Friday, November 02, 2007

The Friday 5

Here's a new gig for Friday's on the blog... 5 things.

1) I do feel bad about eating so much and bragging about it. D-u-m-b!!

2) Tomorrow -- the bike and me! Oh my love my love where have you been! First ride in 47 days. (Note to hard core friends... no I am NOT riding in the morning when it's 50 degrees!). You can find me on the river trail about 2:30 or 3.

3) I'm loving our Honda Odyssey! It's so soccer mom or old foogie van but man they ride nice and the space... they were made for road trips!

4) One of the stores here sent us a post card to let us know they were opening at 6am this Saturday morning. So what? Hope they don't expect folks to be waiting in lawn chairs for them to open. What happened to celebrating a little Thanksgiving for a moment?

5) Favorite costume seen this week... on my nephews blog. His daughter dressed as her mom (nephews wife). She went as "Mandy in the Morning".

It's been a good week friends and family! Hope y'all have a greeat weekend and i'll try and write and post a few photos. It's all about the hair!

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