Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday 06.27.10

Hot air balloons and funnel cakes

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday 06.26.10

Looks like a squirrel on it's knees praying for it's food.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back on the launching pad

I know we don't have tulips in June but I just wanted to get a photo out there. Y'all expect something photo-ish.

Ok exactly where does one start when they seemed to have taken a break from everything they really enjoy? Uh, well that would be with the first step then the other and repeat.

I stopped riding my bike. That was solid dumbness! I gained wight which I now have to remove. I keep telling myself, "You didn't put it on over night so you're certainly not going to take it off over night." The weather has been record or near record breaking hot and just like when I bought my first bike, I rode on a Saturday afternoon in the hot humid Arkansas summer heat and loved it. I plan to do that again hopefully as soon as Sunday. Some days may just be s quick hill climbing session but so be it. 30 minutes is better than nothing. Someone asked me for one of the first ACH jerseys, someone asked me for one of last year's Gears for Ears jerseys. A cyclist was killed last week. A friend who I haven't seen since last year posted some bike photos. I chatted online with a friend I used to ride with. I bumped into my bike in the garage tonight. See, so many tings pointing to the bike trying to get me to ride again.

I stopped taking photos?! I know, what's up with that? I've just been a slug and not done it. I spot a dozen things a day to photograph but just stopped carrying my camera everywhere in my backpack like I once did. Like today we had a great tropical downpour at the hospital. It would have been nice. Now let me tell you, I have found some of the coolest photo websites while being a slug. Here is one of my favorite: This couple who are photographers with two beautiful and funny kids are just top of the game on Lifestyle Photography.

I spent too much time on Facebook. Fun? Yes but really now, enough is enough.

So you're saying, awwright bubba, what on earth possessed you to get all deep on us? Well, when I have the house to myself for long periods I get this way. I think and think deep. I think about the future, I think about family, I think about Ben & Jerrys Half Baked... oh yeah I really think about that! HA!

So I'll ride some and blog about that. I take the trusty camera out and post some photos and blog about that too. Well, why ya just standing there looking goofy? Come on and hop in and buckle your seat belt and lets do this!