper 70’s to low 80. I’ll be sleeping off anesthesia on the deck at the house.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Kids and Photoshop.... Thanks Tyler!
Yep, I'm still on cloud 9 about having Energizer as a sponsor! It's going to be a lot of fun!
Ok, I did what I said I would and moved the spin bike to the den. I rented School for Scoundreals. It's a hoot. Cheer on the underdogs! I rode during the entire movie 16-18mph. It was the light bulb going on in my head. This is how to watch a movie and not feel guilty. Sometimes when I sit and watch TV it seems I feel guilty because there are so many other things I could be during, like training.
This has nothing to do with anything but my soapbox... have you noticed how many times this week that famous Imus quote has been used. Not by the guy himself but by eveyone else. I mean come on media and groups... if it's so offensive (and I agree it was) then stop saying in. Every press interview has whoever I upset about it saying it half a dozen times throughout their interviews. Ok, I said my side.
Emmy is at ACT testing today, Terri is at day 2 of Women of Faith. 9 thousand women at Alltel Arena. Bet the mall is empty today! HA! I'm hoping to get to see Tyler's new house today!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekend = Rain ... Again

Yep, big chance of rain starting any moment now. Once again I'm facing a rainy Saturday. Not exactly the best training weather. And yep, once again, Sunday will be nice meaning early services then hit the bike for the afternoon until sundown. I really want a 100 miles on Sunday. I really NEED a 100 miles.

I have decided to move the spin bike into the den and if I am going to watch any TV then I have to do it spinning. That will start tonight. Emmy is going to be out with her boyfriend, Tyler will be working, and Terri will be at the Women of Faith conference at Alltel. Do you know what that means??? It's gonna be a Blue Coast Burrito night with a basket of fish tacos, Baja Tea and a movie that is NOT a romantic comedy! Yes, I think Reese Withersppon is fine looking but tonight she'll need to carry a gun and fart if she's going to be in a movie that I'll be watching. I'll beat my chest and be all manly! HA!

I did ride last night. It was a fun club ride mostly spent in a pack with Brandon, Bill, Dan and myself. I got to the top of Ft Roots and then something happened that totally deflated me.... I shifted to a baby gear accidentlly and threw the chain and couldn't unclip for the pedal fast enough. Yep, I fell over. I haven't done that in years and I was so embarrassed! I took the hit with my elbow and knee so I wouldn't scar my new bike. The gearing on this bike is a little different from my old one so I'm still getting used to it at times. I still love the thing! Sooo smooth!

We have a great new sponsor! Energizer has come on for the River 2 River ride!! This is such an honor to have them. Everyone knows the bunny!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


After a 4 month wait my surgery for tomorrow got cancelled. Doc hurt his foot and is in surgery himself this afternoon. I'm begging for a very fast reschedule... we'll see. I know, I know, everything happens for a reason... yeah yeah yeah... whatever.

-- Update -- Ok, it's rescheduled for next Thursday the 19th. I can live with that.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rainy Tuesday

Just rainy... I think I smell something burning....

Monday, April 09, 2007


Audiology Online published a news item about the River 2 River ride. This is the website that all the Audiologist go to. It has all the new technology news! What a rush!

Fr-Fr-Fr-Freeezing cotton tails

Almost every blog and journal I read today during lunch was slamming the weekend weather. There are several journals I’m reading by cyclist riding the Southern Tier route from CA to Savannah, GA. Yep, they are mostly in TX right now and talking about the cold and wind. I feel sorry for them but it’s about to warm back up!

As for myself, yep, I was cranky too. I did ride both Saturday and Sunday afternoons but didn’t get anywhere near the time in the saddle I should have. I actually had on full winter riding gear on Saturday and pushed slowly through the wind. Of course I got to loop around and had fantastic tailwind too.

Sunday, I went to Easter services then to spend time with the family then out to ride. I kept holding out wishing for warmer temps but didn’t seem to get there. I told myself it was a little warmer and took the sleeves off the jacket and wore regular half fingered gloves. Nope… I rode a couple of miles, signed and returned to the car. Too cold for this gear. I put the sleeves back on, put full fingered gloves on, skull cap and shoe covers. Uh-uh… yep, full winter riding gear for day #2.

I was leaving the river, which I shamefully drove to, and spotted a couple of my club and one was on the side of the rode. I circled back to be sure they were fine and it was Jenny and Patrick. Screaming fast club riders. Everything was fine and we chatted a moment and they asked when do they get to see the new bike? Like a rock star getting out of the back of a limo, I rolled down the back window for them to look in. OHHHH… AHHHHH… sweet! Made me feel good to get thumbs up from them! Patrick is like racing god. They asked if I had been riding and fessed up to “yep, if you want to call it that”. I told them I rode but I was just not there today mentally. The cold just defeated me.

Since the after work temp should be maybe 60, I plan to ride the neighborhood. Plenty of hills to work on.

On another note… have you guys seen Discovery Channels Planet Earth? Man, what video! I’m hooked!

Warm veni latte’s to everyone!

Friday, April 06, 2007


No, not sick like as in "cool" but sick as in sick. I was feeling bad yesterday as the afternoon wore on the worse I felt. I kept thinking a short ride around the hood would do me good but I didn't even want to to that. Terri saw me in jeans and looked at me like I was from outer space. "You're not going to ride?!"
"No, I just don't feel good."
"You must feel bad then."

Yep, I could feel the disappointment of the new kid out in the garage wanting to go play.

Bummer to have a new bike and not feel like riding. A r.e.a.l bummer!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a long training riding ... and ... tomorrow is only supposed to be 53 degrees ... and ... it's the last chance for a long ride before Thursday surgery. Guess I'll bungle up , stop whinning and go ride and ride and ride and ride!! HA!

It's Friday!

All for the kids!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Counting down the minutes til 5!

It sits at home waiting. Like my faithful Golden Sadie who attacks me everytime I walk throuigh the door, she waits for me to get there. Tonight I get to ride not a test bike but MY bike. I cashed in some vacation time and said yes to the deal and became the proud own of a Specialized Roubaix Gerolsteiner edition bike. I loved it on the test ride Tuesday night so much. I told a few folks that I'm not sure if it was because I have been riding the wrong size bike all this time or if it was the upgrade from Allez but it was a super sweet ride. Normally I feel all the bumps and cracks in the rode but Tuesday night I flew over them. I'm skipping the bike club meeting tonight so I can ride since I wasn't able to last night. It will be a bungle up ride though. Going from the 80's to barely 60 for a high really bites right now. Saturday for my long ride I'll be lucky to see 60 degrees. I'm hoping for a century on the new ride. Actually if I can get over 106 miles then I'll feel better since that was last Sunday's ride.

By the way, Emmy made honor roll! Way to go love child! I'm really proud of you!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's a boy!!!

It's a boy!!!
Delivered at 3:13pm
Wrapped in white bar tape with the Specialized Gerlosteiner seal
Both dad and bike are resting comfortably
Photo's to come
Delivery Arkansas Cycle and Fitness
Assisting in delivery were Joe, Eric, Robb and Richard

Chilly morning

It's a chilly morning outside and the temps are about 20 degrees less than yesterday for the high. 60 compared to 80.

Ok, last night's ride was a complete insane blast! The test ride was about the most fun I'd had in a while. It was so responsive with each pedal stroke! My friend Rebecca has a bike very much like this and she eats the hills and makes it look so simple. Last night was one of those, "Ahhh, now I get it!" My bike is took big folks have told me and after riding the test bike, I'll agree. I didn't feel the road and bump and jump all over the place like I do on my regular bike.

More later... gotta get to work

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Geo, Governor Beebe's office is on the line for you.

"Yes ma'am?"
"Governor Beebe's Office is on the line."
(Laughing)"You're messed up!"
"I'm uh really serious, they are on the line."
(I'm thinking of picking up the line and saying "Yo baby!" but ditch the idea at the final second....)
"Hello, this is George"
"Mr. Cobb?"
"The is Governor Beebe's office..."

She goes on to tell me that I have been asked to serve on the Governor's Advisory Board for Newborn Hearing & Screening.

I forget to breath...

The phone call ends and I'm sitting in my office in shock. Did this really just happen?
Stop what you're doing and live the moment I tell myself. I can't relive the moment because it was surreal and I don't remember it.

Life these days is just magical! It is a true honor to be asked something that I feel so strongly about.

It's all for the kids!

Monday, April 02, 2007


This is my favorite ride of the summer. I ALWAYS have a good time on the CARTI ride!
Sign up at Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute

Yeah baby! I'll be test riding this jewel on the Tuesday night club ride.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It was a WooHoo sort of day!

Oh before I start... there is NO new bike! I thought it would be an early April Fools joke but no one reads the comments posted so it was a bust. I will have a bike out testing it Tuesday night on the club ride.

The rains ended Saturday afternoon so I got a nice 32 miles in but the rain brought out every bug in Arkansas to the river. I could not ride hard at all becasue the minute you open your mouth you'd get some tastey all natural protein. There were times when I would go through swarms of bugs.

Ok, yes I rode all day (well, after early services) and I ended wth 106 miles at 15.3 average. I felt really good the whole day until the very end and I took a big drink of some left over sports drink that was hot in one of my water bottles and about 15 minutes later my tummy went south. I forgot about hot sports drinks. Ugh!
I ran into Rebecca Irons out early and rode with her a little. Chris was with the team in NW Ark for the race. Fast Girls, Slow Guys did well it sounds like with fast girl Jo doing some smoking in the Ozarks! Way to go Jo baby! Wooooo! Brian was in the big crash but is fine. Bruised up a bit as is Loren (?) Jenny's daughter. Way to rock the race FGSG team!

Oops, got off subject... so I rode with half a dozen different folks today. It was really good to get out and see if the legs could handle the 100. They did great but the tummy incident really ticked me off as I was going to ride 4 more hours to sunset.

My first very brief stop was at the offices of Safe Foods ( It's the offices where my coach works. When you go to the website and the different screen change then when you see the smiling guy with the suit that has the title of Legal Guru then that's my coach. Don't let the smile fool you because if you have him for a coach he can "motivate" the snot out of you. Ok, honestly, he is an awesome coach!

My second stop of the day was while I was riding solo early and stopped at the state capitol. I never get close up to the place even though I drive in front of it every morning. I took a close look at the front of the capitol which is really a work of art then I rode over to the side and stopped at an memorial that I really wasn't expecting to have an effect on me but came very close to bringing tears to my eyes. The Little Rock Nine. This is a memorial to the first nine black students that went to Central High in 1957. It was a ... well, there really aren't words to dscribe it. It was a lesson, turning point, blessing, and hell all at the same time. Each of the nine have a plate with a quote. As I read the one from Ernest Green I stopped and looked beyond the trees to see the children's hospital. At that very moment it became very clear why I will ride for those kids. The quote is, "We wanted to widen the options for ourselves and more for our children." I want the kids to have a better shot at hearing technology as a child then I did. I want them to hear and to succeed. Ernest Green, thank you!

Later I caught up with some others and rode out the rest of the day with them until the end when I dropped off after spotting my niece Shannon on her way to a soccer game.
This was a guy out enjoying the river and super spring afternoon. Friends told me that I need to use THIS bike for our ride in June.

All in all it has been a great weekend!