Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh and here's another new blog!

I love it!! Sarah, who is one of my favorite folks in the world has a blog too and I'm linking hers up as well. Her and her husband Aaron are primo cyclist. On day we were out in the farmlands and Aaron pulled and pulled and pulled into the headwinds and then he raised his fist as "I beat you wind ... I beat you!" It was a great day.

Look over to the right and click on Sarah's blog and read up... trust me, it will be great adventure reading!

Couple of new blog links for you

Look over to the right and you'll notice a couple of new blogs linked up. Jo and DWonn are both outstanding tri-athletes and that is really an understatement. Jo just started her blog so now she is even more on the "dark side". HA! DWonn is our rock star! Everyone goes to him for advice. When everyone finishes a hard ride leave it to DWonn (Obee Wonn) to smile and say, "Ok, let's run!" Dwonn also has a mass of photos so if you want to see visuals of the Little Rock Tri scene, his blog would be the place.

Jump over there and read up and leave them a note!

Life is great!!!! I mean it is Friday!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday evening quick hit...

The training ride felt really good today. I got 34.97 miles in. I got out there a little early and rode awhile then met up with the crew for the usual Thursday evening ride. Since I was warmed up I was able to stay with the gang until the Ft Roots hill. Fat boy here has to work on that awhile. I will need to go out and do some repeats. I do admit I enjoy climbing hills better than the fast down hill runs. I know, that's messed up.

I've really gotten a lot of nice emails and conversations about the new ride. Thanks friends!

My new training tunes are coming together nicely! Grabbed the new tune "Train" by 3 Doors Down. Heard a new tune lately... let me know so I can add it to the playlist.

Big weekend ahead... Saturday morning I'll be parked at the registration table for the crits, then I hope to get a ride in myself then Emmy's graduation (I hope I don't get all teary eyed).

**CI Moment** This is for once not a good CI Moment but one nevertheless... I was finishing up and I turned my head and I felt the cover cap come off the magnet. I put my hand up there but it had already flown off. Well when I put my hand up there I bumped the processor and I felt the battery disconnect. Oh crap oh crap oh crap... I'm going to drop the whole thing!! Stop! No wait... unlock your shoes from the pedals... do this now! Wobbling but done! I turn around and the battery lands in the grass. Thank goodness for small miracles! I pull the bike out of the way... it's a very busy trail this evening! I start walking back to about where I thought the cap came off. Half a dozen bikes come by and I figured the cap would be crushed but would you believe it was sitting perfectly fine. Not even a scratch! I guess I'll be taping the good ole CI to my head again with that wig tape. that stuff is sticky!

Life is good!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This riding stuff is fun... again

I got it a whopping 42 miles yesterday afternoon. I was off half the day and got out to ride about 3 and loved having the trail mostly to myself for awhile. I could tell when folks were getting off from work because it was a slow steady build of riders and runners.

I felt like me again. By that I mean it used to take me about 15 miles just to feel warmed up when I was on the bike daily. It felt like that yesterday. I did down and back on the north side and when I finished that I felt as if I was finally ready to ride so I did. This past spring I would do down and back and say that was it for the day.

I do have a "major concert announcement" (love it when the radio stations do that).
I'm going to do an epic ride again... in 2009. I started plotting and planning several weeks ago and it's beginning to become more and more public so here you go... the details...
May 1st 2009 I plan to ride the NLR/LR River Trail for 24 hours as a fundraiser for the kids of Arkansas Children's Hospital. The funds will go to the Audiology and Speech department. I'm meeting the the PR/Marketing/Audiology Team for stategy planning soon!

Here's the FAQ (Frequent asked questions) so far:
What made you decide? I knew I was not in shape this year and I will not fail this event. Not having an event to train for was making me nuts!

Will you have a jersey for the event? Oh yeah! Jon has already agreed to design it. He is the guy who designed the River-2-River one. It will have a River Trail theme. If you go to Destin this summer chances are if you buy a really cool t-shirt then you just purchased his work.

How much? How much what... oh money? I don't know... more than my last two put together! I'm pushing for this one.

But it's at the first of the spring... what about training through the winter? That my friend is going to take some serious dedication! I'm moving the trainer to the den so that I can never watch TV unless I'm on the bike. I will be ready... trust me!

Who's your coach and what is he making you do? Rance is my coach for this ride. Since he works here at the hospital as the director of the fitness center it just makes sense. I also have several friends I plan to beg for advice. Rance already has me on core training which he hammered me on for my "Round the state" ride. If I don't train, he will call me on it.

Why May 1st... that's on a Thursday. Yep, it's a special Thursday. My 50th birthday and I wanted to make it memorable. None of this black balloon and getting old crap. I mean what better way to celebrate an epic birthday than with an epic ride!

Why the River Trail? Because it's local. This will be by far the easiest to put together. Anyone can jump in an ride as much or as little as they want to. If you want to donate great and if you can't, I'm more than happy that you would take the time just to come ride in support of the hospital.

I can't wait... y'all come on and ride with me!
Life is good... on the bike!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The transformation of Chris

Chris has been a pal of mine for several years now. You've heard me talk about him. Nice guy with a big heart of gold. Actually both Chris and his wife Rebecca are two of the most kind and generous folks you'd ever meet. No, nothing bad happened to them... Chris has branched out and started a blog. Oh I just realized... look at my entry about Killer Buzz and the black t-shirt guy is Chris.

Check out his blog... ** Note to fellow blogger Wes.... you'll love this one! Yes, it's an Ironman blog**

Y'all jump over there and read up:

Now on a different note... what's up with the weather? Oh I forgot, it's Arkansas... you know the tag line... Don't like the weather, well stick around and it changes. I got ready to ride yesterday and walked out to hear it thunder. Back in the house I go. I won't ride thunderstorm rides. Today I have a half day off (it came with winning that award). It keeps getting dark then light so I'm going to make a run for it here in about 30 minutes.

Life is good... especially when you have a 1/2 day off!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paula Deen Show in Tunica

Terri and I drove over to Tunica for the afternoon to Harrahs where we dashed through the smoke filled casino into the event center to see Paula Deen. I had bought Terri tickets and gave them to her for mothers day. We had great seats on the fifth roll almost center aisle. It was really really funny. She had her husband, brother, aunt, her business guy and another guy. They really just sat around telling family stories but it was tummy hurting funny. She tells it like it is.

Aferwards we went upstairs to the new Paula Deen restaurant and had to stand in line to get a ticket to come back and stand in line again. The show got out about 3:15 and we got in to eat about 4:30. It was worth the wait! There are 5 different stations and it's huge. There is Lady and Sons, Uncle Bubba (her brother), Paul's Garden (Her grandmother named Pauline I think), A smokehouse and a dessert station which I tried to put out of business! Peanut butter pie like I've never had before! I will be riding a long way tomorrow to get rid of this damage! HA! I also had a piece of the fried chicken she is famous for.

All in all it's been a fun day!

Life is good y'all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

River Trail video

This make a take a moment to load... sort of long.

Enjoy a little sample of the River Trail
I'm not sure what this section of forest is called.
I've always called it the Emerald Forest due to the Emerald Trail coming off of it.

Killer Buzz -- Go buy some!

I worked the registration table this morning for the Carve Crit series. It was great to be back out there socializing with the big dogs. These guys are super nice and always appreciative of the little dogs like me who work behind the scenes.

I did get to see an awesome sprint to the finish by Robert Mooney. It was one that would have been a great video to put on youtube. Smokin' I tell you!

While we were watching the top racers Killer Buzz ( energy drink folks came around giving out free ice cold samples. Good stuff! I thought it would be fun to make a little homemade video so here you go! After you watch it go buy some... yeah, a case would be good!

Wanna be Buzz models!
(Note to Chris (black shirt) -- GOOD LUCK in the 1/2 Ironman in a couple of weeks!)

Cat 1, 2, 3 racers creating a buzz!

Justin and ___I'll think of it in a sec *sorry!*___ from Killer Buzz.
Super nice folks and great reps for the product.
Great vehicle and product packaging. Very cool logo!

I made it back to the house and got busy with the honey-do list. Tyler came over and got us all hooked up to a wireless network. I know, I'm 20 years behind on this. The funny part was that when he was hooking us up he was telling me that we have a lot of wireless signals showing. OK so I'm the last in the hood to go wireless... sigh.

Spoke to the folks and everyone is getting more exciting about the big family trip to Destin this year. Man, I am ready to park my tail under the umbrella and soak up the sun. Oh and yes, I am going to take some Killer Buzz with me. Serious, I really like this stuff. I've felt great all afternoon.

The pop up t-storm has moved on now so I've got to get back with it.

Congrats again to all the Carve crit series racers!

Life is good!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Check back later for some cool stuff!

I have a really fun video I shot while riding last evening. It's sort of ends like Cloverfield meets bike riding.

Ride of Silence was nice the other night. Lots of folks came out to support. I rode for "Michael 1993".

Last night I met up with the Fast Girls Slow Guys group and oh my goodness!!! These kids are in smoking form right now. I got dropped and expected as much but thought they they were going on down the road and then coming back to climb the hill but oh no as I rounded the corner at the top there they sat. Oh the shame to be the less man up. And as always when that poor soul gets to the top the rest are ready to head back down the hill at complete insane speeds.

I caught up at the bottom since I didn't cruise at 55mph down the hill and rode along. I was having fun and enjoying just keeping up once again then it got faster and faster. Last time I looked down it was 22mph. These kids were chatting like they were sitting still... I was coughing up my lungs.

Speaking of coughing, a bug flew right in my mouth not 5 minutes into the ride and I had to stay with the group and couldn't hardly drink or cough.

More later...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Misspelt...misspelled... whatever it is I do it well

Everyone knows I misspell words. I type fast to "get 'er done" and most of the time push the post button and go on with life.

Ok, so I have a tagline "Life is good". I put this on my blogs and even letters and emails.
So here is a little laugh for you this afternoon...
I have sent out different versions of Life is good due to not reading before sending...
Welcome to Geo's world of typos!
1) Lie is good
2) Lie if good
3) Life is goo
and my favorite typo...
4) Life is god

My most embarassing typo when to a VP who is also a friend with a sense of humor...
Ready for this? It's really tacky...
It should have said "I don't have any open slots"
It came out as (PG13)
"I don't have any open sluts"
She called my office laughing and laughing.
I wanted to crawl under my desk for a week....

If you can't laugh at yourself... who can you laugh at... actually a name came to mind but...

Life is good!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Always a team effort

I always surround myself with good folks. I like folks with a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves as much as I can laugh at them! I like friends good enough to push me to do better and call me on it when I foul. I like friends who I could tell something in confidence to and know it's sealed and I like knowing that my friends feel the same with me. Sometimes it's hard to keep quite about something when someone comes and ask but it's part of the trust bond.

Sorry, I got off the subject... you know... surrounding yourself with good people. OK, so anyway, I went to this lunch deal a couple of days ago and was awarded the highest honor given out at the hospital. I would not have written about this but someone I live with threatened me if I didn't blog it. I prefer backstage to limelight. The Care, Love and Hope award was presented to me by deal friends and coworkers. They cried when they told their stories about things I had done. It was embarrassing. After they got finished and called my name everyone was on their feet clapping and clapping and clapping. Dr. Bates (hospital CEO) came up to me and talked a few and I told him that this was an "us" award not a "me" award. I told him many people get me to where I am and he firmly said this was a "Geo" award and well deserved. It was all surreal.

Ok, so I got the award but it is really an "us" award... all of you get me to where I am... yes even you lurkers who read this. HA!

My little sister also got an award much bigger than mine. She is a school nurse and was awarded School Nurse of the Year for the state of Arkansas. WAY TO GO BARB! She deals with little kids barf, cuts and snot all day long and smiles about it... get real! HA!

Tonight is the Ride of Silence at 7 honoring all the cyclist who have been killed or seriously injured in wrecks with autos. We ride 2 up and keep it at about 10-12 mph and no one says a word. It's a moving event (no pun intended).

Destin is only 23 days away! I am so looking forward to a huge family vacation!

Life is good!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Riding once again!

Oh that felt good! I knocked out the meeting I had this morning and was on the bike by 1 and just finished up. It felt great to be back out there on the bike! This was the first time I got to use my new IPod. I had an MP3 player but now I have the real deal.

There was a new bike bridge that opened down by the sub and it was PACKED down there. I think there was also a BBQ fest going on at the end of the boat ramp area.

I paced myself behind a guy I didn't know but it wasn't a draft type ride. I stayed back far enough to have to work myself in the headwinds but having someone up ahead kept me focused on a fitness type ride rather than a look at the pretty flowers ride.

**CI Moment** I finally used the wig tape on my CI to hold everything in place. My helmet seems to bump the mag connection so the problem is now solved! By the way I always take my CI and hearing aid off after my rides and disconnect the battery on the CI and open the case on the Unitron and most of the time I ride home with the windows down (10 minute drive). The air helps dry them a bit and with the hearing aid it helps air out my ear as well preventing infections.

I always put a fun slide at the end of the church services and tomorrow for the second service it has "Have a great afternoon" which all of them say that but tomorrow is a shot of the bike trail with a few bikes on it. There are several roadies in the crowd so I suspect they will turn around and give me a smirk or a smile. Just taking care of the buds, what can I say?! HA!

It's way to nice to be in the house on a computer so I'm outta here!

Life is good!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanks Disney!

It's been a little over a week since my return from Disney but I'm still on the clouds. I have worked better this week and had a better thought process. Just looking at the way I did things verses need to do things.

OK the "Thanks Disney" part. Like everything they do they think ahead. They have these FM type systems so when we would go to the parks for class Chris or Pam could talk and we could all still hear them over all the other noise. I was able to plug my Unitron hearing aid directly in. I could have plugged in the CI but I forgot the chord I needed. I was able to hear everything from the class and the instructors took time to be sure I could hear without pointing me out (even though it was all coworkers). They were just a class act!

Today was/is National Bike To Work day and I missed it! I thought about the guys all the way to work and hoped that I would get to see the massive group of bikes coming down the road in the downtown area. I just has stuff booked from the moment I walked in until just now.

I'm eating chips and drinking a Dr Pepper for lunch and blogging. As soon I I knock this out my afternoon is just as insane.

Weather this weekend is going to be awesome or as I sometimes say "wesome". As soon as I finish my meeting tomorrow I plan a good long ride. I need it really bad. Serious... really bad.

Indiana Jones comes out next week!! OH YEAH!

It's Friday afternoon so life is soooooo good! Have a great weekend y'all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Media and church

Oh this title perked up a few ears.... I have a meeting Saturday morning (I'll ride afterwards) and what's cool about this meeting is that all the different leaders are coming together. I get to been under one of my favorite guys and someone I really look up to, Winston Horton. Media and sound and other parts of the Church service will be grouped. I've been encouraged a lot to have more video in services. The bar is raising!! They want to know what I think so I'll tell them if you want this church to grow the market to the community. You have a massive crowd out there of 20, 30 and 40 somethings but the service has got to be moving. I admit we are getting there as far as progressive goes and I'm as happy as a loon! We have a visually exciting service, our sound is good for the most part... we're still working on it. We installed flat screens in the back so the back pews can see a crisp screen of whats on the large screen in the front. We have since Easter had stage props. It works! A couple of weeks ago Kevin, our youth guy, spoke about "Get out of the boat" and guess what was on the stage? You got it... a boat. The thing was leaned up against the wall. It got the crowds curiosity and interest up! Greg and I put together a great baseball set which sadly will be coming to an end this month. We have had members bringing their cameras to church to take pictures of the props! I seat in the crows nest and laugh when this happens. Even the senior members are loving it. It was thinking outside the box...
Can't wait for Saturday!

Sylvan Hills are heading to Fayettville this Saturday to claim ANOTHER state championship against Watson Chapel. Emmy is heading up that way for the game. We have too much other stuff going on and that's a bummer because I really world like to see this game.

My guys from Rock Racing had a last minute schedule change and didn't make it over to race last weekend so I was glad I didn't go up. I was going to stay with my neice but her twins got sick as dogs so i'm glad I missed out! HA!

Rain is leaving us again...finally! Weekend is looking wesome! Thinking about a ride to Keo (the farmland). They've been hit with tornados... but then where in Arkansas hasn't been hit?!

Life is good!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Disney -- the rest of the story

Some of this I'm really writing for myself just so I don't forget.

The rest of the Disney trip-- I got to see the Disney laundry which for ALL of those resorts they only have 9 washers. I kid you not. Of course they are the size of a city bus. I saw the place where all the employees get their uniforms. They check them out like in a super center.
I had to analyze an area and chose the Tower of Terror. I can feel you it is safe and the cast members are great.

The flight home was along the Fl east coast which surprised me. A beautiful flight. We arrived in LR just as the storms got here. We have some friends who where flying in from Denver and finally got to LR at 3am. They were supposed to be here at 7pm.

**CI Moment** I did not have to remove the hearing aid or the CI at security check in. The AB Ci and Unitron HA did not make the alerts go off. Of course my Christmas ornimate that was clear glass with a castle inside about shut down the line. It's not a snow globe guys... let me go. My package ended up having to be a training item for several screeners. They like me take it but they all had to look to see what a ornament without water looks like on the xray. Better safe than sorry. Always glad to help out the Feds out keeping our skies safe. I know... that's a stretch huh?!

Ok...up to present day... Car broke down. Bummer! I hate car trouble and I'm not a mechanically inclined person at all when it comes to motors. Terri and Em left church to meet Ty for Mothers Day lunch after church and I had to turn off the computer equipment that runs the service so I was a few minutes behind them. As I was going down the road my car went into slo-mo. The harder I pushed on the gas the slower I would go. I ended up leaving it and having it towed in today. They have just started working on it this afternoon. OK, y'all who pray... do it now please. It have a feeling it's going to take my June family vacation money. Is that the way thinks always happen? I come across extra money and try and save it up and something out of the ordinary happens. Oh well... who needs to eat in Destin anyway huh?! HA! 34 days until depart!

Today's CI Moment***
I had the pestering pain at my CI mag site and it bothered me last night. I don't really ever remember having any pain around the mag site other than a tad while healing. I stopped by Jordan the audio guru's office on the way back from a meeting and she removed a mag. I had the overloaded version because of my "fat head" (thick scalp). I actually had one mag more than recommended but hey, I had to have to stick...right? It has severed me well since activation day back in December. I'm not sure if it's a mental thing but I would almost swear this is lighter without the extra mag. The thing is the size of a tick so it couldn't weigh much. (How was that for a visual?! HA!) The CI is staying put and I even did yard work after dinner and it never moved.

So this past weekend was the Pro bike race in Fayettville. I was so bummed out that I didn't get to go then today I noticed no one was talking about Rock Racing on the boards. Hmmm. I found out they pulled out at the last minute and stayed in CA racing. Boy was I glad I didn't drive up 3 hours for that. I was really looking forward to seeing the bad boys of bike racing in action in my home state. They have their company store opening a week from today! I'm thinking new bike jersey! I've not bought a new jersey in a while.

Oh yesterday after lunch I got my son Tyler hooked on Meekat Manor! Love that show. I didn't know that Flower had been bitten on the head by a viper and died. I bet the folks who film that cried. She was the leader for four years. It was funny how they gave her such a personality. Thanks for making us laugh Flower... we'll miss you!

Hey you other blogspot bloggers... question... do you have a option to add old posting links? I can see it in the options but there is not icon to activate it. I was wanting to have a CI section so folks can bypass all my yakking and get straight to the days on first having my CI.

Life is so good!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Disney Institute -- Day 2

What a breakfast spread! Even had Mickey Mouse waffles if you wanted.

After a great breakfast with fresh orange juice we got busy with presentations and then got to see the backstage areas and tunnels at the Magic Kingdom. Chris did an awesome job showing us some of the unique business practices and pointing out the attention to detail that makes a trip to the Magic Kingdom magical.

Everything is so coordinated that it was mind blowing. No, I'm serious. Did you know that on Main Street that a horse poops and they call in a "house dump" on Main Street and they wait 8 minutes then clean it up? It has to do with the smell is part of a smell you would expect on a turn of the century Main Street. They don't let people step in it or anything.

We spent the rest of the day at our conference area at the Boardwalk and was released to go play at 3:30. Everyone met in the lobby and we headed over to Epcot. After riding a couple of rides we got to eat at Marackka (sp?). It was Morocco food and really good! I really liked the "rice stuff" that came with my chicken kabobs. I also had some Morocco mint tea which was good and cold.

Afterwards several of us headed over to Hollywood Studios where they were open until 1am! We rode the Rocking Roller Coaster (the Areosmith one). Sort of like Space Mountain but with a loop. I still like Space Mountain better. We also rode Tower of Terror. Awwright, no one told me about these insane ride. I knew it took you 13 stories up and then dropped you in an elevator shaft but NO ONE EVER told me it goes back up and does it again! I screamed like a little girl and grabbed a coworkers arm (I really thought it was the arm rest). The poor guy has claw marks on his arm now! HA! They all laughed and laughed at me. Man, when you don't know it's going to do that, gee whiz!

**CI MOMENT*** Remember to remove your CI when dropping free fall in a hauted elevator shift for 13 stories! I almost forgot.

I walked in my room at 12:45 and had to be up and in place for my conference at 7:30. Of course I was so high strung from all the wild rides I couldn't fall right to sleep. Several of us looked like death warmed over the next morning....

Stay tuned... more to come.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heading to Disney Institute -- Day 1

Flip and flop pretty much describes my sleep the night before departure. I woke at 2:30 rather than 3:30 and just laid there thinking and waiting for time to get up. I think I finally said enough already at 3:15 and got up.

Terri was kind enough to drive me to the airport and drop me at check in. I walked over to the Delta area and there was a line but no agent's. This goes on for about 30 minutes. Folks were getting sort of antsy about missing their flights as I was but sure enough we all seemed to have had plenty of time.

**CI MOMENT** OK, Advanced Bionics CI can fly through the airport without removing and it didn't set off the alarm... well not in Orlando but in Little Rock something did. They did ask me to put the hearing aid and CI in the bucket so I did. When I walked through the nice lady smiled and I asked her if it went off? She said it did... of course I was reading her lips without any hearing equipment on. HA! I'm wondering if it was my belt buckle that triggered it? Anyway, I got my gear out of the bucket and no problems at all. So if you are about to travel for the first time using airlines with a CI, don't worry like I did. You'll be just fine!

They called us to board the flight and I was so excited to get to bypass the line and go on in due to me getting lucky enough to score a first class flight. Man, that's the way to travel! There was "someone" sitting in the front seat of first class because several passengers noticed him. He was rock star looking but I have no clue who it was.

Got to Atlanta -- nice place!! I had to go from A concourse to T but it's not as long as you think. They don't have all the alphabet. While getting to my gate I got to see and really nice African art exhibit.

We board the flight to Orlando... holy smokes this is a big jet! First class on this was even better! I had a recliner, wrapped pack of headphones, pillow and blanket and the staff was waiting on us hand and foot! Wonder why they weren't like this on the flight from LR? Anyway the seat next to me is empty until just before takeoff. A guy comes in and sits down and we talk a few moments being pleasant and he was on his way home from a round of golf with friends up north. Yep, he flew up Friday evening, played a round a golf in CT and then flew home Sunday morning. He was talking about his kids driving him crazy...but in a nice way. Then he orders a gin and rum!! 8:30 in the morning! Not Rum and coke or gin and tonic... gin and rum! Whoa!

Land in Orlando and head to the Disney Welcome Center and check in. If you go to Disney this is the way to go! I got my pass for the Magical Express which took me straight to the front door of my resort. They handle your luggage and get it to the room.... if you have the yellow Disney tag on your luggage. Mine was lost in the hospital somewhere in inner office mail or something. But I was told to no worry they know I'm coming and they will bring my luggage.

So John and I head down the Boardwalk and grab a late lunch at ESPN! Good grub!

Luggage still not in the room but I was told not to worry about it. OK...
5pm all 30 of us are now here and we go into this beautiful convention area and dine. Very nice! Chris and Pam introduce us to what we will be experiencing over the next 3 days and at 8 they turn us loose for the evening. I check my room... no luggage. My Dry & Store and my CI battery charger are in the checked in luggage as well as my back CI. I know I know... put it in your carry on you goob!! So I stop by the bell station and the guys tell me that my luggage is still at the airport and they apologize and assure me I will get it tonight. I told them what was in it and how important it was for me to get it. So I leave with the crew and we go walk along the boardwalk and act all touristy.

We stopped by a bar and get bar food and the noise level is that of a bar! Loud! I finally left and walked back to my room. The others left just after me. I was just about to spaz over the suitcase. I walked in and sure enough there it was! I felt 200 pounds lifted off my shoulders! I knew now that I would be having a great trip! By the way, John did have the yellow tag on his luggage and his came the same time mine did.

When I fell asleep I didn't wake until the next morning. I think I was still in the same position even.

Up and excited to see what the day had in store!!

Day 2 coming soon........

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm back!

WOW! That's all I can say since the rest is sworn to secrect

No, really the trip to the Disney Institute was awesome! There was a lot of wow's throughout the days though.

I got to visit "backstage" at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studio. I got to see the costuming area at Epcot. I got to see where all the dirty laundry comes through and although that sounds gross it was incredible as well as the story behind it.

65,000 employees with another 20,000 vendor/contract staff and I couldn't find a bad one. One on my assignments was to go and analyze an area. I choose Tower of Terror! HA! Serious, I did.

I'll write more later...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Again and again

What a day to take off!

First of all I had the Bug Man come out for the annual termite inspection. All systems go and looks great. But I also started a pest control program today but a different guy from the same company came out at the same time as the termite guy. I thought one guy was going to do both. Anyway, we had seen a few ants here and there and then Terri unplugged a plug from an electrical outlet and there were a bunch of ants. Strange that we hadn't had a problem with them there. So pest control guy takes off the electrical outlet cover and geebie heebie geebie!!! It was like something from a horror movie. Ants in massive groves! It was so bad that the electrical outlet box was dirt! Talk about feeling dumb! Serious we had NO idea they were like that. When he opened the cover he darted out to his truck and came back in and sprayed the wall then took this gizmo and poked in into the small opening by the socket and filled the wall with smoke. He said, they're all dead now. He then treated all around the house and said there were 3 places where they were trailing in on the back wall (the wall behind our bed). Talk about a creepy feeling! Well they're gone now!

So I was watching TV for a moment while he was treating around the house and those stinking tornado's were back. AGAIN AND AGAIN. Almost the same area as a few weeks ago. This time these nasty little snots are going for serious. By the time lunch rolled around that had hit at least half a dozen places. There are some really sad stories.

While I was watching TV they said that there had been 708 twisters this spring compared to 591 by this time last year. That's insane!

I'm listening to One Republic through the CI and it sounds good.

Life is good!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

R&R and wired for sound

I took a couple of days off to work around our house and as well as paint my parents house but as usual I got sidetracked. Today was supposed to be a beautiful day and it's got that just before a thunderstorm look to it all day and the wind is whipping. I'm staying off the latter.

I'm going down to the folks house tomorrow just to visit since it's now 70% chance of t-storms. It will be good to see them.

I did do a few things around the house then started playing with all the ways I can sup up my hearing equipment. I guess I should have called the posting "Pimp my CI and HA". I worked with the Ipod and CI getting used to CI only Ipod. Sometimes I listen through my HA (Hearing aid) and others through my CI. Like to keep my brain guessing. I worked with my Fm system on my HA to be sure it's charged and working great so I will get every word of the meetings in FL next week.

I'm so excited about the trip to Disney next week. I have wanted to go to these classes for over 4 years and I finally have my day. There are some really good coworkers from different areas of the hospital going as well. I have been told over and over that it's mind blowing how Disney operates. I have heard about what the reaction is when you go into the Casting building (human resources).

Still have butterflies about the CI and the airport. Don't ask why. Guess because this will be the first travel experience with the CI. I do like the fact that my flight leaves at 6am so there will be no line at the airport so if I do have to take the sideline security check it wouldn't slow down the line. I heard it several ways now. Some folks simply leave theirs on and walk through and point at their ear. Others put it in the buck and it goes through the conveyor belt scanner and still others do the sideline security check. I don't expect any problems at all it that thought is still in the back of my mind.

I do plan to get out on the bike and ride Saturday morning. I would love to do the ride in Russellville of the wine country which is actually a fundraiser for the hospital but I don't have enough time.

Next weekend is the Joe Martin Stage races and Rock Racing will be there and I would get to hang with Rashann and even met Tyler Hamilton and see them race but just not sure that's going to work out either. I've waited all year long for them to return to Arkansas. Why am I not going? Well, price of gas is one reason, then I would have been back from Disney 2 days and I know I'm going to blow a wad of cash down there (at least that's my plan!) and then there is our summer vacation which is expensive enough but add the possibility of 4 dollar a gallon gas buy summer and that really is going to tighten my belt.

Terri flew out to Denver this morning on business and she called me and I said, "So is it cold?" and she just laughs and said, "Geo, it's snowing really big and hard and it's freezing!" Yuck!

The kids are taking me to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday dinner tonight. Prime rib here I come!

Life is good!