Monday, November 12, 2007

Cochlear Implant countdown...

Cochlear Implant: 15 days and counting!

It hit me today as I booked an appointment in my datebook for Nov 27th. I would be getting my CI the next day! I'll getting excited now. Yep, two weeks from Wednesday. I slipped in and read the notes on my account to be sure everything was really in place and I saw the insurance authorization number and they even gave me a 2 day ticket to ride inpatient if needed. It won't be. I'm just doing this through the drive through lane! In and out in a few hours, home to sleep off the versed and just hanging out the next day. I wished they made versed in a 6 pack! They give me that stuff then I just dgjaaash sijgths 'ojpjnaidfhb .....

I plan to get a movie or two for the day after. I remember growing up and if I had to stay at home sick there was never anything to watch (pre-cable). Well guess what? Now years later I can be at home and loaded up with a truckload of stations and still hate daytime TV. If I'm ever in a car wreck where I have to stay put, trust me, TV is not going to be a part of my day! Judge this and Judge that with "Have you been injured in a car accident?" commercials in between. Not me!

I've been over to the cochlear implant forums at Advanced Bionics site and there are some really nice folks over there who have gone through what I'm about to. It's been a nice way to ease the nerves.

I kept seeing a reference to a book called Rebuilt by Micheal Chorost. He was 36 and on the road traveling when his hearing aids go out or so he thought and it was his hearing going down by the hour. He ends up with CI's. I read an except from his book on Amazon and thought this is so true to life. I mean the guy hits it on the head! So I asked the buds over in our CI clinic if they had the book and sure enough. I got it this afternoon and plan to start reading it here in a little while.
I love the book cover! One of my coworkers saw the book on my desk this afternoon and said, "Is that going to be you?" You bet cha! Part Computer/Part Man!
Ok, I know the other big question you want to know...
How many miles did I ride this weekend?
Uh, that would be zero.
I said that would be zero, turn your aid up a little!
But why?
So you can hear me!
No... but why no ride?
Because I was busy cleaning the yard.
I have a neighbor who cleaned the leaves off their yard Saturday and then again Sunday because yo couldn't tell they did it the first time. This morning as we drove out of the drive I pointed there yard out to Terri and neither of us could believe their yard was covered up again. I mean it's really covered up.
Oh well.....


Jennifer said...

You and me both wish they made Versed in a six-pack, buddy...I wish I'd had some last week! Just stay away from Lortab...beg for Percocet instead!
I'm counting down the days with ya...two weeks will go by in a flash! :)

Wes said...

Ha! I got 11.7 miles in this weekend. Got ya beat homie :-) Can't wait for you to get all cochleared on us :-)

Abbie said...

Am I the only one that never heard of Versed? I got the real Perkies and I was fine and dandy! Jen is right! My last two weeks before joining the collective was a breeze! :)
15 down, 14 to go pre-borgie baby :)