Monday, November 19, 2007

The bike was in the picture!

CI countdown... 9 days out!

Well everyone the bike made it to the picture on Sunday! Boy did it feel good to be back out and cranking away. It was sort of on of those "oh look at the pretty leaves sort of ride" but I had a good average to coming back after pulling a Joba the Hut. I stayed on the north side of the river looking for friends I've lost over the past few months. I spotted the AR Bike Club but that was it. I saw Ed's truck over by the Big Bridge but no Ed. The climb to Fort Roots was even fun as I remember. Overall, the bikeway was really quite for a Sunday afternoon.

The weather is about to change... big time! They said the "s" word in the forecast for Friday. Snow. Just a slight chance but it those slight chances that dump on us when we're not ready.

Church media went smooth yesterday. Love it when that happens! We are having a short devo tomorrow (Tuesday) night rather than normal Wednesday classes. But guess what? They want a whole production! Wha??? No rest... no rest at all. There are videos and and all sorts of stuff. I put the presentation together and headed to the building. Lucky for my that is only a mile from the house. One of the videos they want will not work! UGH! I spent an hour and a half working with the codec and everything else. The video just will no play nice. It's not a major piece of the production so I emailed them and requested they not try to include it. The rest turned out nice. Lots of animation and fade in's and outs. Love the stuff!

Every year the hospital gives all the employees a Thanksgiving gift. Yep all 4,000 of us! We got to choose from a turkey, a ham, a cheesecake or new this year... ribs! Yep, I'm going for the ribs. They bring an 18 wheeler and we can get it right off the truck tomorrow or we can pick it up at the Honey Baked store. Good stuff.... Joba Syndrome will continue a little longer I guess! HA!

Terri was off and got the carpet cleaned today. Always go Ewww when we see how bad it was. House smells like oranges tonight.

Life is good! Hey meant to say, if you are traveling this Thanksgiving, have a great time and be careful.

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Wes said...

Good choice on the ribs! Have a great Thanksgiving!!