Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good to have friends!

I sent out the beg and plea today to see if I could get coverage for church media for the months of Dec. Jan, and maybe Feb. I read on one of the CI blogs or postings that the user had trouble in Church services so I decided I would still do a lot of the creative but let someone advance the program. Once I'm cool with the songs and understanding the sound again then I'll jump back into the drivers seat.

Funny story... last week Michael bumped his remote mic on his belt and ______ nothing. We pulled it off in flying colors but I was looking out of the booth like a deer in highlights. Why am I not hearing him... panic!! Just took a deep breath and advanced he program with the crowd singing. It's so funny how much goes on behind the scenes during a church service. On day they got up there and started talking and welcoming everyone and there was no sound and several folks turned and looked up at the booth at me and I just grinned really big. I don't know anything about the sound board and they all know this but where was the sound roadie? Uh, in the restroom! HA!!! That's like putting a fish in charge of dry land. Ain't gonna work.

Life is good and tomorrow is Friday!

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Jennifer said...

My hubby does the sound room at church...there's no way I could do that! I think you should definitely get a backup guy!!
I got news today: Activation moved up from Dec 12th to this coming Tuesday, the 20th! Wow!!! :)