Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The big boom!

Frost is coming in so I shot these two real quick before work.
It's going to be sad to see the summer flowers leaving for a few months.

Ok, I lied... there is something going on. We have had 2 days of drill at the hospital. What happened? A fake BIG earthquake. I mean end of the world type stuff. My VP was Administrator-on-call this week and every time she's on call something happens. Usually it's something like a snow/ice storm or something crazy but this week she got to save the world. It was funny seeing the update emails coming out. It started off as an earth quake in a small rural town of Arkansas but it ends up complete chaos! I mean the sewage failed, cell phone service goes down, public panic and they start coming to the hospital, traffic stops and EMT's can't get through. Yes, that crazy.

But as much as we laughed about it, it was a good thinking exercise too. Terri and I drove down to Benton after work yesterday to have a little family meeting with my sisters. Nothing big, just planning some stuff. Anyway, we were talking about what would be our plan if something of that scale did happen? I'm lucky that my wife is 3 blocks from my building and our son works about 2 blocks from her. We worried about Emmy being 8 miles away over here. Morbid, I know, but you really do need to plan for the unexpected sometimes.

Terri has a conference over in Vicksburg, MS today and tomorrow and will be home Friday afternoon. I guess the drill really did have an effect on me because it was really lonely driving home solo today. I miss hearing about her day... good or bad.

There is a really cool Wounded Soldier bicycle ride coming through Little Rock tomorrow around 11. I hope to bust out a few moments and get some place so when they ride by I can cheer them on. They will ride from War Memorial stadium down to the bike trail along the river and over the big bridge then along the north side to the USS Razorback sub. That will be really great for those guys!

Walking with The Dino's starts tomorrow at Alltel. They have been here for a week setting up.

I noticed on my comments was an entry from a girl named Jennifer. Folks, I think she got her 2nd cochlear implant surgery yesterday. Cochlear in stereo! I was over on the Advanced Bionics boards trying to calm my pre-surgery nerves. Hello Jennifer and thanks for the comment! i hope your surgery went well!

Oh yeah, when I got home yesterday, I walked to the end of the drive to get the mail and called Terri out to look across the valley with me. Beautiful afternoon but something had happened over the pas couple of days. The oak trees turned b-r-o-w-n. Serious, straight from green to brown.


Jennifer said...

Hey! Thanks for your kind comments! My surgery went very well...and I'm recovering nicely (a little slow, but that's how it went last time, so I expected it this time :) ). The hard part is on to the activation (Dec. 12th) and hopefully, better hearing soon! Do you have a date set yet?

Geo said...

They told me my activation date is Dec 11th.

gabby1 said...

Love the pictures. Really enjoy reading your blog! Found it on Bike journal.

I'm Patty...(pgcroom on bikejournal)