Monday, November 28, 2005

Little dog and life

Sadie under the Christmas tree
It's Monday and I'm finishing up lunch and wanted to get another photo of Sadie out there for you. The pup has certainly come to life! Today was the first day that we have had to leave her alone for more than a couple of hours. She is actually alone for 4 hours this afternoon. She was supposed to be in her crate until she gets completely housebroken but the child gate was up and she was in the kitchen and had an accident. Ugh! I suspect that Emily just couldn't put her in the crate but when I before coming back from lunch I sat it in front of the TV and turned on Animal Planet.
Storm came through Arkansas last night and several tornados came through. It was wicked.
Well, it's back to work...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Crazy Friday

It's early morning the Friday after Thanksgiving and the house is quite. Terri has slipped out to join the frenzy of shopping. The big thing that my family talked about yesterday at my parents house was some 4 dollar food chopper. Ok we'll get one and it will be in the attic by Easter. HA! This shopping day seems a lot like Race for the Cure with teeth.

We took Sadie to my folks house so she could meet the family. I don't think she ever got to walk. My mom cuddled her like a grandchild and of course Sadie fell fast asleep. She was a live wire all the way home! One of the funny things she seems to have discovered is her tail. Around and around she goes. Bless her heart I don't think she has understood yet that it's attached to her.

Our house was a revolving door of high school and college kids last night. It's fun to have so many kids hanging out at our house and feeling comfortable enough to not care if Terri and I are in the room. They all treat Terri like a mom. It's fun to watch the giants come through the door and cut up.

We played a board game at my parents yesterday called Loaded Questions. It's a blast! We had two teams (Emily, Shannon, Barbie and Cathy) vs. (Terri, myself, Lindsey and Joe). You have the cards that are color coded and ask the other theams these really wild sometimes very truthful questions and the other team tries to pick who gave what answer. One of the questions was , "If you were a westler, what would your stage name be?" Barbie got so tickled that she had taken a drink and then started laughing and water came out her nose. Other questions were things like lifelong dream, favorite body part, most expensive thing your ever stolen, how many contries you've traveled.... great game! We'll go buy one.

Well, I need to make some coffee and make my list of things to do today and one will be ride my bike even though it's only ggoing to get to 52 degrees this afternoon. I know LSU plays the Hogs but I already know the outcome (I hope I'm wrong) but I have too much to do to spend it on the sofa.

By the way, next year Terri and I are hoping to spend our 25th anniversary at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I can't believe that Sunday is our 24th anniversary. How time flies when you're having fun!

9:25pm update ---
It's been a fun day and the tree is up but not decorated. I've got to find the light that's loose on one of the strands. And I didn't have the right stapes in the staple gun for part of the outside so everything is sort of half done.

I did manage to even get in a fifty miler this afternoon. Felt great to be out in the cool air and enjoying the beauty if a late fall day. There were several guys and girls out. I saw several families out too but something tells me they didn't ride to long due to the temperature and the wind coming off the water. I was really hoping to hit the 6,000 mile mark for the year but it's looking a little slim. I'll get close though!

Sadie had her first accident in the house today but I caught her just as she started so not much damage. We are supposed to go to Petsmart tomorrow at 4 to learn about potty training. The dog doesn't get to go.

Once again we have a house full of kids and tonight it's loud!!!! So I guess you can figure out why I'm back in the bedroom writing on my blog?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey Y'all! Meet Sadie!!!!

Sadie in the front yard! One happy camper!

What a fun day it's been! For starters I wore blue jeans to the office which I've not done since last year's snow storm. Since I was just there until 11 this morning and most folks were gone I figured who would care.

I stopped by and picked up Emily at the house and we went to Bryant to get the puppy I had seen and talked to the lady about. We got there and the pups were great looking yellow labs. Beautiful pups but nor what we were looking for. We also saw a chocolate lab that was a about 4 months old but looked as though it was mixed with something else.

So we go to the animal services in Little Rock and we walked in and the first pen had the perfect little pup that looked like the photo's of the dog we really went to get. What are the chances? The pup had already been sterilized so she was ready to go. Emily's eyes lit up and she had this huge smile and then gave me the nod. We took Sadie outside and the pup came to life. Sadie and Em bonded in record time. It was great to watch. After a year of asking, Em finally got her puppy. She passed on the real registered Golden Retreivers and saved one from the pound instead. This pup is actually part chow so it will have an even fuller coat.

Next stop was Petsmart for food, dog wash, toys, a leash, a collar, a friendly store clerk that told me everything there is to know about classes there. Everyone in the store looked our way and smiled. They all wanted to know her name but we hadn't figured it out at that point.

We got home and got the little girl washed up and as we were drying her she fell asleep. Big day for the little pup. She slept in Em's lap for a while then woke ready to play. We took her outside and she whizzed and you would have thought she had performed a miracle! Em and I cheered and clapped. HA! I hope my neighbors were watching so they could have a good laugh!

The rest of the evening has been fun playing with her and laughing. She basically looks like the lint you clean out of the dryer trap with legs and a face.

I put more photos out there tomorrow.

We spoke to Tyler tonight. He's doing great, tired from work and school but great. Said someone ordered 60 pot pies from his store (Boston Market). He will be having dinner with the Minton's tomorrow. I'm ready to see the kiddo!

(Tyler, if you're reading this, how was the burrito? HA!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A dog????

Might have one of these little pups this afternoon!!!

How can one work when there's a possiblity of going to get a puppy today? It's been a while since we've had one but when we went to Lee and Connie's house Sunday night and saw Max, their Golden Retreiver, then I knew it was time to get serious. Of course Em has been wanting one for a year now. So we're going to look around today.

I'll update tonight....

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Scenes from an afternoon ride

First off, Tyler is graduating! He's just been super busy finishing up everything and working. It didn't help that he got his phone turned off but everything is fine.

Ok, scenes from an afternoon ride:
No where else in Arkansas can you find a more diverse grouping than that of the river path on a Sunday afternoon. The are all sorts of walkers. There a runners. There are roller bladers. There are skateboard folks hanging at the skatepark. There is a midevil battal being played out in a field. There are family bike groups, mountain bike groups and road bike groups. There is a couple of awesome trick bike guys in a parking lot doing tricks on BMX style bikes that is worthy of a magazine spread. Yep, they are that good! There was a rugby game in full swing as well as soccer. It was one of the best afternoons out of the path I've had in a long time!

Phil spoke of changes in the church this morning. I'll make this short but I'm ready for a change. I'm hoping we will start looking at other churches just to see how we feel. I want to visit First Assembly and Fellowship North. Just thinking out loud...

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming fast! This is just a 3 day workweek ahead and I'm thrilled! I saw the list of employees out this week and it's a mile long! Maybe it will be quite for a few days and I can get a lot done.

We are looking for a dog (again). We just got back from Lee and Connies and they have a 9 month old golden retrever and Max is the sweetest dog I been around in a long time.

Tomorrow is Terri's birthday. It'll be fun!

Friday, November 18, 2005

The list just keeps getting longer

Ya ever had one of those upcoming weekends where your do list just keeps getting longer and longer? Mine is now about an arm length long and there's NO bike time listed. Now how crappy is that?

This is what I call "attic weekend". The summer stuff goes up and the winter stuff comes down and there's the beg and plead of Terri and Emily to bring down the Christmas stuff but leave it in the garage until next weekend. Y'all, guess who has to park their car out on the driveway during the holidays? Yup, you bet cha! I do! But the fun part is that on really cold morning you can scrape messages one your back window. Of course it melts within minutes when I punch the rear window defroster button.

Terri was at a board meeting yesterday so Emily and I went to a new restaurant called Firefall Grill. It's really good! It's one of those wood smoked food joints. It was so much food I couldn't even eat all of mine. Then we went over to Pier One for a dad/daughter shopping trip. We always cut up and laugh when we get out. And we didn't even buy anything.

We haven't heard from Tyler this week and it has us on nerves. He's phone we turned off (typical college kid stuff...). We'll probably talk to him this weekend. He was having some concerns about graduating and his classes so now you know why we are stressed. He was sick at the first of this quarter and missed some internship days so he needs to make them up. Got to have 90 hours done by 12/17.

Big weekend for high school football. Benton will play Springdale tonight. Springdale destroys everything in site so maybe Benton came stop this train!

Emily and I watched Christmas with the Kranks last night. There was a part missing on the dvd version of the movie. It wasn't a big part but a funny one where they are calling friends and trying to get them to come to the party and everyone's saying no. If you haven't read John Grisham's Skipping Christmas then get it and start reading it on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That's when the book starts. It's a really funny book!

Well back to work then home for the weekend! The Attic weekend! HA!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mid week madness

Remeber yesterday I was talking about Joe Kurmaskie? Here's a copied photo from the Men's Journal website. It's a great article!

Sooo cold! That's all I can say! There is a ride tonight but I'm completely wimping out of this one. Once I used to the cold then I'll get out there but this first blast is wicked! I think a fire in the fireplace is on for tonight.

I do plan to return to some sort of fitness center schdeule this afternoon after work. Got to do that core training that I was good at then quite during the late summer. My fitness and bike riding attitude has seem to be on a low right now. I think I need to plan some insane rides for next year and committ to them so I'll have to train. I think it's all a mental game with me.

And my eating habits... oh man, now that just ain't right! There's a lot going on that has me stressed and I asked Terri to pick up a pack of cream horns last night when she went to the store and I downed 2 of them plus chips!! I'm going to explode if I don't stop eating like I'm riding 40 miles a day still.

I'm ready for the weekend. Oh by the way, my nephew Jim is coming in from Texas with his family for the Thanksgiving holiday. They will all be heading to Rogers where my neice lives for the holiday. It's funny he hasn't said much about Arkansas in a while (he bleeds orange now ya know!) but this weekend is high school show down and he is blogging "Arkansas" stuff. There will be state troopers at the state line wearing hog hats and awaiting his arrival no doubt! HA!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The cold front arrived at 1:48 pm

I know it's a strange name for my blog today but at 1:47 I think it was 70 and at 1:48 the cold front hit and the temp dropped a mile a minute! At 2pm it was chilly outside. The storm clouds have left and the temps are cool and the wind is ROARING!

I had lunch with other healthcare recruiters and it was great to bounce ideas and listen to what they have going on. No, we didn't swap trade secrets but was able to talk about stuff recruiters have to put up with. Networking is always good!

I found out that Jim Brickman was coming to Robinson Center the Sunday after Thanksgiving so hoping to see that Christmas show! My buddy Gary my have some tickets.

Not much going on today.

Monday, November 14, 2005

He rode across the country with his boys!

Joe Kurmaskie is by far my favorite author. He's not a big famous John Grisham sort of writer but if I put Grisham against Kurmaskie, then Kurmaskie is the winner here. I found a book called Riding Outside the Lines. Joe wrote it and it's a journal of his bicycle adventures. Joe and his writings are the real reason behind why I took the bicycle tour this summer. After reading his adventures I wanted to do the same. So while I was starting my ride around the state, Joe started a much larger adventure. He was starting in OR with his 2 youngs sons and was going trans America! The bike with his son's hook on bike and the bob trail for his youngest son reached 14 feet long and the total weight was a whooping 250 lbs!!! Across the country! Now that is cool! Joe had sent me an email and told me to watch the December issue of Men's Journal. Saturday I picked up a copy in Books-a-Million and there he was with the boys! Joe, if you're reading this, man, you're my hero! I can't wait to read the new book!

Another story in the magazine was about retracing the Lewis and Clark trail. The whole issue was stories that came from a poll of readers. The theme is "What do Men Want?" Joe's adventure was what 33% of it's readers wanted to do as an adventure. The Lewis and Clark story was about these 2 buddy's that fly in, get a brand new GMC 4x4 and drive the trial. Fun story to read. Makes me want to do it! Maybe on a mountian bike!

Saturday I cleaned the yard and as it always does, the wind and the rain come as I finish. Can't tell I did a thing out there! Guess I'll have to do it again this Saturday.

I had only one person show up for the Saturday ride. It was still a good ride but I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed. The ride was only 26 miles and most folks wanted a longer ride on Saturday. So I've led a ride now and done my thing with that. I'll be happy to help out but not lead/set-up the event.

Terri is back home from visiting her folks in FL over the pasted few days. Had a good time.

Hard to beleive that next week is Thanksgiving! Before you know it I will be talking about that I can't believe next week will be Christmas!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fast and quick

Ok, it's 4:30 on Friday afternoon and I haven't posted all week. Sorry friends and family. Life is good. Terri is visiting her family on the beach. Tyler is wrapping up his senior year. Emily is drama queening about something. Several mailboxes including ours were hit with pumpkins last night. The whole thing was ruined! What moron's! So I've got to go to Lowe's and buy another.
Everyone is riding tomorrow. I'm leading my first ride! Books-a-million to the river and back. Going is all downhill and coming back is all up hill. Have a great weekend! Maybe we'll get a new computer at home someday and I will return to writing at home.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Roll through 5,000 miles

"What are you going to do as you roll over your 5,000 mile mark?" Mike asked.
"Ummm, I guess keep riding" I laughed.
And I did. I can tell you right where I hit my 5,000 mile mark on the bike. It wasn't exactly on a beautiful street with the colorful fall leaves but it was in a good place. I was in the neighborhood where my wife lived for a while when she was growing up. Rose City. Sort of cool name for a place to hit a goal uh? When you perform well or win a race they give you roses and I got a whole city of roses! Can't beat that friends! I started the ride this morning with 3 good buds. John Van Pay (JVP), Mike Mitchell and Paul Britt. I rode with these guys when they did the cross state fund raiser. It was great to see the guys again. I made sure I pulled the group as much as possible today and we had our sure of wind. I still have a bad "thing" about not pulling all that much when they did the cross state. It's not something I think they even remember but it was a weak riding moment for me. Anyway, great friends and another goal reached. I'm pushing it now for 6,000. That means about 100 miles a week. That equals a couple of 15's on the river after work (yup, with lights and dodging deer), a 40 or so on Saturday mornings and a 30 on Sunday. That's doable as long as the weather doesn't rain me out then it will be spin classes.

I do have to say that I certainly didn't reach this goal on my own. I have an incredible support system. I have a wife, son and daughter that encourage me. I have a zanny family that support me and cheer me on. I have my circle of friends, actually several circles. I have a trainer that tries to kill me in spin classes. I have cyber buds at And it took everyone to get me to my goal. So if you're reading this, serious, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

I might have a part time job working a few hours a week at our hospital fitness center. Not sure yet though. There was a glitch in the process so we'll have to wait and see next week. I would just be working the front welcome desk but I would be there to stay in shape throughout the winter months and Terri and Emily can come over since they are members already. Family workouts. Sounds cool!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mid week madness...

This will be fast. I had a meeting all morning and I'm taking Emily to the dentist and I'm hoping to get a bite to eat.

Yesterday's job fair put us in front of over 4,000 people. It was a good crowd too. They dressed up and most were serious about employment rather than just taking the stuff we give away. My voice was ruff as we finished. Several from LA and MS but not as many as I expected and the ones I spoke with are hoping to go home within the next 6 months. Makes it hard to hire them when they say that due to getting someone really trained then they leave.

One of the department's in the hospital is already decorating for Christmas. Serious! It's an out of the public eye department but still.

I've not been on the bike since Sunday and I'm eating like I'm still riding everyday. This is going to get really bad if I don't cut back. Will is putting together a ride for Saturday morning that will start and end at a coffee shop. FOOD! I will lead my first group ride next Saturday and it will also start at a coffee shop... FOOD! I'm going to Ft Smith next Monday and they have a Panera Bread! MAJOR FOOD! (Those would know me are laughing right now! I love Panera!). Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm not a big turkey fan but there will be lots of desert food!! The new Southern Living came and Terri is talking new recipes... FOOD!!! So there you have it! I'm gonna explode by spring! Now where is that website where I sign up for that tv show called the Biggest Loser? That's a great show to sit on the sofa and eat chips and brownies while watching! HA!

Well, got to run ... Mandy if you are reading this, I hope you get well soon! I know Texans say they bleed orange, so do they barf orange too?