Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thankful, blessed, lucky....
The list of words could go on and on. It's a quite morning here with the cold front now having passed through sending the temperatures into their winter zones. The air is wet and the wind is blowing and it now feels like Thanksgiving.

I really do have a lot to be thankful for this year. Serious, I could list a 100 things off the top of my head with hardly a thought and that would just be the beginning. This year I got to hear things in mind blowing clarity in my right ear. Sure there are a lot of things I still miss out on but never would I have ever thought that I would have a fellow recruiter ask me after we interviewed an applicant if I could hear the person because she barely could.
I am still so thankful for the day I got my Unitron hearing aid and got out of the car for a bike ride and stood frozen in awe upon hearing the dry leaves rolling across the parking lot.
The night Terri and I were sitting on the back deck of our house and she asked if I could hear "that"? It took a moment because my brain had to re-remember that sound... the sound of a whippoorwill.
Another was the moment that I was allowed to put my hearing aid back in my ear after canal plasty surgery back in April. After going for 3 weeks in complete silence the world was so loud! I have my fingers crossed that I will get that feeling in a few weeks when they activate my CI. I know I will only hear beeps at first but just to hear a beep in my deaf ear is, I suspect, going to be emotional.

I re-read yesterdays entry part 2 and laughed seeing all the typos. I was in a huge hurry and just keyed and sent so I could go eat pizza with Emmy. Sorry if you read the unedited version.

Well, lots to do this morning so all my peoples.... I wish you a warm and memorable Thanksgiving!


Jennifer said...'ll be even more thankful in a few weeks...for your new Christmas present! If your activation is as good as mine, you'll be hearing Christmas carols this year!
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a sneak preview of what's going on my blog later today.... :)

TriBoomer said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Geo. Hope your weekend continues to go well.

Stay tuned...

Abbie said...

Geo! Happy thanksgiving my man! I am a little late, I went to see family and no one left their WIFI internet unsecured so I could umm... borrow it :) You will be counting your blessing well before Christmas :) A couple more days and you will be joining the collective :)