Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh it's Thursday already?

The week has flown by even with this headache that is not going away. I kind you not... I got it on Sunday and it's still coming and going. When I comes it feels like I just bumped my head on something. It's weird awright. Ok, enough of the whah whah whah stuff.

I didn't ride tonight because when I left my office it was lightening and thundering so I passed. Well wouldn't you know it did hit here and the temps felt like late spring. By that was a missed opportunity there.

I'll miss the riding until Sunday evening at the earliest. I plan to go down to the folks early and start painting their house. Lucky for me they have a brick house so it's just the trim I need to paint.

well I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of fluff.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Monday

It's been a busy day both at the office and home.

It was just too hot to ride this afternoon. News was saying 103. I did some indoor chores and washed the pooch outside. She acts all uppity after her bath and drying. Serious, you can tell she feels a lot better.

I got my new CD in the mail today. It is Compliments of Gus CD titled "If this is end". It's really good! I had to order it from Australia because they're not on ITunes yet but suspect them to be before long. There is a song called "Rain Down" that is awesome! I'll be listening to it a lot. I found this band listening to Sonshine 95 which is Rodney Olsen who rides and is a DJ for their morning show.

Finding all these folks were completely by accident. I listen to Rodney at night here which is the NEXT morning there. It's really a good station. Sort of like K-Love is here but to me a LOT better mix.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One HOT pig!

I was one hot pig and not h-o-t as in Paris Hilton saying it.... no hot as in on the side of the road watching the buzzards circling sort of hot!

Ok in all serious... it really was not that bad. The first half of the Tour de Oink had trees for shade so it as very do-able. The part just past Adkins and my favorite 4H rest stop... well that's when the road turns to that chip and seal type road. Yes, that kind that makes you have religious moments.

My strategy worked very well. I told myself do not gun it from the start and blow all the energy on the first half hills. Save it for the fields. I've been to this ride 3 times and that field always gets me. Usually headwind. One year myself and JBar blew out on the field. He was talking about rolling at 12mph. That guy hasn't rolled that slow since he was an infant rolling over.

As usual the ones that shot out of the cannon were really feeling the love by about Adkins. I left the tunes off until I knew I was going to need a mental pick-me-up and that worked too. I put my head down and just watched the road for a while with the tunes playing. At times when no one was around I was just happy as a loon riding my bike through the country singing my songs. Life just wasn't getting much better.

It was funny how I remember different things during the ride. I remembered, Oh yeah, I'm about to pass a beauty shop that's out in the middle of no where. Or I remember there is a place along the side of the field where the river runs along and there is a big pile of old toilets. It was just funny stuff like that.

I rolled into town and went through the finish. I propped my bike up against the wall and got a piece of watermelon. then headed to the car. I was due in Benton to hang out with Dad for the afternoon. He's doing really good by the way. Thanks for the kind emails you guys! I appreciate you!

Here's the strange thing about the ride... I didn't know a single person. I spotted a lady I've seen on the river trail but other than that... no one. That was the strangest feeling. I did jump in on a couple of small groups but they seemed to be fast then really slow then fast again. Folks would fly past me then go 5 mph on top of the hill so I would end up passing them then they would blow past me again.

All in all... I had a good solid ride. I'm happy.

Normally I get a Monday ride in but we'll have to wait and see about tomorrow... they are calling for 102 degrees. It might just be a sub to bridge and back and that's it.

Life is good.... even if the bacon is burning.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday PM quick hit

Good ride this afternoon. Parked under the I-30 bridge in the shade! I headed out and was riding a nice 20mph and a guy I've not seen before came riding up we said howdy and he rode on. Yes, rode on with me going 20. I was planning on Ft Roots and he had turned too. I kept him on my scope then when I turned the 2nd switch back and looked up he was gone! I kid you not! The kid must have eaten the section from switch back to switch back for a late afternoon snack. He had on a red & white kit that had the words CAPPO on it. Whoever you are... man you're good!

I rode through the soccer area and boy, it's a big tourney coming. It's the US kids national! It's going to be a hot hot one for those players.

My dad fell backwards the other day which he never does... he stumbles forward some but never a flat out backwards fall. He hit a small decorative table and broke it. Also bruised his hip really bad but thank goodness it's not broke! Seems like we seniors break a hip then it's a long journey to any recovery. He can't put weight on it so we are taking turns being at the house. My turn is the next 2 Saturdays. My sister urged me to go to my Oink ride Saturday and then come afterwards so that's my plan. Next Saturday I will just go on down in the morning and stay all day. There are plenty of chores I can do down there anyway.

Yes, I've been watching the tour off and on... I still have fingers crossed for Cadel Evans.

Oh get this... someone killed a guy and dumped him on the I-30 river bridge at 3:45 this morning. Not off the bridge but on it. They never said if anyone ran over the body. Man, that's ike something from a movie.

Life is good... as long as it's in the shade.

Thursday AM quick hit

Busy and hot day here in the rock! No dogs will chase any cyclist today.

Favorite quote I read this morning:
That stuff is slippery-er than greased moose poop

Richard Machycek (owns Arkansas Cycling and Fitness) was interviewed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in April about the effect that river flooding can have on biking.

Plan to grab a ride after work today over on the river... sub to Cook's to 'round Burns to Ft Ruts to car... anything left then I'll ride along the river a bit more. Ahh, just remembered there is a huge soccer tourney in Burn's... may change course.

Heading to Morrilton Saturday for the Tour de Oink. It's a fun 40 miler through country and rolling hills. The deal is... Saturday is supposed to be a triple digit day. Got a couple of notable climbs nothing big but climbs none the less.

Life is good... in the shade.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good evening ride

I hit the river from the sub at 6 and had a good ride. Rode the north side and then looped Burns Park for my hill work. There were more bikes out this evening than I remember for most Sunday's. Looks like a big soccer tourney is about to come in. There are festival tents and portable buildings up and all the goals are in the parking lot and they are doing some heavy watering.

Just saw Weather Channel a second ago and the high tomorrow is a big sunny 99 degrees.

What? On a Sunday afternoon!?

I just woke up! I kid you not! I fell asleep on the sofa while watching Tour de France. Oh y'all forgive me... it was a moment of weakness. Ahhhh! I've blown afternoon!

Plan "B"... hit either the river for a ride around 6-ish or ride the hood and maybe slip over to Batesville Pike.

I NEVER take naps... not even as a kid... Momma can I get up now?!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thanks DWonn

DWonn is an Ironman... a local guy.. big heart, big smile, everyone loves him.
So why am I thanking him? Because he is a great POSITIVE influence.
He had a little trouble on his last Ironman and I read where someone made a comment something like, "All that training and then this happens. Got to be disappointed." You know what his answer was? "Not at all. I got in great shape and trained with some outstanding people and made a lot of new friends" Ok, it's not a quote but it is the idea and it was something like that. He says, and this is a quote, "All rides are good!"

There is one other piece I picked up from him. He was training and once sent out an email about, "I will not be drafting today. It's an all effort ride." I've used that the passed two Saturday's now. Oh trust me I draft with the best of them and why not but if you are going to train then it needs to be you either doing the pulling for the group or grabbing a solo ride. David has me thinking different these days.

Thanks David... I appreciate you!

I got in a 42 miler today and it was a good ride! I rode the river then out to the farmlands and tried to get lost so I would have to ride until I found my way back. It's a way to make myself ride more miles. Crazy, I know! I didn't stop until I got back around the bike rental shop. It was a continuous effort ride until that. After I stopped for a moment I started heading back to the car at the soccer fields in Burns Park but suddenly I turned and found myself climbing Ft Roots. It wasn't a fast climb or my best by any means but it was a good climb after the farmlands.

By the time I got back to the car it was around 10 and man oh man were there a LOT of people on the trail. Lots of bikes...lots! I waved and said howdy to folks along the way. It's funny how when my friends put on helmets and shades they all look alike.

The rest of the day was spent out in the heat working on my house. My grass is growing! We cut that tree down in the front and the wave petunias have gone insane... growing everywhere and really looking nice. I go over to the lock and dam and get unwashed river sand and pour it lightly in my yard and the grass loves it! Free sand! But don't get it for your kids sandbox like I did years and years ago. It's so fine that you never get it all off the kiddos.

Got a couple of new tunes added to my training Ipod play list... Green Grass and High Tides by the Outlaws. I loved this song in high school and it's still a great tune.

Life is good,,, hey it's the weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Great ride

Just a quick hit... It's Friday!!

Had a great ride after work yesterday. I got over to the sub then headed over and ended up with FGSG group. I really had planned to work on hills as a solo but decided at the last minute to ride on over to their start point. Got to see several of the old school. It was great to see JBar back out there and staying with the fast group even after being off the bike for a few. Jen Shaw was there as well as her fast as lightening husband Chris. Jen leaves today for RAGBAI (not sure if I said that right). It's called "rag-by". It's the big multi day ride across Iowa. It's also a big fundraiser for Liverstrong.

I sat on the back of the group (as usual...ha!) and even wasn't the last one up Ft Roots. After we came down the fast group has already circled the parking lot and was heading out. I broke off at that point and headed back to the car... so I thought. I ended up riding back to Ft Roots to climb some more. I can really tell the difference when I ride with the Ipod going. I really climb better with the music distraction... then the battery died. Bummer! All I could hear after that was my heavy breathing... sounded like an prank phone call.

Yes I am riding early tomorrow. I'm thinking from the house down North Hills then River Trail then the back way buy Camp Robinson to the house. Everyone will be riding early tomorrow due to the heat.

Life is good... even in the heat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aww man... a BAD CI moment!

It was a bad CI moment but it wasn't anyone's fault but my own.

I head out to meet the guys and see if I could at least keep up. My warm up ride to the ride was rocking along at 20mph. I felt good and strong.

Got to the ride start point and talked to Yale and Rebecca for a few then over to see how skinny Chris (Ironman) has gotten over th past few weeks. 17 lbs off! Awesome. JMar came up and I was thinking man this guy has dropped a few too. Come to find out he has dropped 25lbs.

We grouped all up and started out and we rolled nice along the way then finally hit the road and the pace picked up. I was in the back but was holding steady with them. We climbed a short hill and I was still there. Then I felt it... on no... come on CI stay in place. The on and off connection can make a CI user go insane. It's like a transmitter buzzing in and out. I reached up and the thing was hanging on my helmet strap. I had to pull out and fix it. Finally got it half good and thought maybe just maybe I can catch the job if some had slowed up a tad. As I was riding along a long lost stranger named Keith Hill came buzzing by and I jumped on his back wheel and we cranked it out at 23mph for a while. Then it happened again. OK, I'm ticked now!

There is a small piece of CI tape that wasn't sticking tonight and because of that I had to abandon. It's really funny how a very small piece of tape can change a man's whole attitude from rider to whinny little pig! HA! I just didn't as much tape these time and I paid for it.

But all in all it was a GREAT ride with the gang. I think there were 35 of us at the start. I got to see lots of friends I've not seen in awhile as well as a lot of people I've never seen before. When you can keep up with those kids, even in the back, then you know you are riding stronger! It was just what I needed!

Oh yeah, before I forget... very very happy anniversary wishes to Chris and Rebecca Irons! I cracked up when Chris said he was going home and having a nutri-shake by candle light tonight. That's the spirit!

Life is good... especially when friends celebrate anniversaries!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Climbing( gasp) up(gasp) Batesville( gasp) Pike (gasp)

OK, I confess, I day dreamed in church. It was just one of those Sundays. Pouring down rain and where I sit in the crows nest the rain is just above my head and good ole CI picks up that sound really well... even turned all the way down! Oh y'all don't act like it's never happened to you. HA!

We grabbed a quick bite at Applebee's then home. Terri is in post-convention mod so that means be quite and don't mess with her nap. I've learned over the years. See wives, can teach husbands a few things. I know I know dear... don't put that stoneware thing-a-ma-gig in the dishwasher... I'm learning.

So after an hour my food seemed settled and I headed out. Batesville Pike here I come! It was Sunday afternoon "we need to go to WalMart" time on the back road but as usual folks were very good to me. As busy as that one stretch is they have always been good drivers.

I tried to save all the energy I could for the climb but I do have a climb to get there as well. But then this is my hood so either to are climbing or coasting... that's the city of Sherwood and North Little Rock. HA!

When I stood to climb my chain slipped a couple of times but I figured the problem and was able to correct while riding. It's always so funny when people pass me climbing back there. If there is a passenger they will almost always turn completely around to see if they really saw someone riding a bike up that hill. I was so glad there was no headwind climbing today. Seems there always is and there have been times it almost made me get off and push.... usually in the early spring. You know, those gusty 25mph winds.

You know how I talk about when my heart rate is up and I seem to hear better? Boy, was I hearing on that ride! Whoa!

I've got to fine something that will keep the sweat out of my eyes!! I don't really want to wear a headband but I may have to.

I read my emails late this afternoon and found out I missed the "Plan B" for the PoP ride that was scheduled this morning. I could have rode with my buds and ate afterwards. I'm missing the guy pretty bad this days. But I keep telling myself, I'm training good on these hills and it will help me to ride much better when I do get to ride with those juvenile delinquents. Oh heck yeah, they are all younger than me. Serious I think there are only a couple that are older.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Training and Echo Conference

Rolled out this morning but too late to catch most of the group rides. I spotted a training ride for the BDB 100 I think that was grouping up about the time I rode past the sub. There was the River City 5K finishing up and what a crowd! That run seems to get bigger every year.

I knew I really wanted to return to the farmlands so I did... solo. I have been experimenting with this New Zealand drink called Honet Juice. I got a couple free samples and tried it out a few evenings ago. Jimmy-the-cricket! When the ride was finished my legs felt fine. Here I was with sweat stinging my eyes and so much dried on my sunglasses and I had repeated Ft Root 4 times and rode the trail and I still felt this good? Gimme another hit! I will be the first to say that I will have to cut it with some juice our something. It's a tad strong but boy did it rock!

Back to the solo ride. As I was heading out I spotted the Hotter than Hell training ride coming back in. They had a nice group. Then there were small groups of 4-5 riders coming in. I just cranked it out and was thrilled to look down and see 20mph almost every time.

Coming back in I had some headwind but just dropped down on the bars and kept it going. I felt stronger today than almost any ride this year. It's great to be back out there!

When the ride came to a complete stop... I was over by the dog park. The first thing I noticed was the ski dock out in the middle of the competitive water ski park. Man did I ever want to go dive in and swim out to it but swimming is not allowed in this part of the Arkansas River.

Spent the rest of the day working around the house. I get to play chef tonight in our kitchen!
Now ya start with a stick of budd-ah...

Hey I'm all registered for the Echo Conference ( in Dallas! I'm really getting excited about this! Some of the best worship media and marketing people in the country are going to be speaking or conducting breakouts and labs. I had planned to fly but by the time I go to the airport, wait the customary 2 hours, fly an hour, spend 30 minutes trying to get off, another 30-45 minutes renting a car, finding the car then finding the hotel... shoot I could have driven and been there by then. There is a Watermark studio tour as part of the pre-conference perks. I love Watermarks media. The afternoon has Media Shout lab which I will probably go to. I use Easy Worship but hear a lot of good things about Media Shout. Lunch and Dinner are both part of the package. Then at 7 one of my favorites will speak... Mark Batterson. I've been a lurking to his blog for almost a year now. Other guys I can't wait to see are Phil Cooke, Tim Stevens and Cameron Ware! Check out Cameron's church! It's mind blowing fantastic!! Cameron is to me the greatest in church visual worship graphics.

Life is good... especially with a thundershower so I don't have to turn on the sprinklers!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blog changes

Be watching for some blog changes coming up. One thing I'm going to do is get all those tags going so folks that log in who just want to see CI or hearing entries can or if they just want to see bike.... Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boyz night out

So Terri at convention, Em babysitting and yes Tyler and I hit the movie after work! I had a health screening last week and part of it for getting 'er done by July 18th was a 10 dollar Rave movie card. So Tyler and I both wanted to see Wanted and we did. Yes, it's rated R and yes they say some bad things and there is a couple of very racy scenes but if you can get past that... it is an AWESOME fun movie! Tyler's bosses son was in Chicago and helped a bit on the movie. It's a nerd turns Jame Bond movie.

There was a sound in the movie theater and I kept thinking, "What is wrong with my hearing aid?! No it's my CI! No it's neither! It's really a cricket talking very loud in the room! It was crazy. After the movie Ty thought he was going to have to leave it got so loud. It was a CI moment... in a good & bad way.

Tomorrow is Friday... life is good so get up and dance! Come on everyone!!!

Workin' for the weekend!

Workin' for the weekend! Love that song... still!

There are several rides up for grabs for the weekend! There is Miss Vick's Century which is a fun ride through the country. It's also a great mix of folks. Starts Saturday morning at 7 over at Willow Park.

There is a dandy 60 miler heading out from the sub about 7. These folks are building up for the ride over in Texas (Hotter than Hell 100 in August). Been there done that and almost dies out in the middle of no where! It was record high temps that year and was 100 degrees by 11 that morning.

Sunday has the Lolli-POP. This is one of the funnest rides around! Everyones best pal Robb heads up this puppy and you get to climb a mountain. Since it's on Sunday and it's my month to do media at church services I have to pass. Bummer! I could use the training so bad. It's also a "no drop" ride so that means you aren't left out along some country road all hot and sweating while the bears and panthers and wolves stalk you. The end of the ride goes into a lake. Oh but let me tell you about the end of the ride... you turn off of the smooth road on to this grainy paved road. It's just enough to mess with you mentally but the road seems to go on forever! Many of us have had "Come to Jesus" moments there at the end. Yes, it's crazy insane. But then Robb has this great saying... The faster you pedal the sooner the pain stops.

I ordered a CD for the land downunder. It's a great band called Compliments of Gus. They aren't on ITunes yet but said they should be there in about a month. Ok, guess what the price of a CD is when the currency changes from US dollars to AUS? 24.95!!! Yikes. Makes me miss my 9.99 ITune CD downloads. But hey, they are a new band and I enjoy the tunes. I had actually heard them while listening to Rodney Olsen on Sonshine 95 over in AUS. He played the tune and they have it set up where you can click on the band that is playing or had just played and get website info and such. I emailed o the contact us link and within minutes I got a reply. Holy smokes... it was one of the band. He even sent me "Your Eyes" tune with his email. Thanks Jared!

Terri is at convention this week and Em is babysitting so I'm meeting Tyler over at his office and we're going to see Wanted and then grab some food afterwards. Nice to have an adult son to do stuff like this with. Since he is a video motion graphics pro he will probably talk all the way through the flick telling me how they did all the effects. HA!

We got one of those hot afternoon thunder storms that kicked the lights out in several downtown areas this afternoon. It's going to feel like the Amazon when I leave in a moment.

Life is good...even when you can't figure out what ride to do!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hey big CI buddy!

Shout out to my ACH hall way CI buddy!

I was walking through the Audio clinic the other day and spotted one of our pro's working with a CI guy. I could tell what was going on due to the therapist with her dry erase board. Krista did the same to me when I was having my speech sessions right after I was activated.

At first I walked by because she was having a session and I didn't want to disrupt it. I went on in the clinic and when I came out a few minutes later they were right by the door. I just smiled and started headed down the hall back to my office again not wanting to mess with the session. Then it hit me... you know, you could be coming across as snobby. Oh no... not me! I stopped and turned and walked back to my CI friend. He just looked at me for a moment not knowing why this man was looking at him. Then I turned my head and pointed to my CI. His face lit up and he smiled real big. We did a great high five and I gave him thumbs up. That just made my day!

Also shout out to ACH Abby! Hope your new "stereo" is working great for you!

Life is good thanks to Advanced Bionics and Unitron!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday madness

Aww crud, I didn't get to ride today. Actually I was on the bike and heading out and then it was such bad mojo I turned around and went back to the car and loaded back up. Emmy had had a wreck in her car a little while before. It was very minor but it really upset her. I taught her how to file an insurance claim this evening. Ah, teaching a life lesson...

Not much else...

Life is still good, even with a bumper blump

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Training my wheels off!

Now that life has settled down a moment for me I got in some good riding! I headed out July 4th morning and had a great ride. Well after I stopped acting a fool and fixed my bike while riding. I do the dumbest things sometime. My front brake was a tad too tight so it was like riding with my brake on for 7 miles. Actually, it was good that I did that since it made for a more intense training session and man after I release the brake I was moving along good. It was like turned from headwind to a strong tailwind.

On the way back I just was having too good of a time and turned opposite from where my car was and took one like hill. I rode the backside of Burn's. I was not attacking the hill at all and had my tunes playing in one ear and listening for cars in the other. I kept thinking I was hearing a clicking noise. Sure enough a couple of Carve riders smoked my tuna on the climb. I busted out laughing when they passed. Now here's the nice part... I caught up with them at the top of the hill and it was one of the guys who work at the crit races, Chris S. He has something to do with video but I've never asked him what he does or who he works for. He is a really nice guy. Always friendly. Super rider. As I got to the top of the hill I saw a group down a little way but never saw them catch up. I'm sure they had been hammering it out there and were taking it easy. These guys don't know what slow means!

Back over to the river and it was wall to wall people. Everyone out having a good time for the 4th.

This morning I headed out about 7:30 and enjoyed another great ride. Legs were not tight like I expected so I give them a run at it. I did some repeats of Ft Roots and some sprint drills. My first climb up Roots was pathetic! I was gasping for air at a stinking 6mph in places. Wha?! The next 2 climbs were much better! I got a thumbs up from a rider who I passed going down as he was climbing then as he was coming down I was climbing back up again and it was a nice little perk.

I wanted to head out west and ride but I'm being a real snot with my gas these days. That's sad.

Well, I'm excited to have time tomorrow to go out and ride yet again! I keep thinking... farmlands! But then I feel like I need the climbing work to get my legs back.

I'm doing better on my eating, thanks to Chris! You are an inspiration my man! A real inspiration! Terri did pick up some homemade cookies from the Farmers Market today by the Amish. We found them last year. I did eat one so I have to work that nasty thing off tomorrow.

Hey the Tour de France started today! Oh yeah! I whole month of bike racing on TV everyday!

Life is good... even with a cookie in my mouth!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have air!

The good folks were here and working all day. I have a new air system that blows so hard it moves my gelled up hair!

Now you ready for my "I got a new toy and got carried away photo?"

My neighbor actually did most of this for me. He is a crackerjack with a chainsaw! He could say right where it would land. Unbelievable skill. I thought one time it would hit the house but he knew it was going to swing and not touch it. After it was all over, he laughed and said , "Hey that was fun. Thanks for letting me do it!" Would not take any money or anything. Now that's a neighbor!

Here are a couple other photos I meant to post after our Destin trip. My bike was on top of the van and these are bugs from the Arkansas Delta. You should have seen our car!